Direct Media Power Offers Exclusive Benefits to Clients


The team at Direct Media Power is always ready to help business both large and small invest their budgeted advertising dollars in a non-wasteful platform that guarantees a ROI unmatched by other marketing firms of its kind.
This pay-per-call radio direct response media advertisement is a no-risk investment because clients only pay for the media airtime actually used. Direct Media Power works with all major networks and over 2,000 local radio network stations. This guarantees a Direct Media Power client an exposure to leads that is unmatched over other media companies’ offers.
Direct Media Power provides advertising for car and insurance companies, attorneys who specialize in taxes, bankruptcy and foreclosures and most other forms of business who benefit from lead based sales.
For more information about how to obtain hard result based advertising program that is guaranteed to boost sales, visit Direct Media Power online at

Savings plus value added professional services. That’s the power of Direct Media Power.

Direct Media Power is the largest provider of pay per call radio advertisements to business across the county. But, aside from just their sheer buying volume and steeply discounted ad space for clients, Direct Media Power offers numerous additional services that ad agencies and media brokers cannot match.

From the first contact, Direct Media Power proves they are different. While most brokers and media buyers insist on phone or email communications, Direct Media Power is ready and willing to meet in person to discuss their services. At this meeting, the team at Direct Media Power will take the time to listen and really get a clear understanding of the potential client’s goals and expected return on their investment.

Direct Media Power will discuss a potential client’s current marketing plan and help them decide on what works and what doesn’t. The group focuses on what the client wants and will work with them to achieve their goals. As well, Direct Media Power talks about who they need to target and where? Many brokers will simply put a commercial up on the first available slot; not Direct Media Power! They have over 2,000 network affiliations and can find a station and a time slot that works for their client’s business.

One of the first things customers usually ask the team at Direct Media Power is, “how do I make a radio commercial for you to broadcast?” With Direct Media Power, the client doesn’t have to worry about anything. They will write, produce, and record the commercials–at no additional cost. Once complete, Direct Media Power will ensure that the spot is aired in client specified markets and in their desired formats.

It gets even better. Direct Media Power also provides clients with a number of extras no one else even considers. DMP promises a ROI for each project. As well, Direct Media Power offers a free call center with live agents, and they provide a money back guarantee on their profits if the campaign is not successful. .

Direct Media Power offers these services and more all while beating the competition in sales, leads generated, and customer service. For more information, visit DMP online at


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