Scott Safadi Talks about His Love of Dartmouth College


Scott Safadi is a property manager based in Palo Alto, Calif., who has a history of work in asset management, property management, and project management. Scott Safadi’s vast experience has led him to great success with CBPM, the property management company he founded that is revolutionizing the business in Silicon Valley.

At CBPM, Scott Safadi takes a hands-on approach to property management, always working directly with owners and clients, while maintaining direct oversight of the properties in the CBPM portfolio. CBPM has become a big name in property management in the Bay Area, due in part to the commitment of Scott Safadi and his team to building good management-tenant relations. Scott Safadi believes that tenants are a property manager’s most important asset.

Scott Safadi graduated from Dartmouth College in 2003. Soon after leaving Dartmouth, Scott Safadi moved to Saratoga, California and began working in property management.  Today, Scott Safadi holds a CCRM (California Certified Resident Manager) designation and is the President of Cal Bay Property Management located in Palo Alto, California.

Zrylw:  We’re speaking with Scott Safadi, Dartmouth College graduate and President of Cal Bay Property Management. Thank you for joining us today, Scott.

Scott Safadi:  My pleasure. I’m a big supporter of Dartmouth College and always enjoy talking about my alma mater.

Zrylw:  What about Dartmouth makes it so special to you?

Scott Safadi:  Dartmouth is a family. I think part of it has to do with how isolated the campus is. When you’re there, you’re there. Dartmouth is Hanover. You can’t say that Columbia is New York City or that Harvard is Boston. The campus is extremely isolated and as a result, the students come together in a very special way. It becomes your world and that unique experience bonds the alumni.  It’s like having all attended the most amazing summer camp together.

Zrylw:  What attracted you to Dartmouth?

Scott Safadi:  Initially, I was attracted by Dartmouth’s reputation for a work hard and play hard attitude. I work harder than most people I know because it helps me do the things I love outside of work. The Dartmouth student body knows how to have fun; a lot more fun than kids are having at other top-tier institutions.

Zrylw:  What exactly is it that Dartmouth professors have that set them apart?

Scott Safadi:  The professors are extremely generous with their time and dedicated to helping undergraduates recognize their strengths and then encourage them to pursue their academic passions.  They really instill that academics don’t just exist in the classroom.

Zrylw:  What did you most love about Dartmouth?

Scott Safadi:  The short answer is everything. The campus, the professors, the students—the activities! The friends I made at Dartmouth are some of the most fun and amazing people I have ever known. The Dartmouth experience itself was simply priceless; I created memories there that will last a lifetime.

Zrylw:  What else about Dartmouth would appeal to someone considering enrolling there?

Scott Safadi: It’s rare for an eighteen year old freshman to have their future planned with absolute certainty.  Dartmouth is structured in such a way that you can alter your path quite easily. For example, my original major was in genetics. Then I discovered philosophy. Despite having entered Dartmouth with genetics as my major, I was able to change my focus to philosophy without a lot of difficulty and red tape. And then, during my third year, I decided to pick up an engineering degree—again, without a great deal of stress.

Zrylw:  You said Dartmouth was a life-changing experience. What makes you say that?

Scott Safadi:  The Dartmouth professors opened my mind to new philosophies. Rather than conforming and going along with the crowd, I was encouraged to do my own thinking. The experience gave me the impetus to pursue new interests and the confidence to start my own company.

Zrylw: I know the company you founded is Cal Bay Property Management. What new interests are you referring to

Scott Safadi: As I’ve already mentioned, I gained an immense enjoyment of nature, which ignited my love of backpacking and mountain biking. The Dartmouth experience is enlightening on so many levels!

Zrylw:  How are you able to maintain your enthusiasm? What has it been—nearly ten years since you graduated from Dartmouth?

Scott Safadi: That’s what’s so great about Dartmouth. It is an exciting life-long journey.

Zrylw:  What makes you say it is a life-long journey?

Scott Safadi:  Dartmouth is an extremely tight-knit community and the strong bonds that are built on campus continue after you leave. We keep in touch through a network of alumni.

Zrylw:  You mean you go back to Dartmouth occasionally to socialize with former classmates?

Scott Safadi: Actually, the Dartmouth Alumni Association of Silicone Valley is a very active organization, not just an occasional get-together. I feel very fortunate to have also spent time serving on the DAASV board.

Zrylw:  Can you give us a brief summary of DAASV and its purpose?

Scott Safadi:  It’s the eighth largest regional alumni club. The not-for-profit organization was founded in 1968 with origins dating back to 1881. DAASV’s purpose is to organize social, professional, athletic, and educational activities in order to extend the Dartmouth experience through a variety of events and programs in the greater Silicon Valley area.  The club has amazing leadership and I would not be overstating if I were to say that it is the most cutting edge and forward thinking alumni club in the entire country.

Zrylw: Thank you, Scott. Do you have anything to add?

Scott Safadi:   Yes. I’d like to say that Dartmouth College has been rated the number one teaching institute in the country for undergraduate studies by U.S. News & World Report since the category was created. Of course, Dartmouth has always been rated #1 in the minds of its students, alumni, faculty, and staff!

Scott Safadi married his wife, Rachel, in 2007 and their daughter, Sophia, was born on February 29, 2012.  Rachel, Sophia, and Scott Safadi live in Saratoga, California. See more about Scott Safadi at his website: