Scott T. Sohr Describes the Courtside at Southern Woods Development


Scott T. Sohr is a Nashville, Tennessee-based businessman with a special interest in healthcare and real estate. A well-developed entrepreneur, Scott T. Sohr has a diverse business background that has taken him across the Southeast through college, marriage, children, and several economic environments.

Today, the staff at Zrylw talks to Scott T. Sohr of Elmington Capital Group. Scott T. Sohr is the Nashville, Tennessee-based developer behind the Courtside at Southern Woods in Brentwood. According to Scott T. Sohr, the development was recently named Neighborhood of the Week.

Zrylw: Scott T. Sohr, thanks so much for taking some time with us today.

Scott T. Sohr: Absolutely, I’m always happy to.

Zrylw: Tell us a little about Courtside at Southern Woods.

Scott T. Sohr: Well, our goal was to set up a neighborhood that’s close to Nashville and filled with great amenities, but still affordable for middle-class families.

Zrylw: What do prices at Courtside look like?

Scott T. Sohr: The homes range in size from 2,800 sq. ft. to 4,200 sq. ft., with prices from $350k to $550k at Courtside at Southern Woods.

Zrylw: Aren’t there also some great schools in the area?

Scott T. Sohr: Yes, some of the best nationwide. The neighborhood is zoned for Edmondson Elementary, Sunset Middle School and Brentwood High School, all of which have great rankings and performance.

Zrylw: Where is the development located? Is it convenient for commuters?

Scott T. Sohr: It’s really close to both I-65 and I-24, making it great for anyone who’s a commuter back and forth to Nashville

Zrylw: What kinds of amenities does Courtside have to offer?

Scott T. Sohr: Residents can enjoy things like a saltwater pool, pocket-size parks, and tennis courts. Additionally, a playground, clubhouse and community areas are all available at Courtside.

Zrylw: Is the development close to shopping?

Scott T. Sohr: Yes, the Cool Springs Galleria is just minutes away, as are the Concord Road YMCA and Brentwood Library.

Zrylw: Does Courtside at Southern Woods come with covenants?

Scott T. Sohr: Yes, there are covenants rules and regulations and a homeowners association at Courtside.

Zrylw: What’s the projected size for Courtside?

Scott T. Sohr: Upon completion, we expect to have 256 homes in Courtside at Southern Woods.

Zrylw: Is it laid out with cul-de-sacs, or in a grid?

Scott T. Sohr: Gently curving streets and cul-de-sacs. We are very pleased with the completed design.

Zrylw: What do you see down the road for Courtside at Southern Woods?

Scott T. Sohr: We want Courtside to be a warm, inviting, family-friendly place that marries up the convenience of easy distance to Nashville, with the small-town charm of rural Tennessee.

Scott T. Sohr is a veteran developer and entrepreneur in the greater Nashville area. Before he even graduated from Auburn University, Scott T. Sohr had formed his first business, selling specialized plastic compounds for industry. Today, Scott T. Sohr is a partner at a group specializing in investments and transactions in distressed properties. Their team specializes in industrial, commercial, residential, multi-family and land properties. He is also a co-founder of Correct Care Solutions and Health Cost Solutions, a third-party administrator for medical plans aimed at companies that are large enough to self-insure. Scott T. Sohr lives in the greater Nashville area with his wife Lyn and their four children.

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