Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates Report on Simple Sports Protection


The team at Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates says that youth sports are a fantastic outlet for children to test their boundaries, cooperate with peers and show off to their loved ones. As with any recreation, says a Snodgrass-King dentist, youth sports have certain risks that come with the territory. From football pads to soccer shin guards and everything in between, says Snodgrass-King, protective gear is a mainstay of most any sport.

To begin, the pediatric dentists at Snodgrass-King note that a simple piece of protective gear is often overlooked on the playing field, and that is protective mouth gear. For the committed dentists at Snodgrass-King, protective mouth gear is a particularly important sports accessory. Snodgrass-King pediatric dentists encourage all of their patients to employ this protection when playing any active sport.

A Snodgrass-King spokesperson explains that mouth guards are one of the most affordable pieces of protective sporting equipment on the market. Some mouth protection gear is available over the counter, says Snodgrass-King, while other forms of mouth gear can be designed for an individual player’s unique needs. Protective mouth gear safeguards against external oral injuries, says the team at Snodgrass-King, much like protection for elbows and knees during a fast paced game.

But mouth guards do more than protect from errant players, points out the Snodgrass-King pediatric dental team. With good protective mouth gear, according to Snodgrass-King, a player is protected against potentially painful and damaging internal forces, like biting their own tongue or cheek, as well as crunching or chipping a tooth. Mouth guards are also very useful, explains the Snodgrass-King pediatric dental team, for preventing injuries to the neck and nervous system. Many sports naturally involve shocks and knocks. However, explains a Snodgrass-King dentist, the right mouth guard mitigates the amount of force transmitted to the base of a child’s skull through his or her jaw. Sports are a lot of fun, notes the Snodgrass-King team, but they also involve a lot of fast and sudden movement that, if misplaced, can result in serious injury. Visit your Snodgrass-King pediatric dental center to learn more about protective mouth gear for athletic children.

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