Stephen Pitz Speaks to the Importance of the Fine Arts in Education


As an aspiring author and poet, Stephen Pitz believes that fine arts play a critical role in successful education. Recently choosing to end his teaching career in order to have more time to devote to his writing, Stephen Pitz asserts that a key part of the learning experience for students is an opportunity to use creativity. Fine arts are the best outlet for this type of thinking, according to Stephen Pitz.

Stephen Pitz also believes students tend to have better relationships with their peers when they participate in an extracurricular activity such as band or theatre. After experiencing firsthand the benefits of the fine arts, Stephen Pitz declares that often the longest-lasting friendships come from sharing a common love of an activity such as music or art. Stephen Pitz asserts that without keeping fine arts in school systems, this benefit would be lost.

Many other benefits are also associated with fine arts, adds Stephen Pitz. For example, according to Stephen Pitz, students involved in music and theatre programs tend to get into disciplinary trouble less often than those who do not participate. Stephen Pitz points out that students involved in fine arts generally get better grades in school. All of these are important reasons to keep arts programs in school, says Stephen Pitz.

As a former teacher, Stephen Pitz believes that taking fine arts programs away from schools would do more harm than good. Without such programs, the next generation of students to enter the work force will be less prepared in teamwork and creative thinking. These are the types of skills that people need to be successful, asserts Stephen Pitz. Creative talent, according to Stephen Pitz, is what produces some of best inventions and ideas in history. Stephen Pitz concludes that fine arts programs are essential to equip students for the real world.

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