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Choosing The Right Boarding School

Currey Ingram

Whether you’re considering a boarding school in Brentwood, Tennessee, or other location, here are some of the things you can do to make sure you’re giving your child the best educational experience possible.

List your must-haves

Sit down with your child and talk about all areas of the boarding school experience that need to be considered, including the boarding school’s location, campus and class size, extra-curricular activities offered, tuition and financial assistance available, inclusivity, and philosophy. This will help sift your non-negotiables from the things you could do without.

Take it a step further and ask your child to think about their long-term goals. Where do they want to go and who do they want to become? The right boarding school will provide an atmosphere that encourages them to grow along this path, both inside and outside the classroom. 

Consider the private boarding school’s mission statement

A boarding school’s mission statement is crafted to reflect its values and goals; it will ultimately be the basis for how the school’s decisions are made. Brentwood boarding school, Currey Ingram Academy’s mission statement, for example, is to provide an exemplary K-12 day and boarding school program that empowers students with learning differences to achieve their fullest potential. Take time to think about whether or not this school reflects your values as a family.

Explore Currey Ingram’s curriculum, teaching methodology, and how the school works to uphold social, emotional, and academic balance. These factors will determine how the school assigns homework, conducts tests, grades performances, mentors its students, and sets long-term learning goals. The culture within the boarding school’s teaching community is reflective of the culture created within the classroom. 

Seek first-hand reviews

This of a boarding school education as an investment. While statistics like state rankings, test scores, and student-teacher ratios are important, first-hand reviews will give you a feel of the school beyond the numbers. This can help you decide if a boarding school is the right fit for your child.

Check if the boarding school has programs and support systems in place for holistic student development

A student’s interests will evolve over time, so variety is essential. Does the boarding school’s curriculum include science offerings, an arts program, and special interest classes? Does it have an excellent athletics program as well as facilities to go along with it? Are there mentorship opportunities available?

Currey Ingram Academy, a well-known boarding school in Brentwood, provides programs for visual arts, music, photography, theater, and video production that give students multiple opportunities to share their talents and to be recognized for their work. Students are encouraged to participate in and/or support the school’s athletics program.

Get a feel of the community life

For a truly exceptional boarding school experience, students and teachers must have a strong rapport with one another and value each other’s contributions to the community.

Select faculty members of Currey Ingram Academy have joined the Residential Life staff and live alongside boarding students in the school’s new residence hall. They are there to make sure the students’ experience is rewarding, safe, and fully-integrated with all aspects of living and learning on campus.

Look up the school’s history and traditions, as these in part shape the school’s approach to community building.

Schedule a tour 

An on-site visit will give you a clearer view of everyday life at the boarding school. Observe student-teacher dynamics: Do they greet each other? Do they greet you? Are they fully engaged with the discussions taking place within the classroom? 

Take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions on housing arrangements, protocols in the event of a medical emergency, food options, college placement assistance, and weekend activities.

At Currey Ingram Academy’s boarding school, mission-appropriate applicants are invited on the Brentwood campus for individualized shadow days. All prospective students are expected to participate in classroom activities and complete all homework, if given. Lunch and a snack will be served in the dining hall at no charge. 

Remember that admission departments are just as hopeful in finding the right boarding school-student fit as you are. At the end of the day, it all boils to choosing a place that inspires your child to learn and thrive to the fullest.  

A boarding school in Brentwood, Currey Ingram Academy supports and empowers students with learning differences to achieve their fullest potential – academically and socially – within an environment that fosters holistic student development. Get in touch by calling (615) 507-3173.

Advocating for Classroom Accommodations and Academic Support

Currey IngramThe number of students with different learning needs has increased in recent years. These differences are not observable in most cases. As a result, students with learning needs are often overlooked or misunderstood. Faculty members and school staff must understand the implications of learning differences so they can advocate for classroom accommodations and provide them with opportunities to thrive and succeed.

What are accommodations?

Accommodations are modifications in the way tasks are presented that allow students with learning differences to complete the same assignments as the other students. Accommodations do not change the content of the assignments, alter how tests are evaluated, or give these students an undue advantage. Rather, accommodations enable students to demonstrate what they know and not be impeded by their learning differences.

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ADHD And Your Child: A Beginner’s Guide

Currey Ingram
Educators from Currey Ingram Academy, a Nashville-based boarding school for children with learning differences, including ADHD, offer information about the disorder in today’s spotlight topic.

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a common learning disorder present in more than three million children in the United States. According to administrators from the ADHD boarding school, many students with an attention disorder have difficulty sitting still, practicing self-control, and paying attention in class. Unfortunately, in a standard classroom environment, these children are often viewed as having behavioral issues because they are disruptive to other students.

Signs of ADHD

You would be hard-pressed to find a student from elementary through high school that did not have the occasional hiccup when it comes to following directions. Daydreaming, drifting off in class, and being bored are all common and normal behaviors in children. However, children with ADHD struggle far more than their peers when it comes to things such as attention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.

Inattention may point to ADHD when the child has immense trouble staying on task. They may not listen to directions, and this may be construed as defiance when an educator is not trained to recognize ADHD. Boarding school teachers at Currey Ingram explain that smaller class sizes, more one-on-one time with the students, and providing direct and explicit instructions are all strategies that can help with inattentiveness.

The second indication of ADHD is hyperactivity. Keep in mind that most children are hyperactive sometimes. Students with ADHD may be like this all the time. They might have trouble being quiet when it is requested and often can not sit still even when they know that getting up or moving their hands and feet is inappropriate. One strategy that Currey Ingram employs to assist students with hyperactivity is block scheduling. Students in the school’s boarding program are given 15 to 30-minute breaks between classes. This offers an opportunity for the student to move around. Further, their days begin with a mentoring session, and classrooms are set up ahead of each day to provide an appropriate environment for learning. Lessons are written on the whiteboard, and any potential schedule changes are noted as early as possible.

Impulsiveness is also a sign of ADHD and the one that administrators at the learning differences boarding school note can get a student into the most trouble. Impulsive individuals react before they think. They tend to take more risks than their classmates and might be looked at as unfriendly; it is not uncommon for a student with ADHD to take things that belong to others without permission. Impulsiveness is also seen in risk-taking behaviors.

To assist with impulse control issues, Currey Ingram’s boarding school implements tactics to minimize disruption. This might include a daily report card, which can help students target positive behaviors, such as remaining in their seats, participating quietly and appropriately during instruction time, and following their teachers’ directions the first time given. Students may also receive positive marks for staying focused and getting to class on time.

Can a learning differences boarding school help?

For a student with learning differences like ADHD, a boarding school with teachers trained in special education can make a huge difference. One thing that Currey Ingram teachers do differently is focus on positive behaviors. Instead of issuing demerits or losing privileges for inattention, students with ADHD receive praise for desired actions. Further, students who are in school with their peers that also have learning disorders may play off one another’s positive behavior through an underlying and highly encouraged system of peer modeling.

Visual aids and progress tracking are used to help students create goals so they can receive motivating rewards. As an ADHD-focused boarding school, Currey Ingram also emphasizes predictable routines. Days are streamlined so that students with executive functioning skill deficits have fewer things to remember and can thus function and focus with fewer distractions.

Each day and boarding school student in grades 9 through 12 receives a daily planner. These are used in conjunction with things like color-coded materials and electronic calendars to help with organization; it is not uncommon for students with ADHD to lack organizational skills.

Young adults with ADHD are not learning impaired, but they do have challenges that other students do not. Fortunately, with persistence, patience, and practice, this and most co-occurring learning differences may be overcome.

If your child has been officially diagnosed with ADHD, a boarding school can help them achieve their true potential. Contact Currey Ingram today at 615.507.3173 to schedule a campus tour and find out more about what the school has to offer.