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Interview with Joe Aldeguer at the Los Angeles Premiere of “Nobody, Nobody But Juan”

Interviewer: Hey what’s up guys? In case you guys didn’t know, this film has people working from the back, and part of the cast, all in one. Great movie. I actually have one of the co-executive producers with Nobody, Nobody But Juan. I have to ask, how is it working with the comedy king?

Joe Aldeguer: You know, initially you’re definitely intimidated. It’s Dolphy—the king of comedy.  From the moment he says “hello” to you—he’s Dolphy. He treats you just like you’re one of his family. He’s absolutely unbelievably humble. That was really a surreal event. But immediately the surrealness just goes away.

Interviewer: Cool. You know what? I forgot to ask a lot of the people that I interviewed—. Give me a few names of the people in the cast.

Joe Aldeguer: Well, there is of course Eric Quizon who plays his son and my brother in the movie. He’s also the director of the film. There’s G. Toengi. There’s Pokwang. There’s Willie Revillame. He does a special appearance and a guest on there. There’s Heart Evangelista. There’s of course Eddie Garcia, Gloria Romero. The cast is a long cast.

Interviewer: It sounds like a star-studded cast.

Joe Aldeguer: Yeah. There’s also Epi Quizon, and also Vandolph.

Interviewer: So you have, like, the Quizon is president of the movie. I have to ask, what is the fondest moment you have with making the movie?

Joe Aldeguer: Well, the fondness is obviously, you know, coming from the United States—this was my first project in the Philippines. The vastness of the movie. There’s a lot of moving parts in the film—a lot of film crew, there’s truck loads, and the entourage that comes with the Dolphy name.

Interviewer: Would you say it’s like culture shock of having films independently made here to films being made over there?

Joe Aldeguer:Well, yes, because there are so many more people involved there because, of course, you know, it’s easier to make a movie in the Philippines but it’s more fun.  Being Filipino-American you feel home right away. It was my first time in the Philippines as an adult. But as soon as you walked off the plane you feel like you were home. You know what I’m talking about?

Interviewer: Cool. I know with the scripts and whatnot is it exactly what you guys envisioned it out to be?

Joe Aldeguer: Reading the script it comes out so differently than what you actually see in the film. There’s a lot that goes into the film. The scenes are definitely a lot more vivid than real life, of course. And also the script changes a lot. Of course working with Dolphy who is the king of impromptu –he absolutely ad libs everything. But he ad libs it to make more of it, to involve more people, to have more fun with the film.

Interviewer: I hear he makes everybody so comfortable on the set trying to work with him. So everybody is not nervous around him.

Joe Aldeguer: Not at all. Again, it’s a big family affair. Really the whole cast becomes Dolphy’s family—the whole thing becomes like a big extended Dolphy family.

Interviewer: It sounds really great. You guys make sure to check out Nobody, Nobody But Juan. Let’s go ahead and invite our viewers out there.

Joe Aldeguer: Well, real quickly. This is going to be the first Filipino film that is going to hit AMC Theaters or mainstream theaters in the United States. The first film. And who better to represent our culture or our films than Dolphy, Dolphy himself. Sixty-five years is the anniversary this year. In the L.A. area it’s going to be in Covina and also Long Beach. AMC. And that’s February 26 through March 4.  For more information go to Juanthemovie.com for other cities. It will be playing nationwide in different selected cities.

Interviewer: And this will be in AMC theaters?

Joe Vincent Aldeguer: AMC theaters—we are so excited to work with them. Not only, if it does well, which we think it will, it gets our foot in the door. Most Filipinos, as we get our foot in the door, we work very hard. We think it could be a step to bigger, bigger films in the future.

Interviewer: Great! You guys heard it straight from one of the producers of the movie and a part of the cast. Come by your nearest AMC theaters. It’s going to be out in Covina, Long Beach. So check it out. Nobody, Nobody but Juan. And the website again?

Joe Vincent Aldeguer: Juanthemovie.com.

Interviewer: Alright guys. That’s it for now. Thanks.

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