JS Properties, LLC Offers Residential Property Management Considerations


In addition to residential and commercial real estate sales, JS Properties, LLC, owned and operated by Joyce Smotherman, offers management and marketing services to property owners that choose to lease their properties. For residential owners, whether it is a single family home, apartment complex, duplex, townhome or condo, JS Properties, LLC offers a management agreement that is custom built to fit the needs of the client. Owners that choose to entrust their investments to JS Properties, LLC can be assured that they will receive reliable, professional service from an experienced company for a nominal fee.

One type of agreement offered by JS Properties, LLC is complete management of the property. This includes marketing, which entails running newspaper as well as on-line ads and putting up signs, showing the unit, screening potential tenants through a rigorous application process, entering into a lease agreement with the approved applicant, doing routine inspections and overseeing any day to day maintenance issues. JS Properties, LLC also helps the owner with decisions such as monthly rental amounts, upkeep and other necessary details of property ownership. In the event of an irresponsible or unpredictable tenant, JS Properties, LLC handles all correspondence with the renter as well as any legal action deemed necessary.

Another form of management available is one in which JS Properties, LLC inspects the unit, handles the marketing and showing, screens the potential renter, goes through the leasing process and then turns the property back over to the owner for management purposes. According to JS Properties, LLC, this is a good option for those that like a more hands on approach and prefer to handle the day to day responsibilities of leasing, but who may not have the time or resources needed for the screening process, are uncomfortable with the legal intricacies involved with the lease itself or are unfamiliar with the application process in general.

Whichever method is preferred, JS Properties, LLC, has the experience, knowledge and professionalism to ensure a successful and profitable business relationship. Ideally, the owner, landlord and tenant work together to make the leasing process satisfying and beneficial for everyone.

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