Zrylw Discusses the Health Benefits of Lentils


During the hot summer months, when people are looking for a new side dish other than the usual potato or pasta salad, they might want to consider a salad of lentils and vegetables. Cooking lentils is as simple as making rice, but the health benefits are astounding.

Lentils are some of the most nutritious and economical foods around. They are grown like peas, but they come in pink, green, orange and brown. They are extremely popular in Eastern Europe, India and some places in Asia. But the color of lentils doesn’t matter, because they all share the same nutritional benefits which include being low in fat and low in calories. They are cholesterol free as well.

Another benefit of lentils is that they have a very high concentration of antioxidants. Lentils are also excellent sources of protein, folic acid, fiber and amino acids, as well as containing vitamins C and B.  They contain very little fat and are extremely high in fiber. Because of that, lentils can help to rid the body of cholesterol. A happy byproduct of that is a lower chance of heart disease, high blood pressure or stroke. Also, lentils can be proactive by slowing down the liver’s manufacture of cholesterol.

Another useful reason to eat lentils is because they help the body to get rid of toxins. And that, combined with their high fiber, may help those who are trying to lose or maintain weight. The reason for that is simple – high fiber foods make people feel full which in turn keeps them from overeating. And even if a person does over eat, lentils have so few calories that there’s no need to feel guilty.

So, when considering what to make for a side dish this summer, that staff at Zrylw suggests a cold lentil salad with a simple vinaigrette and plenty of fresh vegetables. Not only will it be a new dish on the table, the health benefits will help you maintain your energy for more summer fun.

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