Garrett Hoelscher Speaks about CrossFit’s Many Benefits


Garrett Hoelscher has a diverse background that has equipped him to serve a variety of clients in his work as a financial analyst. As a junior financial analyst at Longitude Capital Advisors in Stamford, Connecticut, Garrett Hoelscher conducts statistical analysis and research as part of a team of debt market experts. The Emory University graduate has come full circle from his beginnings as a summer intern in commercial banking at ING in New York City.

Zrywl recently caught up with Garrett Hoelscher, an exercise enthusiast and follower of the CrossFit method of strength training, to get the inside scoop on this relatively new fitness program.

Zrywl: Thank you for joining us today. We’ve been wondering what all the talk was about. CrossFit is everywhere here lately.

Garrett Hoelscher: That’s because it is so effective; it’s a program that you can follow every day, never get bored, and wake up each morning ready to find out the WOD.

Zrywl: WOD?

Garrett Hoelscher: Workout of the Day. It’s basically a series of motions the gym plans. Followers actually post their times, weights, and reps online to see who is the fittest that day.

Zrywl: Oh, so a little friendly competition?

Garrett Hoelscher: You bet. That is one of the coolest aspects of the workout. You get to compare yourself to others and see where you rank each day.

Zrywl: Very interesting. How did CrossFit come about?

Garrett Hoelscher: Back in 1995 a man names Greg Glassman opened up a little gym in Santa Cruz. Today, there are over 3,500 CrossFit certified training facilities across the nation.

Zrywl: That’s a very fast rate of growth.

Garrett Hoelscher: The gym also advocates a Paleolithic diet.

Zrywl: Can you explain that? It sounds like something from the caveman era…

Garrett Hoelscher: Well, you’re actually right about that. Most people are surprised to find out that today’s current diets are terrible for our human anatomy. We eat way too much processed food and our bodies are fighting back with reactions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Zrywl: Really? What kinds of foods are consistent with the CrossFit ideology?

Garrett Hoelscher: You’ve been to a grocery store – you know the outside isles are the perishable products and the inside isles are boxes and bags. Avoid those inside isles and focus on the perimeter and you’ll basically have the foundation for a Paleo diet. Lots of greens, lean meats, and low glycemic carbs are a pretty good start.

Zrywl: How hard is this diet and exercise program to follow?

Garrett Hoelscher: Not as hard as you’d think once you get your mind geared toward a new way of thinking. They say that after 21 days something becomes a habit – I think three weeks of forcing something is nothing compared to a lifelong opportunity to benefit health-wise. Not to mention, for those with children, teaching future generations how the body should look and feel.

Zrywl: This is all completely fascinating.

Garrett Hoelscher: There is a great deal of scientific research to back up both the diet and workout regime. Of course, nothing is without it critics and I’d suggest each individual consult their family doctor before making any drastic changes over night.

Zrywl: It looks like we are out of time for the day. Thank you, Garrett. This has been a conversation that we are sure our readers can ponder for quite some time.

Garrett Hoelscher: My pleasure.

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