Chef Ben Vaughn Cites an Interesting Study on Low Fat vs. Low Carb Diets

During his career, Chef Ben Vaughn has seen the culinary debate swing back and forth between different dieting trends. For a time, says Chef Ben Vaughn, it may seem that low fat diets are best for fitness and weight loss. Then a new rhetoric emerges, notes Chef Ben Vaughn, and low carb diets get touted as the most effective diets for health and weight loss.

It is Chef Ben Vaughn’s strong desire to restore balance to the way people think about eating. In light of this goal, Chef Ben Vaughn reports on a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. This journal published a study that compared the efficacy of low carb diets to low fat diets.

The study found, says Chef Ben Vaughn, that neither diet is better than its competitor. Chef Ben Vaughn says the study revealed that neither a low fat diet nor a low carb diet produced lasting healthy weight loss. The two-year study, notes Chef Ben Vaughn, followed the efforts of 307 people diagnosed as obese. These people were divided into two groups based on their diets.

Chef Ben Vaughn reports that both groups experienced comparable average weight loss, about 22 pounds. What’s more, says Chef Ben Vaughn, both groups gained nearly 1/3 of the weight back during the second year. Being restricted to low fat or low carb diets, says Chef Ben Vaughn, also had an effect on the health and morale of the participants.

Side effects of the study, reports Chef Ben Vaughn, included hair loss, bad breath and constipation. Chef Ben Vaughn says that the study was also illustrative of the shortcomings of diets in another way, namely dropout rate. Chef Ben Vaughn notes that over one third of the participants in the study dropped out because the diet was too difficult or unpleasant to stick with.


American Financial is a new kind of organization committed to helping consumers manage debt and rebuild their credit without resorting to credit counseling or consolidation companies. The team at American Financial uses their expertise to empower families and individuals to save money on interest payments and get out of debt more quickly. The clients of American Financial understand the value of their money and want to learn how to keep it out of creditors’ hands.

When a family or individual comes to American Financial, they acquire the tools to deal effectively with creditors and plan for future savings. American Financial helps clients to think differently about their money and debts. The financial guidance provided by American Financial provides the tools individuals need to stop letting creditors take undue advantage of them. American Financial help their clients understand some of the recent unregulated trading practices of big banks and investment groups.

Beyond that, American Financial illustrates how these practices directly affect hard-working, wage earning individuals and families that are now feeling the crunch. Through it all, American Financial stands with their clients. American Financial shows their clients how to negotiate the economic troubles that stem from profit-driven decisions that are made very high up the fiscal hierarchy. American Financial reminds clients that the big banks rely heavily on the customers that they are nickel-and-diming with rate hikes and hidden fees.

When people learn the true dynamics of the economic situation, they are more capable of repositioning themselves as proactive members of the marketplace, rather than under-appreciated customers of a big bank system. Consumers are feeling a real bite from overdraft fees and skyrocketing credit card interest rates. With good financial management techniques acquired from American Financial, clients can prevent the big banks shaving money from their personal and family accounts to cover the bank’s losses. The solutions are not difficult to understand but sometimes they are a challenge to implement. However, with the know-how and support of American Financial, clients can develop the financial skills and discipline to eventually restore personal economic security.

JS Properties, LLC Offers Residential Property Management Considerations

In addition to residential and commercial real estate sales, JS Properties, LLC, owned and operated by Joyce Smotherman, offers management and marketing services to property owners that choose to lease their properties. For residential owners, whether it is a single family home, apartment complex, duplex, townhome or condo, JS Properties, LLC offers a management agreement that is custom built to fit the needs of the client. Owners that choose to entrust their investments to JS Properties, LLC can be assured that they will receive reliable, professional service from an experienced company for a nominal fee.

One type of agreement offered by JS Properties, LLC is complete management of the property. This includes marketing, which entails running newspaper as well as on-line ads and putting up signs, showing the unit, screening potential tenants through a rigorous application process, entering into a lease agreement with the approved applicant, doing routine inspections and overseeing any day to day maintenance issues. JS Properties, LLC also helps the owner with decisions such as monthly rental amounts, upkeep and other necessary details of property ownership. In the event of an irresponsible or unpredictable tenant, JS Properties, LLC handles all correspondence with the renter as well as any legal action deemed necessary.

Another form of management available is one in which JS Properties, LLC inspects the unit, handles the marketing and showing, screens the potential renter, goes through the leasing process and then turns the property back over to the owner for management purposes. According to JS Properties, LLC, this is a good option for those that like a more hands on approach and prefer to handle the day to day responsibilities of leasing, but who may not have the time or resources needed for the screening process, are uncomfortable with the legal intricacies involved with the lease itself or are unfamiliar with the application process in general.

Whichever method is preferred, JS Properties, LLC, has the experience, knowledge and professionalism to ensure a successful and profitable business relationship. Ideally, the owner, landlord and tenant work together to make the leasing process satisfying and beneficial for everyone.

Tips from SMART Carpet | Prevention in Carpet Care

The best carpet care recommendation is prevention: keep your carpets as clean as possible in the first place. This purely practical approach may give an inkling as to the reason for his company’s success. SMART Carpet has installed some sixty-five million square feet of both residential and commercial flooring in more than 100,000 homes and businesses across New Jersey, Staten Island and eastern Pennsylvania.

Practical measures like doormats at all entryways, both outside the entrance and inside, are the first line of defense in keeping carpets pristine. Most SMART Carpet customers admit they forget to clean the walk-off mats themselves, as they become soiled. Unfortunately, the experts at SMART Carpet know that if these mats are not cleaned regularly, they become sources of dirt from which soil is tracked inside and onto the carpeting

When the pile on carpets wears down, dirt can get ground in more easily and the overall look of the carpet is affected. A SMART Carpet tip on how to extend the life of carpet is to use good padding during the installation. SMART Carpet includes premium quality padding with every carpet installation FREE!

SMART Carpet professionals remind their customers to be aware of how easily heavy furniture can damage carpeting. Good prevention, say SMART Carpet installation experts, includes using carpet protection pads, such as those seen in offices under desk chairs. Another form of carpet protection, continues the sales teams at SMART Carpet, is the coaster, which help with weight distribution. Coasters also avoid direct contact between the legs of tables or bed frames and carpet pile, which explains SMART Carpet staff, keeps the pile from being irreversibly crushed.

Additionally, points out SMART Carpet staff, direct exposure to sunlight can fade some carpets. Most often people think of curtains and furniture, but carpets should be protected too, according to SMART Carpet best practices. By simply drawing the blinds during the hours that a room tends to receive the most direct sun, SMART Carpet experts say that it is possible to prolong the life (and look) of carpet.

If something is spilled on the carpet, even one that is stain resistant and treated, SMART Carpet professionals encourage customers to clean it immediately and thoroughly.