Archive: September, 2010

Chef Ben Vaughn Cites an Interesting Study on Low Fat vs. Low Carb Diets

During his career, Chef Ben Vaughn has seen the culinary debate swing back and forth between different dieting trends. For a time, says Chef Ben Vaughn, it may seem that low fat diets are best for fitness and weight loss. Then a new rhetoric emerges, notes Chef Ben Vaughn, and low carb diets get touted as the most effective diets for health and weight loss.


American Financial is a new kind of organization committed to helping consumers manage debt and rebuild their credit without resorting to credit counseling or consolidation companies. The team at American Financial uses their expertise to empower families and individuals to save money on interest payments and get out of debt more quickly. The clients of […]

JS Properties, LLC Offers Residential Property Management Considerations

In addition to residential and commercial real estate sales, JS Properties, LLC, owned and operated by Joyce Smotherman, offers management and marketing services to property owners that choose to lease their properties. For residential owners, whether it is a single family home, apartment complex, duplex, townhome or condo, JS Properties, LLC offers a management agreement […]

Tips from SMART Carpet | Prevention in Carpet Care

The best carpet care recommendation is prevention: keep your carpets as clean as possible in the first place. This purely practical approach may give an inkling as to the reason for his company‚Äôs success. SMART Carpet has installed some sixty-five million square feet of both residential and commercial flooring in more than 100,000 homes and […]