American Financial is a new kind of organization committed to helping consumers manage debt and rebuild their credit without resorting to credit counseling or consolidation companies. The team at American Financial uses their expertise to empower families and individuals to save money on interest payments and get out of debt more quickly. The clients of American Financial understand the value of their money and want to learn how to keep it out of creditors’ hands.

When a family or individual comes to American Financial, they acquire the tools to deal effectively with creditors and plan for future savings. American Financial helps clients to think differently about their money and debts. The financial guidance provided by American Financial provides the tools individuals need to stop letting creditors take undue advantage of them. American Financial help their clients understand some of the recent unregulated trading practices of big banks and investment groups.

Beyond that, American Financial illustrates how these practices directly affect hard-working, wage earning individuals and families that are now feeling the crunch. Through it all, American Financial stands with their clients. American Financial shows their clients how to negotiate the economic troubles that stem from profit-driven decisions that are made very high up the fiscal hierarchy. American Financial reminds clients that the big banks rely heavily on the customers that they are nickel-and-diming with rate hikes and hidden fees.

When people learn the true dynamics of the economic situation, they are more capable of repositioning themselves as proactive members of the marketplace, rather than under-appreciated customers of a big bank system. Consumers are feeling a real bite from overdraft fees and skyrocketing credit card interest rates. With good financial management techniques acquired from American Financial, clients can prevent the big banks shaving money from their personal and family accounts to cover the bank’s losses. The solutions are not difficult to understand but sometimes they are a challenge to implement. However, with the know-how and support of American Financial, clients can develop the financial skills and discipline to eventually restore personal economic security.

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