David Slone Discusses a Fascination with Root Beer

About twelve years ago, David Slone received a package at work from one of his vendors. Curious, he opened it up. Inside, David Slone found samples of Henry Weinhard’s® Root Beer. David Slone was soon fascinated by the complex mix of sassafras, vanilla, licorice, yeast, and other flavors, all mingled in a cold, frothy drink. That was when David Slone began his fascination with root beer. From there, David Slone was on a mission; a mission to sample as many root beers as he could track down.

Since that time, David Slone has tried many a different brand of root beer, and has found out a great deal about the history of the drink. What David Slone found out was a bit of a surprise.

Root beer, discovered David Slone, goes back to colonial times, with what was referred to as “small beer.” Small beers, according to David Slone, sometimes included alcohol, and sometimes not. Things like sarsaparilla, birch beer, ginger beer and root beer were all small beers. David Slone notes that ingredients could include juniper, wintergreen, burdock root, dandelion root, coriander, allspice, molasses and other exotic elements.

Digging deeper, David Slone found that it was in the 1870s when Charles Hires made the first commercially-available root beer. Charles Hires was a Philadelphia pharmacist, David Slone discovered. While on his honeymoon, Hires ran across a recipe for herbal tea. Soon, the pharmacist began selling the tea in a dry form, and began working on a beverage based on the recipe. David Slone went on to find out that Hires’ drink used over 25 herbs, berries and roots, and was debuted to the public at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial. David Slone says that another famous brand, A&W® Root Beer, dates back to 1919.

What is it that makes root beer so appealing to people like David Slone? It’s the combination of flavors and ingredients, David Slone states. No two root beer recipes are the same, and the drink has about as many different variations as there are root beer aficionados. In his current position at Weld County Garage, David Slone was delighted to receive a case of Goose Island® Root Beer from one of his regular vendors. David Slone found the combination of creamy consistency, carbonation and a spearmint finish to be tantalizing. Other root beers that David Slone counts among his favorites are Dog ‘n Suds®, Sprechers and Boylans®, each with its own unique personality.

David Slone isn’t by himself when it comes to his love for root beer. There are Root-Beer-of-the-Month Clubs that delve deep into root beer lore, exploring regional root beers from around the country. Members can even have a six-pack of the Root Beer of the Month shipped to their door. There are root beer kits, sampler packs of root beers, extracts and syrups, gift certificates, and even a private label of root beer that all go with membership in the club. Root beer is a uniquely American drink, notes David Slone, one that has roots that go back as far as the country itself.


Q&A with Casa Sandoval – Memory, Aging and Exercise

Everyone has forgotten what they came in a room for or where they put their car keys. For seniors, however, memory loss can be a special concern. The professionals at Casa Sandoval have done the research and found factors that can help a diminishing memory. Today, the staff at Interviewing Experts had the opportunity to ask Casa Sandoval a few questions about memory, aging, and exercise.

Q: What do you find can cause memory loss in seniors?

Casa Sandoval: We know that there are some chemical and physical changes that happen as the brain ages. At Casa Sandoval, though, we find that keeping the brain engaged and exercised can make a big difference.

Q: How so? “Exercised,” meaning what exactly?

Casa Sandoval: Things like crossword puzzles, books, music, engaging with friends and family, and critical thinking are all things that help keep the brain engaged.

Q: What about television?

Casa Sandoval: Actually, the staff at Casa Sandoval might advise against too many hours of TV. It’s passive and doesn’t demand that much engagement from the viewer.

Q: What about senior adults who are living independently at home?

Casa Sandoval: We recommend that older adults go through and reorganize their homes from time to time. Cutting clutter in living space can mean a lack of clutter in mental space as well.

Q: Does exercise have benefits for memory?

Casa Sandoval: Yes, absolutely. Exercise increases blood flow, meaning better oxygen supply to the entire body, including the brain. Casa Sandoval offers a yoga program for our residents, incorporating stretches and deep breathing that can help clear the mind and improve focus.

Q: Are there dietary connections?

Casa Sandoval: Yes, absolutely. At Casa Sandoval, we’ve read up on the latest studies that find connections between Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and brain health.

Q: Which foods are those found in?

Casa Sandoval: Omega-3’s and antioxidants are found in nuts, berries, leafy greens, and coldwater fish like salmon.

Q: I’ve also heard things about folate…

Casa Sandoval: Yes, folate is a great vitamin for mental growth. It’s found in foods like spinach, onions, and legumes.

Q: What else can senior adults do to keep their brains active?

Casa Sandoval: Self-testing can be quite helpful. Taking part in quizzes and games that actively test the brain are both great ideas for seniors.

Q: Do you offer activities that can help with memory?

Casa Sandoval: Yes, at Casa Sandoval we have game nights when residents can play cards, Scrabble, or other board games, all of which can help keep the brain active. Even the Wii video games can contribute to the maintenance of mental acuity.

Q: Any other advice?

Casa Sandoval: Yes, in addition to keeping the brain active, don’t forget to give the brain some rest, too. Quality sleep and rest time are crucial for keeping the brain functioning properly.

Casa Sandoval is a full service retirement community in Hayward, California. At Casa Sandoval, the emphasis is on active lifestyle and independent lifestyles. The staff at Casa Sandoval is well-respected for their attention and outstanding level of care for all residents. Feel free to call Casa Sandoval at 510-727-1700 or have a look online at casasandoval.com. In addition, prospective residents are welcome to tour Casa Sandoval and stay for lunch.

With Kimora Lee Simmons in Charge, JustFab Is at the Forefront of Style

JustFab was launched in 2010 to provide women with an online shopping site that combined trend-setting fashion, reasonable prices, and a highly personalized experience.  From early on, JustFab has been committed to helping women of every fashion sensibility look beautiful and exude confidence.  In 2011, JustFab landed Kimora Lee Simmons as President and Creative Director. In the following Q&A, JustFab introduces readers to Kimora Lee Simmons.

Q:  Who is Kimora Lee Simmons?

JustFab:  Kimora Lee Simmons was once a Midwestern girl who couldn’t have imagined where she is today.  She was discovered by a modeling agency when she was 10, swept off to model in Paris, and graced runway and pages of fashion magazines for years.  She has been in and around fashion almost her entire life.

Q:  What does Kimora Lee Simmons know about running an online fashion business like JustFab?

JustFab:  That’s the really remarkable thing about Kimora Lee Simmons – she is as savvy as she is gorgeous.  She has built her own fashion brands and companies that have done over one billion dollars in sales and she is bringing that same brilliance to JustFab.

Q:  So Kimora Lee Simmons already had quite the name for herself prior to joining JustFab?

JustFab: Absolutely!  Before JustFab, the personal and business life of Kimora Lee Simmons was chronicled on her first show on the Style Network, “Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane.”  Her business savvy and huge personality has always drawn people in to watch.  Q:  Tell readers about the new reality show featuring Kimora Lee Simmons and other JustFab staff.

JustFab:  “Kimora: House of Fab” gives a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on day-to-day at JustFab.  Viewers are exposed to the good, the bad and the ugly.  JustFab staff members are deeply committed and passionate about fashion and building the JustFab brand.  This combination of big personalities and the stressful nature of the job offer viewers some really entertaining television.

Q:  Is this show different from Kimora Lee Simmons’ last reality show?

JustFab:  Yes, “Kimora: House of Fab” focuses on JustFab as a company, and the team that works with Kimora Lee Simmons to keep the business running.  Viewers get to know most of the JustFab staff and get a look at real products JustFab is working on.

Q: How has Kimora Lee Simmons impacted JustFab so far?

JustFab:  Kimora Lee Simmons’ eye for what’s hot and how to make it appealing to shoppers is unmatched.  Her expert guidance has brought JustFab to a whole new level of providing the latest fashion to everyone–even those without celebrity bank accounts.  She has always been committed to designing and serving all women who want to look beautiful, not just those who are wealthy or a certain shape or size and that shines through in all the work she does for JustFab.

About JustFab: JustFab is an online subscription retail site, offering the hottest trends for less. Visit justfab.com to learn more.

Let Your Garden Grow: The Benefits of Homegrown Food

Have you ever made a trip to the grocery store’s produce aisle only to think why can’t I grow some of this myself? Yes, produce tends to be expensive, and it can be frustrating to see a grocery bill go sky high when you want to treat yourself to some fresh fruits and vegetables. But, with a little land and a little hard work, all those delicious natural treats can be yours for a fraction of the cost and without ever leaving your own yard.

Having a home garden with fruits and vegetables is an incredibly rewarding experience. You get to witness the entire life cycle of the produce as well as play an integral part in bringing it to life year after year. There’s also the incredible benefit of knowing the fruits and vegetables are untainted by the industrial process that many foods must go through before they end up on store shelves. From chemical treatments to pesticides to unclean handling practices, you can rest assured knowing that you and you alone are responsible for the food you eat.

There’s also a tremendous cost-savings involved with growing fruits and vegetables. Instead of buying them by the pound, you merely buy packets of seeds at a fraction of the price. While the results aren’t immediate, the savings add up over time—in fact, having a garden can easily result in hundreds of dollars saved over the course of a year.

Gardens are also excellent opportunities for families and couples to bond. Many people are so busy that they rarely take time to truly enjoy nature, but getting together and working as a team on a sustainable project like a garden can really bring families together—especially for large gardens that require several pairs of hands to maintain.

The idea of planting a garden may seem daunting at first, but if you start small and work your way up, your thumb will turn green in no time. And the best part is that each year represents a new opportunity to grow something new, so you’ll never get tired of the fruits of your labor.

Scott T. Sohr Describes the Courtside at Southern Woods Development

Today, the staff at Zrylw talks to Scott T. Sohr of Elmington Capital Group. Scott T. Sohr is the Nashville, Tennessee-based developer behind the Courtside at Southern Woods in Brentwood. According to Scott T. Sohr, the development was recently named Neighborhood of the Week.

Zrylw: Scott T. Sohr, thanks so much for taking some time with us today.

Scott T. Sohr: Absolutely, I’m always happy to.

Zrylw: Tell us a little about Courtside at Southern Woods.

Scott T. Sohr: Well, our goal was to set up a neighborhood that’s close to Nashville and filled with great amenities, but still affordable for middle-class families.

Zrylw: What do prices at Courtside look like?

Scott T. Sohr: The homes range in size from 2,800 sq. ft. to 4,200 sq. ft., with prices from $350k to $550k at Courtside at Southern Woods.

Zrylw: Aren’t there also some great schools in the area?

Scott T. Sohr: Yes, some of the best nationwide. The neighborhood is zoned for Edmondson Elementary, Sunset Middle School and Brentwood High School, all of which have great rankings and performance.

Zrylw: Where is the development located? Is it convenient for commuters?

Scott T. Sohr: It’s really close to both I-65 and I-24, making it great for anyone who’s a commuter back and forth to Nashville

Zrylw: What kinds of amenities does Courtside have to offer?

Scott T. Sohr: Residents can enjoy things like a saltwater pool, pocket-size parks, and tennis courts. Additionally, a playground, clubhouse and community areas are all available at Courtside.

Zrylw: Is the development close to shopping?

Scott T. Sohr: Yes, the Cool Springs Galleria is just minutes away, as are the Concord Road YMCA and Brentwood Library.

Zrylw: Does Courtside at Southern Woods come with covenants?

Scott T. Sohr: Yes, there are covenants rules and regulations and a homeowners association at Courtside.

Zrylw: What’s the projected size for Courtside?

Scott T. Sohr: Upon completion, we expect to have 256 homes in Courtside at Southern Woods.

Zrylw: Is it laid out with cul-de-sacs, or in a grid?

Scott T. Sohr: Gently curving streets and cul-de-sacs. We are very pleased with the completed design.

Zrylw: What do you see down the road for Courtside at Southern Woods?

Scott T. Sohr: We want Courtside to be a warm, inviting, family-friendly place that marries up the convenience of easy distance to Nashville, with the small-town charm of rural Tennessee.

Scott T. Sohr is a veteran developer and entrepreneur in the greater Nashville area. Before he even graduated from Auburn University, Scott T. Sohr had formed his first business, selling specialized plastic compounds for industry. Today, Scott T. Sohr is a partner at a group specializing in investments and transactions in distressed properties. Their team specializes in industrial, commercial, residential, multi-family and land properties. He is also a co-founder of Correct Care Solutions and Health Cost Solutions, a third-party administrator for medical plans aimed at companies that are large enough to self-insure. Scott T. Sohr lives in the greater Nashville area with his wife Lyn and their four children.