With Kimora Lee Simmons in Charge, JustFab Is at the Forefront of Style


A whole new concept in online shopping, JustFab combines personalization and convenience with affordable fashion. JustFab offers the chance to shop your very own customized boutique each month. Styles are hand-picked for each shopper by stylists who are up-to-date on current trends and classic accessories.

JustFab was launched in 2010 to provide women with an online shopping site that combined trend-setting fashion, reasonable prices, and a highly personalized experience.  From early on, JustFab has been committed to helping women of every fashion sensibility look beautiful and exude confidence.  In 2011, JustFab landed Kimora Lee Simmons as President and Creative Director. In the following Q&A, JustFab introduces readers to Kimora Lee Simmons.

Q:  Who is Kimora Lee Simmons?

JustFab:  Kimora Lee Simmons was once a Midwestern girl who couldn’t have imagined where she is today.  She was discovered by a modeling agency when she was 10, swept off to model in Paris, and graced runway and pages of fashion magazines for years.  She has been in and around fashion almost her entire life.

Q:  What does Kimora Lee Simmons know about running an online fashion business like JustFab?

JustFab:  That’s the really remarkable thing about Kimora Lee Simmons – she is as savvy as she is gorgeous.  She has built her own fashion brands and companies that have done over one billion dollars in sales and she is bringing that same brilliance to JustFab.

Q:  So Kimora Lee Simmons already had quite the name for herself prior to joining JustFab?

JustFab: Absolutely!  Before JustFab, the personal and business life of Kimora Lee Simmons was chronicled on her first show on the Style Network, “Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane.”  Her business savvy and huge personality has always drawn people in to watch.  Q:  Tell readers about the new reality show featuring Kimora Lee Simmons and other JustFab staff.

JustFab:  “Kimora: House of Fab” gives a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on day-to-day at JustFab.  Viewers are exposed to the good, the bad and the ugly.  JustFab staff members are deeply committed and passionate about fashion and building the JustFab brand.  This combination of big personalities and the stressful nature of the job offer viewers some really entertaining television.

Q:  Is this show different from Kimora Lee Simmons’ last reality show?

JustFab:  Yes, “Kimora: House of Fab” focuses on JustFab as a company, and the team that works with Kimora Lee Simmons to keep the business running.  Viewers get to know most of the JustFab staff and get a look at real products JustFab is working on.

Q: How has Kimora Lee Simmons impacted JustFab so far?

JustFab:  Kimora Lee Simmons’ eye for what’s hot and how to make it appealing to shoppers is unmatched.  Her expert guidance has brought JustFab to a whole new level of providing the latest fashion to everyone–even those without celebrity bank accounts.  She has always been committed to designing and serving all women who want to look beautiful, not just those who are wealthy or a certain shape or size and that shines through in all the work she does for JustFab.

About JustFab: JustFab is an online subscription retail site, offering the hottest trends for less. Visit justfab.com to learn more.

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