Zrylw Discusses the Health Benefits of Lentils

During the hot summer months, when people are looking for a new side dish other than the usual potato or pasta salad, they might want to consider a salad of lentils and vegetables. Cooking lentils is as simple as making rice, but the health benefits are astounding.

Zrylw Discusses How to Tip Almost Anywhere in the World

Tipping can be a conundrum even in the United States. But it can be much more challenging in a country where a person barely speaks the language – let alone knows the local customs and mores. Here are a few suggestions regarding the proper tipping etiquette for popular and off-the-map vacation spots.

Unhealthy Foods That May Shock You

Everyone knows that red meat should be eaten in moderation and that too many carbohydrates can add inches to your waistline. But what are some other foods that should be avoided? Here are a few foods you may not normally think of as being potentially unhealthy, according to the staff of Zrylw.


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Instant Tax Solutions Answers Your Questions about Settling Tax Debt

What is an Offer In Compromise? Must a Taxpayer Prove a Hardship to Qualify? According to Instant Tax Solutions, an Offer in Compromise, or OIC, is one way that a taxpayer may be able to lower tax-debt liability if he or she cannot legitimately consolidate payments in full to the IRS. An OIC may also […]

Inga Freise Stahle Gives a Virtual Tour of Ko Samet

Inga Freise Stahle loves to travel, and one of the destinations she recommends is Ko Samet in Thailand. Ms. Stahle explains that the island gets its name from the cajeput tree, which is found across the island. In Thai the word samet is the word for cajeput. Inga Freise Stahle also informs that Ko Samet […]

Instant Tax Solutions Explains In-Business Trust Fund Express Installment Agreements

If your small business owes less than $25,000 to the IRS, you may be eligible for an installment agreement. Instant Tax Solutions has a staff to help expedite an express installment agreement, ensuring your installments are set up quickly. When Instant Tax Solutions scam allegations are posted online, they do more than just tarnish the […]

Alamo-Based Timothy Powers Notes Increased Demand for Rental Properties

With the housing market in such turmoil, Alamo, California’s Timothy Powers points out that one area is fluctuating: rental properties. Banks have tightened down loan procedures to the point that even consumers with good credit are having a hard time purchasing a house, Timothy Powers of Alamo points out. Luckily for Americans, rental properties are […]

Rick Siskey Discusses Giving Back to the Charlotte, NC Community

Charlotte, NC’s Rick Siskey enjoys the YMCA along with the other families in his community. A firm believer in giving back, Rick Siskey, a Charlotte, NC entrepreneur, was a driving vision behind the founding of the Siskey Family YMCA in 1995. Rick Siskey says the Charlotte, NC Siskey Family YMCA helps the community in ways […]

Dean Spasser Discusses the Value of Backend Offers – St. Louis, MO

When St. Louis’s Dean Spasser founded American Publications twenty years ago, he had vast experience in advertising. As a commercial leasing agent in St. Louis, Dean Spasser had spent more than a decade matching business owners with prospective retail and office space. In doing this, Dean Spasser realized he had a talent for helping groups […]