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Bonaventure Senior Living was formed more than ten years ago to provide an ideal blend of experience, quality and value to its residents and their families. Bonaventure Senior Living maintains a commitment to core values that honor all team members and residents.

With 37 campuses catering to seniors across the West Coast, Bonaventure Senior Living has witnessed time and again the accomplishments that can be achieved well into the golden years. Bonaventure Senior Living believes that age is never a barrier to accomplishment. Buster Martin, 104, is just one example.

An intriguing fellow

Bonaventure Senior Living says that Buster Martin is perhaps one of the most intriguing figures in modern history. Born in the French countryside in 1906, Buster Martin was placed in an orphanage at the age of 3 months. Bonaventure Senior Living reports that his single mother was sent to live in a convent. Buster claims his nickname was bestowed upon him after he laid a solid punch to a priest when he was 3 years old.

Buster Martin, explains Bonaventure Senior Living, was married very early. At the age of 15, his then 14-year-old bride gave birth to the first of 17 children. Between 1921 and 1924, Buster Martin fathered at least two sets of multiples, reports Bonaventure Senior Living.

Working on a whim

Mr. Martin is widely known for his staunch dedication to being employed. Bonaventure Senior Living explains that Buster joined the British Army at the age of 14, after working for two years at the Brixton market. During his time in service, he became a physical training instructor and served during World War II. In 1955, reports Bonaventure Senior Living, Martin retired from the armed forces after reaching the rank of regimental sergeant major.

After a failed attempt at what Martin called a “wide range of trades,” he returned to the market in Brixton where he remained employed until after his 97th birthday, relays Bonaventure Senior Living. Shortly after retiring, Buster Martin decided that stagnation was not for him. Bonaventure Senior Living says that London-based Pimilco Plumbers offered Martin a part-time position cleaning vans.

On his 100th birthday, Pimilco requested that Martin take a day off. However, Bonaventure Senior Living says this spunky senior wasn’t going to let a mere milestone interfere with his routine.

In 2006, after 90 solid years of employment, Buster Martin finally took some much needed time off—much to his own personal contempt—due to an ingrown toenail, which Bonaventure Senior Living agrees can be quite painful.

Muddled muggers

Buster Martin rose once again to fame in London, says Bonaventure Senior Living, when in 2007 he was attacked by three would-be robbers. Bonaventure Senior Living reports that Martin took a surprise hit from behind, which sent him to the ground, but he immediately jumped up and fought back with a fury the trio was not expecting. The cowardly criminals quickly ran away, reports Bonaventure Senior Living.

A marathon man

In 2008, Buster Martin graced the London Marathon with his presence and completed the 26-mile course in 10 hours. Bonaventure Senior Living places Buster Martin as the oldest recorded marathon contender in the world, but Guinness World Records refuses to list Martin as scant records make age verification impossible. According to Bonaventure Senior Living, Martin’s presence at the marathon allowed a local charity to receive a donation of approximately $31,400. Before he died, Martin planned to attend a number of other marathons and events, says Bonaventure Senior Living.

Although Buster Martin passed away in 2011, Bonaventure Senior Living says he remains an inspiration to both the young and young at heart. He is the subject of a critically acclaimed documentary How to Live Forever.

About Bonaventure Senior Living

Bonaventure Senior Living takes pride in seniors and helping them accomplish their goals. With 37 locations in six states, this retirement and independent living services provider is enthusiastically recommended by more than 96 percent of current residents.

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