Spotify’s Influence on Music


To music lovers, Spotify is almost like a dream come true. Seemingly out of nowhere, the service took the U.S. by storm with its gargantuan music library, high quality streaming, album artwork, and reasonable price point ($9 per month). Users basically pay a small fee to have access to the world’s greatest iTunes account, but without the hassle of misspelled song titles, mislabeled song titles, or flat out missing song titles. While many people use Spotify simply to search for and listen to individual songs and albums, the program actually has many features that often go unnoticed.

Show lyrics

No more Googling random song lyrics and hoping to get a match. With Spotify’s app platform, users download a program called TuneWiki, which automatically looks up and displays the lyrics to songs he or she is listening to in real time.

Organize playlists

With its seemingly endless number of tunes available for instant streaming, creating playlists in Spotify can be a little intimidating. How can a person possibly select a list of songs they want to hear when all of the songs can be selected? With Spotify’s easy ability to simply drag and drop playlists, that process just got a whole lot easier.

See what you’re listening to

One of the perils of a service with just about every song available at the click of a mouse is that people paradoxically choose to listen to old familiar songs rather than branching out and discovering new music. Spotify tracks a listener’s favorite songs, albums and artists from the past several months or even years, so he or she will be able to tell when it’s time to move on and start broadening musical horizons.

Share … or not … on Facebook

For many people, sharing on Facebook is a great feature that makes the listening experience a social one. But for others, it’s on par with a constant barrage of baby pictures on their newsfeed. Thankfully, Spotify allows users to choose whether or not they want to share every song they play with their Facebook friends.

Share playlists

Like a friend’s taste in music? It is no longer necessary to wade through track after track of a band you may not necessarily like based on a single recommendation. Now, listeners can jump right into a friend’s playlist and hear the tunes they recommend.

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