Chiro8000 Medical Office Management Software Finds Innovation


Innovation is a word that is tossed around quite a lot these days. However, when it comes to Forte Systems’ Chiro8000 Medical Management Software, with its Windmill technology, the word is more than appropriate. The Chiro8000 Windmill Technology is a unique assembly of program features designed to increase software speed and efficiency while keeping the medical database optimally clean. It is unique to the Chiro8000 Patient Relationship Software and comes standard with all levels for various size practices.

Chiro8000 Boasts Impressive Features

Chiro8000 Speed
By optimizing the database using the latest Microsoft® tools available, Chiro8000 version 12 runs far faster than previous versions in a variety of areas. For example Chiro8000 version 12 now generates a list of all claims processed nearly 97% faster! A process like monthly aging which would often take 5-7 minutes for a database with 5,000 patient files, is now done automatically in just a few seconds. Patient lookup aspects of the Chiro8000 software run at a 33% increase in speed. Basic and complex database reports generate in less than one minute with the Chiro8000.

Chiro8000 Efficiency
The superior programming of the Chiro8000 reduces the demand of computer resources as compared to competitor software. With the current version of Chiro8000, there is a 98% reduction in computer memory usage. In addition, functionality is enhanced with one-click billing, making it possible for practices that have previously outsourced their billing to bring it back in-house. This aspect of the Chiro8000 Windmill Technology allows for “claims-on-the-fly” for the fastest billing possible.

Chiro8000 Cleaner
The self-cleaning database of the Chiro8000 now comes with a database integrity check. This feature scans for errors and reports them as necessary. This piece of Chiro8000 Windmill Technology is designed to keep the program running optimally and spot issues that could otherwise lead to data corruption.

Chiro8000 Provides 21st Century Solutions

The Chiro8000 improves workflow, minimizes navigation, reduces clicks, and makes patient information readily available to health practitioners when they need it. It allows users complete control over the system. Additionally, Chiro8000 users are able to create custom display and intake screens and quickly toggle between multiple patient folders.

It is hard to imagine how most practices would not see tremendous improvements in office efficiency and patient satisfaction. For more information about the Chiro8000, visit or call 800-456-2622.

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  1. The Chiro8000 product line is created with a unique Windmill Technology, and includes a 3D animation module and ancillary marketing services. Chiro8000 offers fully integrated and turn-key solutions for new patient lead generation, electronic claims processing.

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