Dennis Wong Discusses YOR Health Marketing Strategies


Dennis Wong is the founder of YOR Health, an Irvine, California-based company that provides nutritional products to a global clientele. While many people believe that Dennis Wong has led a charmed life, the successful businessman claims that divine intervention, hard work, and luck got him where he is today.


After years of achievement in the technology industry, YOR Health co-founder Dennis Wong decided to embark on a brand-new challenge. Dennis Wong and his team at YOR Health promote fitness initiatives through their impressive line of nutritional products. At YOR Health, the focus is on helping hard-working Americans achieve their health goals, according to Dennis Wong.

Q: What particular qualities were important when looking for a new product?

Dennis Wong: The product had to be timeless and personalized for consumers.

Q: What have you learned from this process?

Dennis Wong: The lesson learned was that nutrition is a more long-term and viable product than technological gadgets.

Q: How has YOR Health played a part in this revolution?

Dennis Wong: YOR Health became the first and only network marketing company focused on enzyme-based nutritional products and the digestive health segment of the market.

Q: When did YOR Health start?

Dennis Wong: YOR Health was established in May, 2008.

Q: Has the staff remained the same?

Dennis Wong: The corporate team and the constantly expanding sales team have worked together for several years.

Q: How much experience does the YOR Health staff have?

Dennis Wong: A majority of team members have been at the top level of business for more than a decade.

Q: What is the overarching philosophy of the company?

Dennis Wong: The philosophy is one of fair practices and long-term thinking. The company has been profitable year after year, but most importantly the team members have tremendous foresight.

Q: How so?

Dennis Wong: In 2011, Market Trend said that digestive health would be one of the greatest trends of the year. YOR Health recognized this trend in 2008.

Q: Why has YOR Health succeeded?

Dennis Wong: The reason YOR Health has done so well is because of great products along with a well-trained sales team. Although the company has experienced tremendous success, there’s always room for improvement.

Q: What sets the YOR Health staff apart?

Dennis Wong: The staff is proud and passionate about each and every product. Distributors have taken to selling the products in an a la carte fashion, explaining each product and its technology individually. However, this is far from ideal given the company’s network-marketing business model.

Q: How does the company combat this practice?

Dennis Wong: The company has recognized this and has begun to refine a marketing strategy. The average person with no sales experience can now achieve what network marketing promises, focusing on the three Rs: refer, repeat, residual.

Q: What was the solution?

Dennis Wong: The solution is the recently developed YOR Nutrition Delivery System (YOR NDS).

Q: What is YOR NDS?

Dennis Wong: YOR NDS is a proven method, with a patent-protected proprietary blend of enzymes tested and approved in clinical studies.

Q: How is YOR NDS in the marketplace?

Dennis Wong: YOR NDS is incorporated into the entire product line with a golden seal labeled on each of our bottles. This is what separates the company from all of its competitors.

Q: How is this different from previous business operations?

Dennis Wong: YOR NDS is the distinct YOR Health brand. In the past, the company was selling enzymes and digestive health, which promotes the industry but not the branding.

Q: How will the marketing strategy adapt going forward?

Dennis Wong: The marketing efforts will focus strictly on the brand. Most importantly, the marketing will be simple, clear and concise and to the point.

Q: Why is this marketing strategy such a priority?

Dennis Wong: Consumers want a legitimate product that works and is easy to understand. Distributors need a product that easily captivates the consumers. YOR NDS achieves both of those goals.



20 thoughts on “Dennis Wong Discusses YOR Health Marketing Strategies”

  1. My question is for Dennis Wong. YOR Health offers a personalized health plan, I get that, but I don’t understand what you mean when you say it’s “timeless.” Can you explain? – Bryan Chase

    1. Bryan, great question. When you have a product – or any business really – that is timeless, what you have is one that has staying power beyond current trends. When referring specifically to health and nutrition products, it means one with proven benefits and not just a fad diet. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

    1. When you offer a brand, you provide to consumers a promise that all of your products will have an equal value and level of effectiveness. A brand is essentially an easily recognizable promise of quality. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  2. I’d first like to say thank you to Dennis Wong. YOR Health has changed my life. I have used the “refer, repeat, residual” strategy since day one and have been more successful in helping people stay healthy than I did as a nurse helping people recover from being sick. – Anna Bessiter

    1. Anna, thank you. I have heard so many times over from healthcare providers like yourself that it makes more sense to keep people healthy than to just help them avoid sickness. I am so honored that YOR Health has helped you change lives for the better. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

    1. YOR NDS underwent an extremely thorough double-blinded placebo-controlled trial. During this study, it was found to support a healthy cholesterol system, increase the body’s production of enzymes vital to metabolism, and, when combined with food, improve nutritional status. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

    1. When a brand qualifies for a patent, it means that it offers something different than what’s already in the market. That alone is enough to set it apart from others. YOR NDS is truly innovative, and backed by an unrivaled level of expertise. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  3. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health was established in 2008. That is really a short time to have made so much of a difference in people’s lives. I’m one of them. People don’t always believe me when I tell them about YOR Health but once they start to notice the way I look and feel, they always ask… This stuff sells itself. Great company to network market with. – Richard Darcy

    1. Richard, that’s why we only use network marketing…you and your experiences are a better marketing tool than any expensive commercial using fitness models to simply sell a product. Real people…that’s what it’s about. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  4. Why aren’t “a la carte” sales a good strategy, Dennis Wong? YOR Health has great individual products. – Karen Loughton

    1. Karen – I can’t deny that YOR Health does have great products, but they are designed to work together for best results. YOR Health doesn’t want to just be a tiny part of our customers’ lives…we want to be a part of their lifestyle. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

    1. Hi, Colton, thanks for your question today. When a customer really understands how their products are going to make a difference for them, it makes them feel better about their investment. You wouldn’t buy a car that was too complicated to drive, and you shouldn’t take supplements that don’t explain – in layman’s terms – the science that make them work. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  5. In regards to digestive health – I read something by Dennis Wong, “YOR Health recognized this as a trend in 2008.” How do you know the difference between something that is trending and something that is simply trendy? – Carol DeRamsay

    1. That is a wonderful question with a challenging answer. A trend is usually something that brings about quick results but with little information behind how those results affect an individual long-term. A trendy diet, for instance, may help you lose weight but will leave your body depleted of the nutrients it needs to function over a period of time. When something trends, there is a movement toward it. For instance, cooking at home is something that has been trending (over dining out) for a few years. This will likely continue to trend as more people understand the health benefits of skipping the drive-through. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  6. How do you captivate consumers without relying on sexy commercials and “puffed up” claims? – Dara Winston

    1. Hi, Dara. At YOR Health, we believe that the results of our Independent Representatives (IRs) and customers is captivating enough. When you have a product that works, people take notice. Our products are simple… they are based on results, and not on empty promises. As for commercials, we have chosen to take the stance that it’s science and not sex that sells. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

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