Dr. Pierre Bennett: Never Give Up


Dr. Pierre Bennett, pastor of God’s Luv International Ministries Church in Virginia, began his lifelong walk with God as a young boy, while watching his mother perform in the church choir. Like most powerful evangelists, Dr. Pierre Bennett’s life was filled with some ups and downs, all of which contributed toward making him the person that he is today. He grew up with no idea of the greater plan God had for his life.

Dr. Pierre Bennett began his career in military service, eventually opening up his own resort travel club business. After experiencing great success in the business world, Dr. Pierre Bennett was called to found God’s Luv International Ministries in 2008.

God, Dr. Pierre Bennett says, doesn’t want you to give up. Pointing to 2 Kings 13:19, Dr. Pierre Bennett quotes, “You should have struck five or six times.”

God doesn’t want you to give up. Sometimes we get stuck, Dr. Pierre Bennett reminds us, but those who truly love what they do never give up. Drummers keep drumming for as long as their bodies will let them, points out Dr. Pierre Bennett. Even carpenters keep working, says Dr. Pierre Bennett, recalling his uncle who worked as a bricklayer into his early 80s.

If artists can still create and bricklayers can still build, then warriors can still war, Dr. Pierre Bennett believes, especially warriors for God’s kingdom. Even though you have a choice at every level, you never give up, Dr. Pierre Bennett adds. You persevere.

According to Dr. Pierre Bennett, it’s also important to never become complacent. Even if you feel you’re next in line, never assume the good thing will come to you. Dr. Pierre Bennett adds that even though you always want to be open and honest with God, you still need to keep a repentant heart.

Wouldn’t it be sad to learn that if you’d only kept fighting a little while longer, you would have had it all? Dr. Pierre Bennett said God is trying to grant a blessing on your life. You can’t give up before you receive it.

In time, you’ll grow to love the fight, Dr. Pierre Bennett encourages. Once you’ve been a warrior for His kingdom long enough, it will become second nature to you. In fact, the more you fight, the more of a warrior you’ll become. You’ll fight until you think you can’t fight anymore, and with each fight you’ll become stronger in your faith. You’ll become a true warrior for God’s kingdom, promises Dr. Bennett.

Or you can stay stuck, Dr. Pierre Bennett states. You can stay in your safe place, refusing to fight the battle and miss the whole opportunity to grow. But Dr. Pierre Bennett points out that you’ll miss your inheritance, your mantle, like Gehazi, who was cursed. The mantle stayed with the one God gave it to, Elisha. No matter what, though, He will always get the glory.

Dr. Pierre Bennett can be contacted through God’s Luv International Ministries Church at 703-395-1430.

10 thoughts on “Dr. Pierre Bennett: Never Give Up”

  1. Sometimes in our life, it’s easy to think about giving up. I’ve also experienced this kind of situation in my life, but after reading Dr. Pierre Bennett’s advice, I received a peace like none other.

    1. @Kenny – Thank you for sharing your story and for trusting Dr. Pierre Bennett. “Dr. Pierre Bennett: Never Give Up” We really appreciate it. – Dr. Pierre Bennett

  2. I really appreciate Dr. Pierre Bennett for being a good servant of God and sharing his insight. This kind of situation is very common not only on me but for others’ lives. Dr. Pierre Bennett gives us the enlightenment of what will be the solution for this kind of situation.

    1. @Raffy – I know that God will never give up to love us and give us the guidance to become a better. “Dr. Pierre Bennett: Never Give Up” Thank you so much! – Dr. Pierre Bennett

  3. There is a lot of trouble that came into my life and think sometimes I just need to give it up to God’s hand. Thank you, Dr. Pierre Bennett, for coming into my life and showing me the importance of being strong and not giving up on God.

    1. @Kevin – Just hold on to God’s hand and you will see the right way to your life. “Dr. Pierre Bennett: Never Give Up” Thank you so much! – Dr. Pierre Bennett

  4. I learned a lot from reading this post, Dr. Pierre Bennett. Thank you for giving your time to share the word of God. You are a great speaker and explain it very well.

    1. @Jason – I’m very thankful that I inspired you in a simple way. Thank you! “Dr. Pierre Bennett: Never Give Up” – Dr. Pierre Bennett

  5. Dr. Pierre Bennett’s point of view is very positive and very inspiring for those people that are confused in their life. Living in this world with a lot of problems is very stressful, but we need to fight in order to survive and that is God wants for us to hold onto. He also wants us to trust that He has it in his hands.

    1. @Joseph – Just trust God and he will put you in the right track of life. “Dr. Pierre Bennett: Never Give Up” Thank you so much! – Dr. Pierre Bennett

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