Eloi Kummetz Supports Work with Orphans and the Disabled


Eloi Kummetz, founder of the Kummetz Corporation, overseas the procurement of new business ventures for his firm. The firm takes advantage of its global presence to increase the level of technology and industrial capabilities in lesser-developed countries. By uniting an area in need with products and services beneficial to its population, Eloi Kummetz is able to positively contribute to a specific region’s economy.

With focused initiatives in many areas in Brazil, Eloi Kummetz has established his interest in helping those in need. Through his company Kummetz Corporation, Eloi Kummetz is now developing programs to help orphans and the disabled in the country.

Most of Eloi Kummetz’s projects in the South American country revolve around improving economic development and helping citizens who need it. Eloi Kummetz has found ways to use the country’s resources to bring revenue in, which is a benefit to everyone who lives there. But there are still segments of Brazil that are in need of assistance and Eloi Kummetz is dedicated to helping those citizens.

Through a special fund organized by Kummetz Foundation, Eloi Kummetz is hoping to have the financing to improve education in Brazil. Eloi Kummetz firmly believes by bolstering schools and providing experienced instructors to help Brazilian youth learn, Kummetz Corporation can help create a foundation that will help Brazil’s economy for many decades to come.

Eloi Kummetz’s recent efforts have revolved around two particular groups in Brazil: orphans and disabled citizens. Unfortunately, a large number of orphans are living on the streets in Brazil, Eloi Kummetz explains, leaving the financial investor desperate to help somehow. By providing scholarships to these orphans as well as disabled citizens, Eloi Kummetz hopes to be able to not only help give families hope, but to also ensure a brighter future for the country as a whole.

Scholarships will also be developed for the development of housing to help alleviate the strain on families going through economic troubles, including the disabled. These scholarships will also go to fund counseling services orphans and the disabled need, including the assistance of counselors and corrections of behavioral disorders, Eloi Kummetz explains.

According to Eloi Kummetz, Kummetz Corporation is also working with Brazilian companies and the government to build schools and other educational facilities to help improve education in the country. Eloi Kummetz is also trying to strengthen housing in Brazil, which will help alleviate some of the housing deficiencies some of the residents face.

In everything Kummetz Corporation does, the company tries to uphold Eloi Kummetz’s commitment to protecting the environment. Kummetz Corporation, Eloi Kummetz explains, uses quality materials and accelerated timeframes to create inexpensive, environmentally-friendly buildings across the globe.

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I really admire Eloi Kummetz for his dedication to helping those disabled people, and for being a good example to others. We do hope the Eloi Kummetz company will help not only in Brazil but in other countries. Thanks Eloi Kummetz and more power!

@Rachel – Thanks for leaving a comment. “Eloi Kummetz Supports Work with Orphans and the Disabled” – Eloi Kummetz


This is a good job Eloi Kummetz, we truly believe that if you continue this there’s no more orphan that will live in the streets. We pray for you Eloi Kummetz and your company for developing more housing and uniting the area that needs a product and other basic goods. I’ll be glad to share my own thoughts to you soon Eloi Kummetz.

@Jack – Thanks for your inspiring comment. “Eloi Kummetz Supports Work with Orphans and the Disabled” -Eloi Kummetz


We can say that the Eloi Kummetz company is one good thing that comes from Brazil. Because of Eloi Kummetz we have founded a new school facility and we can also give good education to the student. We really appreciate your effort and kindness Eloi Kummetz.

@Allan – It’s our pleasure to help Brazilian people. “Eloi Kummetz Supports Work with Orphans and the Disabled” Thank you so much! – Eloi Kummetz

We take this opportunity to thank Eloi Kummetz company for their passion of making Brazilian peoples’ future in good. We hope Eloi Kummetz that you going to spread your mission around the world. Our prayer and support are in Eloi Kummetz.

@Nathaniel – Thanks for your good feedback. “Eloi Kummetz Supports Work with Orphans and the Disabled” – Eloi Kummetz

Eloi Kummetz is not only helping orphan and disabled people, the Eloi Kummetz company is also protecting the environment by making a structure that uses inexpensive materials. I’m looking forward to read and as well as share some knowledgeable information with you soon Eloi Kummetz.

@Richard – Thanks for your comments we really appreciate “Eloi Kummetz Supports Work with Orphans and the Disabled” -Eloi Kummetz

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