Marc Fantich Answers the Question | Does Billboard Advertising Really Work?


It has often been said that the two most important words on a billboard are “EXIT NOW,” says Marc Fantich. This saying serves to remind small and large businesses alike that advertising close to the company location is a good idea. Marc Fantich has been in advertising and media long enough to know that companies need help with the ins and outs of billboard advertising. Without some guidance, valuable money and time can be thrown away, points out Marc Fantich.

Marc Fantich explains that billboard advertising can be a costly mistake if the business lets the billboard company choose the location. The billboard company does not have the specific business in mind when choosing a location, explains Marc Fantich. For them, ad placement is unimportant as long as they are paid. Companies choosing to advertise on billboards need to see and consciously choose the location, asserts Marc Fantich.

Any business owner interested in advertising on a billboard understands his own needs better than any salesmen does, according to Marc Fantich. Try and think about what and how you want the consumer to feel as they see your billboard, recommends Marc Fantich. These simple few steps can earn the company more recognition and growth than ever imagined, adds Marc Fantich.

Drive around and think like a customer, says Marc Fantich. Pick your locations wisely. If the billboard company does not give you flexibility in placement location, they do not deserve your time. It may be best to find the location and then find a nearby billboard, recommends Marc Fantich.

And yes, the 2 most important words on a billboard are “EXIT NOW,” concludes Marc Fantich. If you can buy a billboard that tells drivers that your business is just ahead, buy it. Marc Fantich says to think of it as a second opportunity to catch the attention of drivers who need to learn where your business is located.

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