Fantich Media Group Analyzes Radio Advertising for Small Business


Fantich Media Group specializes in helping small companies make the most of their marketing campaigns. According to Fantich Media Group, radio advertising is a cost effective and far reaching way to access potential clients. Radio advertising, adds Fantich Media Group, is more vibrant than print advertising and less expensive than television advertising. Traditional print media like local newspapers, explains Fantich Media Group, are losing their foothold in the media communications arena. Newspaper readership, says Fantich Media Group, has been declining steadily as more people look to the Internet for news.

Fantich Media Group agrees that print advertising certainly has its uses, but oftentimes radio provides more bang for the advertiser’s buck. Fantich Media Group explains that radio spots are sold in 60-second increments. One minute of airtime, adds Fantich Media Group, is a lot longer than any reader is apt to spend considering a print advertisement. During a 60-second radio spot, says Fantich Media Group, marketers have ample opportunity to draw a rich and evocative collection of images in the listener’s mind.

Fantich Media Group points out that radio advertising is particularly suited to small businesses. Small business benefit greatly from radio, says Fantich Media Group, because radio reaches entire citywide markets for relatively low cost. Over the decades, explains Fantich Media Group, radio has gathered and incorporated voluminous marketing statistics. The practical upshot of all this collated data, according to Fantich Media Group, is that today’s radio can target various demographics with greater precision than ever before.

The radio stations of today, says Fantich Media Group, have very clearly defined audiences, which is an advantage to their advertisers. Radio shows on any given station, continues Fantich Media Group, are further tailored to a particular age range, gender, and economic background. The demographic specificity of today’s radio stations and shows, notes Fantich Media Group, makes radio advertising a natural choice for small businesses. Radio advertising, concludes Fantich Media Group, allows small businesses to economize their marketing budgets while accessing a large population of potential customers.

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