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The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Sheri Simson of Keenfit to discuss Keenfit Walking Poles

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television Guest: Sheri Simson

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television: Forget having to pay to use an expensive stuffy gym. Forget the hard-to-use exercise equipment. Forget trying to work your schedule around workout times that don’t work for you. Forget having to “sweat like a pig, pant like a dog and hurt somewhere” in order to get fit. Instead, Incredible Discoveries shows you how to turn a simple walk around the block into an efficient, effective, total-body workout, with less effort and more benefits than regular walking.

Incredible Discoveries viewers can turn their body into a calorie burning incinerator with Keenfit walking poles. You’ll ramp up the benefits of your daily walk by raising the experience to a total-body workout that engages over 90 percent of your body’s major muscles. And you’ll boost your ability to burn calories by up to 48%. Incredible Discoveries will show you how Keenfit walking poles can strengthen your arms, legs, back, and your entire core, while strengthening and improving your posture. And you’ll do all of this with less effort than regular walking.

Exercise has numerous health and well-being benefits that help in preventing, and sometimes, even cure many health challenges. With walking being one of the easiest forms of exercise that you can do, there’s no reason not to add Keenfit walking poles today, so you can make it even easier – easier on you and a lot more beneficial. Pole walking is a rhythmically, energizing form of walking that includes a specially designed pair of walking poles that engage the use of your entire body rather than just your lower half.

Forget the old “no pain – no gain” mentality.  Incredible Discoveries knows you can get fit, with Keenfit. Start today – take the Keenfit challenge and get your Keenfit walking poles and make your walk more beneficial.

“I started using my pole walking sticks about 3 and a half months ago.  I lost 40 pounds in 3 and a half months.  It is just amazing, I step on the scale and I can’t believe it,” says one Keenfit walking pole user.

As seen on Incredible Discoveries, your Keenfit walking poles come with cork-rubber-mix handles that absorb moisture for a safer, more comfortable grip and ergonomically designed palm straps that eliminate hand cramping. These light-weight poles are made of aluminum-alloy and are completely adjustable for different heights. Whether you’re a casual average walker or a serious athletic walker, anyone can pole walk. Incredible Discoveries wants you to take the Keenfit walking pole challenge, get your Keenfit walking system today and walk your path to a healthier and happier life.

Incredible Discoveries: I’m Brian Fasulo here, with my very buff and enthusiastic co-host, Sheri Simson. Now Sheri, you couldn’t tell by looking at you now, but before you became well-known as “The pole lady”, you were actually struggling with your weight and exercise. Please tell us how you came to find out about pole walking.

Simson:  I truly know what it’s like to be frustrated while trying to get fit. I know what it’s like to be over-weight. I was a crazy, busy building contractor and the mother of 3, when my mother-in-law from Denmark gave me a pair of walking poles. First of all, just so you know, I’m one of those women that put on 50 pounds with each pregnancy, and I tend to keep at least 10 pounds each time.

When I first started walking with poles, I didn’t have a clue on how to use them. I didn’t even know how they worked.  But before I knew it, I couldn’t get over what started happening to me, I started feeling muscles I hadn’t even felt before – in my shoulders, arms, core, and in my back.  It was so great.  But the thing that I love the most was the added energy I had.  Before, when I used to walk, I used to watch my clock and go “OK, that’s enough, I’m done now”.  But now with the poles, instead I go “Do you think I can go another block? Do you think I could go for 10 more minutes? Oh that block went fast, I’ll go another.”  I just had so much energy, I felt like the energizer bunny.

Six months later, I lost 30 pounds, and I was so fascinated by what had happened to me, and so excited about what this European fitness secret could do for others. After training and studying, I founded Keenfit and developed the Keenfit walking system.  North America has a crazy lifestyle and our health system is in pretty rough shape; not to mention we are in epidemic proportions with cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and obesity. They are at an all-time high.  Interestingly enough, exercise is at the top of the list to help prevent and even help cure many of these health challenges, with walking being one of the easiest forms of exercise that we can pretty much all do.

Incredible Discoveries: Now, I know Incredible Discoveries viewers are sitting at home right now that can totally relate to your incredible story.

Simson: Well, that’s why I so appreciate being on Incredible Discoveries to be able to share it with people, because I know what it’s like to be overweight and out of shape. But, I tell you, when I found poles, it changed my life forever.  But what I really want to let Incredible Discoveries viewers know is how easy and fun it is to do.

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  1. I am a very busy businessman who’s having a hard time losing my weight. I always dreamed to be physically fit but this hectic schedule and being a single parent of two makes it all impossible. My brother gave me this walking poles seen in incredible Discoveries and a week later a notice that my body is actually responding to what I am doing. Even though I’m only doing it in a short period of time each day. Incredible Discoveries are an incredible show for us. Thank you so much Incredible Discoveries.

  2. On behalf of my fellow heavyweight friends we are very much thankful to Incredible Discoveries for introducing us the Keenfit Walking Poles. This is the workout we have been looking for, it is less painful and easy to do. Incredible Discoveries explains their products very well to the consumers. Thank you very much incredible Discoveries.

    1. @Marigold – We want that our product will surely understand of the viewers, that why we explain it well. “Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Keenfit” Thank you so much! – Incredible Discoveries

  3. My life has changed in the past few months of using the product I have seen in the segment of Incredible Discoveries which is the Keenfit Walking Poles that helps me loose weight. Now I have more self confidence than before and I am really enjoying it. Incredible Discoveries have done their part. And now it is my time to thank them and show to the world what Incredible Discoveries could give to us.

    1. @Khatherine – Thanks for making Incredible Discoveries is part of your healthy lifestyle. Hope that this way your self confidence will go back. “Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Keenfit” – Incredible Discoveries

  4. Since I became pregnant and gave birth to my first child I never had a chance to loose the weight I gained during my pregnancy. This made me so depressed Incredible Discoveries, not until you gave me a reason to fight this depression. The Keenfit Walking Poles have resolved my problems. Hope this comment would inspire you more in your upcoming segments Incredible Discoveries.

    1. @Bethany – We know how hard to lose more weight that’s why we promoting this product to help the public and give them an idea on how to become fit and healthy. “Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Keenfit” – Incredible Discoveries

  5. I spend almost all of my time working on papers and computers so I don’t get a chance to be more locomotive everyday. This causes me to gain weight. Incredible Discoveries, I have tried so hard to give myself a time to exercise in order to lose weight but it was never a success. Now that Incredible Discoveries showed me the most appropriate and effective product for me to use I know slowly but surely everything would be normal again. Thank you very much Incredible Discoveries.

    1. @Eugene – Thanks for sharing your story, It’s really hard to lose weight because there’s a lot of things that you need to sacrifice. And we are thankful that in a simple way we help you with your problem. “Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Keenfit” – Incredible Discoveries

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