GE Pro Elite Team Offers Insight into Emerging Contaminants in Water


The GE Pro Elite is an exceptional water conditioner with a custom designed analyzer that increases value and efficiency while providing clients conditioned and soft water. This highly effective system has been selected by thousands of people around the U.S. that are experiencing unconditioned (hard) water in their offices or homes. The GE Pro Elite includes nationally patented and certified equipment from a trusted brand in the world of technology. Every professional installer of the GE Pro Elite system has been licensed and trained to meet all standards associated with this process.

In this interview with ZRYLW, the GE Pro Elite team warns U.S. residents about the presence of emerging contaminants in their water supply. A customer service representative with the GE Pro Elite team explains why emerging contaminants may be hazardous to the health of people and the environment as a whole.

ZRYLW: Hello and welcome!

GE Pro Elite Team: Good morning, and thank you for having me. It’s such a great opportunity to be here and share with your readership.

ZRYLW: To describe in further detail, which contaminants are typically considered to be in the category of “emerging contaminants”?

GE Pro Elite Team: Some of the most common contaminants in this day and age include personal care products and pharmaceuticals, as well as endocrine disrupting compounds.

ZRYLW: What other items may be of concern?

GE Pro Elite: Fragrances, cosmetics and soaps may also be present in the water supply.

ZRYLW: Why are these particular contaminants a major problem in today’s world?

GE Pro Elite Team: In many cases, they are undetectable.

ZRYLW: Who is providing regulatory oversight of these issues?

GE Pro Elite Team: The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, is working diligently to improve its comprehension of a number of different contaminants.

ZRYLW: Can  you give me some examples?

GE Pro Elite Team: Absolutely! These targeted contaminants include EDCs, PCPs, pharmaceuticals and perchlorate.

ZRYLW: Are there any other organizations taking up this cause?

GE Pro Elite Team: Actually, yes! A number of advocacy agencies and government groups have conducted research studies and surveys that examine the water supply in many communities and determine if contaminants are present.

ZRYLW: Should I be concerned?

GE Pro Elite Team: With major advances in health research and testing, professional experts are learning a great deal about drinking water and its potential dangers.

ZRYLW: How can I know for certain if contaminants are present in my water supply?

GE Pro Elite Team: It requires the help of professionals to determine what issues may have arisen. That’s why we designed the GE Pro Elite.

ZRYLW: Is there a way for homeowners to prevent contaminants in their homes?

GE Pro Elite Team: In order to feel confident and relaxed about the level of protection in their homes, people should consider the GE Pro Elite as a certified and tested system that overcomes any emerging threats.

ZRYLW: Can people take care of these potentially harmful substances all by themselves?

GE Pro Elite Team: At this time, home testing is not available. Only local professionals and state laboratories have the ability to examine and define these contaminants.

ZRYLW: We’re glad to have you present this information.

GE Pro Elite Team: You’re welcome. Enjoy your day!

By contacting the GE Pro Elite team today, consumers are ensuring that their loved ones are safe and protected from the hazardous materials that may be present in their drinking water. The GE Pro Elite team is eager to educate communities about their water treatment system and its extensive list of benefits.

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