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As Naperville dentists go, Dr. Chiann Gibson is one of the best. Her practice, Smiles by Dr. Gibson, is located downtown in The Main St. Promenade building, and is convenient to Chicago, Aurora and the western suburbs surrounding Naperville. Dentists and patients have come to respect Dr. Gibson as a leader in the field of general and cosmetic dentistry. She is often a guest speaker at dental association events nationwide and is a published author, having previously written her own column for the Naperville Sun Times newspaper. Dr. Gibson is an Accredited Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), an honor awarded only to a selected few. She is one of only 12 dentists in the state of illinois to achieve the level of Accredited Member and the ONLY female.

Halitosis can be a recurring problem for some patients of the Naperville dentists at Dr. Gibson and Associates, with the resulting bad breath causing others to mistakenly believe they consistently forget to brush. But the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson explain that halitosis, a condition that affects more than 90 million people, is easily treatable.

The Naperville dentists explain that halitosis is caused by bacteria that builds up in the mouth. Many incidents of halitosis, according to the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson, originate from the tongue. For this reason, the Naperville dentists recommend patients pay special attention to the tongue when brushing their teeth. According to a study published in 2008, doctors have isolated halitosis to an organism called solobacterium moorei, which can sometimes be helped by using a tongue scraper while brushing.

Some toothbrushes now have tongue scrapers built in, the Naperville dentists note. But if a tongue scraper cannot be accessed, simply brushing your tongue can help eliminate some of the underlying causes of bad breath, according to the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson.

According to the Naperville dentists, many patients try to cure halitosis with gum and mouthwash, but that won’t sufficiently kill the bacteria. At Smiles by Dr. Gibson, most patients with solobacterium moorei unknowingly have gum disease, a condition the Naperville dentists help diagnose and treat. By treating the root cause of halitosis, Dr. Gibson explains, the Naperville dentists can help patients overcome it.

A few signs of gum disease, according to the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson, are red, swollen gums, frequent bleeding while flossing or brushing, and loose or separating teeth. Having cleanings by a professional twice per year can help prevent gum disease, the Naperville dentists point out, as well as following the professional recommendations to brush at least twice daily and floss at least once per day.

For chronic halitosis, the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson can recommend a professional breath kit that will help correct the issue. The kit contains toothpaste made specifically for reversing bad breath, a chlorine rinse, and a tongue scraper, the Naperville dentists explain.

Chronic bad breath can make a person self-conscious, consequently jeopardizing personal relationships. And that’s assuming the sufferer knows of his or her bad breath. By having the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson diagnose and resolve your chronic bad breath, you can once again feel confident to speak to others around you. Additionally, the Naperville dentists can help you learn proper hygiene that will contribute to good overall oral health.

The Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson are dedicated to improving your smile. Whether it’s through cosmetic dentistry that gives you straight, pearly white teeth or through reducing bacteria and cleaning plaque, Dr. Chiann Gibson can improve your smile today. For more information on how you can have a Hollywood smile, visit

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I know Naperville Dentists that having Halitosis or a chronic bad breath is a very embarrassing problem. How may this problem be treated? Since I really wanted this Halitosis of mine gone forever Naperville Dentists. Thank you very much Naperville Dentists.

@Bella – It may cause a lot of complication in various organs in our body like the kidneys and lungs. “Naperville Dentists at Dr. Gibson and Associates Help Patients Battle Bad Breath” Thanks you so much! – Naperville Dentists

Halitosis is indeed very embarrassing for a person having it. Come to think that you are forced to keep your mouth shut when conversing with others closely cause you were afraid your friend might find out about your bad breath problems. For Naperville Dentists there still a chance we could overcome this problem. Naperville Dentists advised us to be more careful in what you eat has a good hygiene and safe reservation. Naperville Dentists are there to help us every step of the way as long as you know how to help yourself.

@Angel – Thanks for leaving a good feedback about Naperville Dentists, we really appreciate it. “Naperville Dentists at Dr. Gibson and Associates Help Patients Battle Bad Breath” – Naperville Dentists

Good day Naperville Dentists. It is said Naperville Dentists that what you eat can cause Halitosis, what kind are the most common foods that may cause it and what kind of Halitosis is this? Thank you very much Naperville Dentists.

@Fredell – Yes, it can be caused by what you eat; garlic or onions are perfect examples of that. This type of halitosis is called physiological halitosis, meaning that it is caused by chemical processes generated by anaerobic bacteria in the mouth or throat. “Naperville Dentists at Dr. Gibson and Associates Help Patients Battle Bad Breath” – Naperville Dentists

Thanks Naperville Dentist. Now I know what kind of food that’s I avoid. Thank you so much!

I am suffering from chronic bad breath or what Naperville Dentists said to be a Halitosis for almost a year now. I got to conscious when talking with my friends for I am afraid that they might smell something bad from my mouth. With my continuous check up at Naperville Dentists and the professional breath kit they recommend for me I felt that slowly my bad breath has lessened. I am very thankful for the help Naperville Dentists had given me.

@Randy – Thanks for trusting Naperville Dentists, we are happy that your self confidence is back again. “Naperville Dentists at Dr. Gibson and Associates Help Patients Battle Bad Breath” – Naperville Dentists

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