Marketers LLC on the Truth about Working from Home


Marketers LLCis a marketing and business solutions design firm located in Phoenix, Arizona. The group creates websites for small businesses with the end goal of helping them increase sales and expand their customer base.

Marketers LLC knows there are many falsehoods about working from home. In an effort to correct these assumptions, Marketers LLC offers a few facts about this topic. The team at Marketers LLC specializes in providing marketing help and business plans for businesses everywhere, giving them an inside view of the new work-at-home trend.

Fact #1: Telecommuting requires extra hours. As Marketers LLC recently learned, telecommuters actually put in, on average six or more extra hours per week. Marketers LLC has found that many employers, clients, and customers expect telecommuters to be reachable at all times. As Marketers LLC points out, this makes it harder for these workers to draw the line between work and home life.

Fact #2: Telecommuting requires discipline. In an office environment, Marketers LLC points out that simply showing up each day is enough. Marketers LLC states that working from home means getting no credit for simply being at a desk each day. Those who work from home are accountable for their work output, Marketers LLC has found, and often held to higher standards than office workers due to their lack of visibility.

Fact #3: Telecommuting is isolating. If someone is a sociable person, Marketers LLC cautions that working from home can be maddening. Marketers LLC states that it might help to plan a lunch with friends to break up the monotony of working alone.

Fact #4: Telecommuting is not easy. Among the many issues Marketers LLC has uncovered with working from home, one of the biggest is the abilities required of those who work at home. Strong discipline is required, Marketers LLC has found, as well as the ability to work independently.

Fact #5: Telecommuting saves money. Not only does a telecommuter save money on the daily commute, Marketers LLC adds that it helps save on dining out, clothing expenses, and those constant collections for co-worker birthday cakes. Marketers LLC points out telecommuting can also help save on childcare costs. However, Marketers LLC cautions that having kids around often creates far too many distractions to be workable. Additionally, children may also provide unpleasant background noise on professional calls, Marketers LLC believes.

It takes a special person to telecommute successfully, Marketers LLC acknowledges. However, for those who are up to the challenge, Marketers LLC believes the situation is ideal. Working from home lets a person create his or her own work environment and rules. The key to success, Marketers LLC says, is setting those rules in a way that encourage you to work as hard, if not harder, than you would in an office.


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