Phil Melugin Invites Hunters at Pheasant Run Ranch


Phil Melugin founded Phoenix Home Care with a mission of providing reliable, personalized healthcare services to clients in Missouri and Kansas. An experienced home health administrator, Phil Melugin holds a Master of Education from Kansas’ Wichita State University in counseling.
After landing his degree, Phil Melugin began his career in healthcare, landing positions with Conservco and Intracor. In 1992, Melugin relocated to Missouri, where he has continued to serve the home health industry since. Beginning with his work with Oxford Healthcare and continuing with a position as president for Integrity Health Care, he built a career that continues today. As founder and president of Phoenix Home Health in Missouri, Phil Melugin seeks to help clients establish a new beginning by providing quality healthcare in the convenience of clients’ homes.
Phil Melugin lives in Missouri with his wife of 24 years and three children. For more information on Phoenix Home Care, visit

Phil Melugin opened Pheasant Run Ranch to provide hunters a safe place to enjoy the sport of hunting. There, Phil Melugin also strives to provide a welcoming habitat for the deer, quail, turkey, and other wildlife that reside on the property. This results in a peaceful, pleasant hunting environment for those who visit.

As any hunter knows, hunting seasons vary depending on the type of prey. Phil Melugin explains that in the winter, Pheasant Run Ranch is busy with deer and turkey hunters. During this season, demand for spaces can run high, so Phil Melugin stresses the importance of reserving a spot early.

Pheasant Run Ranch offers hunting of birds, turkeys, and trophy whitetail deer hunting. Phil Melugin reports that the ranch offers hunting dogs to assist in leading hunters to game on the property. Hunting guides can also assist hunters with valuable hunting and safety tips, Phil Melugin explains.

For those who are interested, Pheasant Run Ranch also provides overnight accommodations. Phil Melugin says that the lodge has been updated with satellite TV and all the amenities. For the convenience of hunters, Phil Melugin offers hunting packages applicable to various seasons that include lodging, a hunting guide, or hunting dogs. The pheasant, bobwhite, and quail hunting packages that include all of these amenities are only $375, Phil Melugin explains, and in the springtime, turkey-hunting packages are $250 per day, including both a guide and lodging.

For whitetail deer hunters, Pheasant Run Ranch offers hunts for $500 per day per person. According to Phil Melugin, all hunts offer access to the beautiful grounds, which includes row crops, native grassland, and food plots. The grounds are regularly watered to provide lush, green scenery and a fruitful hunting experience, Phil Melugin describes.

Pheasant Run Ranch is located in Esbon, which is in north central Kansas. Phil Melugin advises those interested in making reservations to contact manager Bill Harris at 785-476-5736 or fill out the form on the ranch’s website, Simply fill out the form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible, explains Phil Melugin.

For hunters looking for a peaceful, safe environment that provides great hunting opportunities, Phil Melugin says that Pheasant Run Ranch is a great choice. With the latest amenities to make your hunt as pleasurable as possible, Phil Melugin has seen Pheasant Run Ranch bring hunters back season after season and referring friends, as well.

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