Sandra Dyche Kim: Facts About the City of Jacksonville


Sandra Dyche Kim, a former foreign and domestic distributor of Feldmühle of Germany products, is now one of two managing principles at CapSpan. This New York City-based EB-5 investment management company is one of the most respected in the nation with strong relationships with regional centers from coast to coast.
Sandra Dyche Kim has enjoyed a long and successful career in real estate and finance and has worked on projects from natural gas plants to residential condominiums.

Sandra Dyche Kim

Sandra Dyche Kim works with people across the globe to assist in partnerships between immigrant investors and businesses. In her travels, Sandra Dyche Kim has come across several places that stand out. A New York City resident, Sandra Dyche Kim is impressed with the state of Florida and, specifically, the city of Jacksonville. She explained the many benefits of Jacksonville, Fla., to ZRYLW in a recent interview.

ZRYLW: What’s so special about Jacksonville?

Sandra Dyche Kim: It’s a city that has a little bit of everything—sports, culture, business and a large population to support it all.

ZRYLW: How big is Jacksonville’s population?

Sandra Dyche Kim: The numbers are close to 900,000. There are several Fortune 500 companies in the city, providing plenty of job opportunities. The major industries are medicine, finance and military.

ZRYLW: Military?

Sandra Dyche Kim: Jacksonville is home to the Cecil Airport, a joint civil-military airport and spaceport. The airport takes care of military aircraft, among other types of aircraft. Formerly, the airport was the Naval Air Station Cecil Field, which was a military naval base during the ’40s and ’50s. It was disestablished after World War II, and then later reestablished.

ZRYLW: What sports teams does Jacksonville have?

Sandra Dyche Kim: The city’s NFL team is the Jacksonville Jaguars, but there’s also the Jacksonville Suns. There’s a little bit of every type of sports in the city, including arena football and soccer.

ZRYLW: What would you say to someone considering a move to Jacksonville?

Sandra Dyche Kim: It’s a great city, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Forbes magazine ranked it No. 3 of the best cities to find a job and No. 2 for technology job growth. The city is regularly recognized as a great place to live and work, making it a prime choice for someone raising a family.

ZRYLW: Jacksonville also has a rich history, correct?

Sandra Dyche Kim: The city can be traced back to 1562 and was settled as a town after Spain ceded Florida to the U.S. It was named for Andrew Jackson. Today, visitors to the town can tour St. Augustine, the oldest city in the country, and the Northbank Riverwalk, which is stocked with restaurants and shops.

Sandra Dyche Kim has helped many projects get off the ground, starting with her own. Prior to joining CapSpan as a managing partner, she ran New York City’s highly commended regional center.

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