Entrepreneur Sandra Dyche Spearheads Efforts to Reauthorize the EB-5 Program


Sandra Dyche currently serves as a Managing Principal of CapSpan, a New York-based financing, project sourcing and investment management firm that focuses on high- quality EB-5 projects nationwide. Sandra Dyche is also a Financing Partner and on the Board of Directors of Premiere Capital Group, whose projects include a natural gas power generation in Oklahoma.


A strong advocate of foreign investment as a facilitator for American economic development, Sandra Dyche dedicated her professional energies toward the EB-5 program’s reauthorization with support by the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM). Sandra Dyche relates how important the EB-5 program has been to its investors and other beneficiaries.

ZRYLW: How did you support the EB-5 program to get renewed, Sandra Dyche?

Sandra Dyche: USCM passed a resolution issued by CapSpan asking Congress to reauthorize the EB-5 program and eventually to authorize the EB-5 program permanently.

ZRYLW: Can you give a brief summary of the EB-5 program?

Sandra Dyche: The EB-5 program, of course, has been an essential resource for foreign investors seeking a U.S. green card. More importantly, it helps companies to secure financing for daily operations and special projects.

ZRYLW: When was the EB-5 program set to expire?

Sandra Dyche: The EB-5 program had an expiration date of Sept. 30, 2012. Since it authorizes numerous U.S. green cards for foreign investors, the termination of the EB-5 program would have been a devastating blow to the American economy. The proposed legislation would reauthorize the EB-5 program into 2015.

ZRYLW: Was there significant support for the program?

Sandra Dyche: A number of organizations stood in favor of the program’s extension. All projects under the EB-5 program are designed to create 10 or more full-time U.S. jobs per each foreign investor, so there was significant interest in ensuring that these successes could continue.

ZRYLW: Which organizations helped in particular?

Sandra Dyche: CapSpan, as a trusted organization for foreign investors seeking new business opportunities, was an essential partner in presenting this issue to USCM. IIUSA also played a significant role throughout the process.


Sandra Dyche: IIUSA is a nonprofit industry trade association that acts as an advocate for the EB-5 program and its approved Regional Centers. The association assists with public and government affairs, lending a voice to those who pursue American job creation and economic development.

ZRYLW: How is IIUSA involved with CapSpan?

Sandra Dyche: IIUSA counts CapSpan as one of its valued members. Michael Bailkin, a principal of CapSpan, is also a member of IIUSA’s best practices committee.

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