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Naperville Family Dentist Discusses Women and Their Oral Health

According to Naperville family dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson, the difference between women and men is not only physical, but it’s dental as well. Dr. Gibson downtown Naperville, Illinois dental practice Smiles by Dr. Gibson, says women are at higher risk of serious medical consequences from poor oral health. The Naperville family dentist adds that oral […]

ANY LAB TEST NOW Provides Individuals with Discreet STD Testing and Results

Individuals can take control of their health utilizing the convenience of ANY LAB TEST NOW® STD Screening. ANY LAB TEST NOW has trained medical assistants that can draw blood and obtain a urine sample to test for many STDs. Testing is fast, easy, and completely confidential. ANY LAB TEST NOW does not chart tests results, […]

Unilife CEO Alan Shortall Discusses the Demand for Pre-Filled Syringes

Having an insatiable appetite to satisfy the unmet needs of pharmaceutical companies, healthcare workers and patients is driving Unilife CEO Alan Shortall and his colleagues to attain a position of global leadership in the fast-growing market for advanced drug delivery systems. The development of innovative device solutions by Unilife, Alan Shortall says, is being driven […]

It’s a Dawg’s World | Kyle Thomas Glasser Talks about Life as a UGA Student

Sitting beneath the magnolias on the University of Georgia’s campus, Kyle Thomas Glasser looks like any ordinary student. He isn’t just any student though. Kyle Thomas Glasser is a senior, working toward medical school, a member of the Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical and Psi Chi International Honor Societies, the UGA Biology & Life Sciences Association, […]

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise Interview: Fake Marijuana recently sat down with several ANY LAB TEST NOW® franchise staff members to discuss the harms of what is becoming known as “fake weed.”  While it may be legal, the ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise staff we spoke with detailed the consequences of its use. On behalf of our readers, thank you ANY […]

Dr. Jerry M. Foster Lends His Perspective to the Doctrine of Simplicity

Modern society places a premium on urgency and business, says Dr. Jerry M. Foster, but these concerns are often a detriment to overall health and well being. The stress that comes from a crowded and complex life, says Dr. Jerry M. Foster, can have a significant affect on personal health. For this reason, Dr. Jerry […]

Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD Offers Insight into Civil War Diseases

According to Dr. Jerry Michael Foster MD some 620,000 soldiers died during the four-year Civil War conflict. The North lost 360,000 souls while the South gave up 260,000. However, says Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD, not all the deaths were caused by injuries sustained in battle. Nearly one-half of the deaths during the Civil War […]

An Interview with Tom Raffy, Founder and President of GAR Labs

GAR Labs is a high-end Private Label Cosmetic Contract Packager, that has tenured formulas for Skin Creams, Hair Treatments and 100’s of toiletry items, as well as beauty and health aids. Tom Raffy is Founder and President of GAR Labs.  Recently, Raffy talked with about his passion and belief concerning GAR Labs. Tom, […]

Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS Returns From Trip to Haiti

Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS has been friends with his gregarious alligator mascot Chomp for many years. In that time, Chomp and the Hermitage Pediatric Dentist have been on some fantastic adventures together. Chomp says that adventures with Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS are a ton of fun, but they can also be very meaningful. For example, the Hermitage Pediatric Dentist has been making excursions to Haiti since 2007, offering charitable dental services to those in need. Following the terrible 2010 earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince, Dr. David Snodgrass DDS and the Hermitage Pediatric Dentist’s team of dental care staff members traveled to Ouanaminthe in Haiti to help care for the injured and orphaned. Upon the Hermitage Pediatric Dentist’s return to Tennessee, Chomp had the opportunity to interview him about the experience.

Detect Early Orthodontic Problems with Murfreesboro Pediatric Dentist Snodgrass-King

Did you know that Murfreesboro pediatric dentist Snodgrass-King recommends that children have an orthodontic evaluation as early as the age of seven? Murfreesboro pediatric dentist Snodgrass-King knows just how important the oral health of your child is, and they strive to offer every service that you and your family could possibly need.  This also includes […]