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Stunning Hair Straight From the Kitchen | By Jerrold D. Bass

Jerrold D. Bass has found that many common hair problems can be successfully treated with items found right on the shelf in your kitchen! Surprisingly, these remedies usually work nearly as well as many expensive salon products. As the seasons change, you may notice that your hair becomes more oily or dry, dull or limp […]

Advice from Konrad Kafarski | Keeping a Business Name Yours

Konrad Kafarski knows that starting a new business can be a terrifying adventure for even the most experienced business person. There are so many details and risks to account for, notes Konrad Kafarski, and yet he affirms that the entrepreneurial spirit prevails. If you have an entrepreneurial bent towards starting a business, you have much […]

Cordia Harrington | The Bun Lady | Cordia Harrington

Cordia Harrington | ‘The Bun Lady’ of Nashville Nashville, TN, October 11, 2009 — The American dream is punctuated with shining examples of perseverance and resourcefulness. Cordia Harrington is a long-standing, successful businesswoman with a knack for making lemonade out of lemons. “There’s not an easy path for an entrepreneur,” explains Cordia Harrington, a Tennessee […]

Gregory J Daniels DDS | Dental Care | Gregory J Daniels DDS

Dr. Gregory J Daniels DDS | Dental Care and H1N1 prevention Dr. Gregory J Daniels has always taken an aggressive and proactive posture when it comes to health, dentistry and prevention. On October 1st, 2009, Dr. Gregory J Daniels DDS notified patients that his practice would be taking measures to insure the highest standards for […]

Paul Bleiweis | Paul B Bleiweis | Paul Bleiweis

Paul Bleiweis, President, Energy Automation System, Inc. | Energy Automation Systems Goes Global Hendersonville, TN, September 18, 2009 — Dr. Paul Bleiweis, president of Energy Automation Systems, Inc., is proud to announce the next level for his company. If you are an entrepreneur looking for the next big thing, or a small businessperson interested in […]

Joseph Merlo | Business Opportunity | Joseph Merlo

Joseph Merlo Wants to Know: Are You Looking For The Next Ripe Business Opportunity? Becoming an affiliate of Joseph Merlo’s Energy Automation Systems, Inc., is a positive opportunity to help people and to be your own boss. Hendersonville, TN, September 18, 2009 — With the new presidential administration’s talk of new jobs and green energy, […]

Turan Sahinkaya | Excelling in the Sport of Soccer | Turan Sahinkaya

Turan Sahinkaya Excelling in the Sport of Soccer Turan Sahinkaya excelled in the sport of soccer from an early age, almost a given considering that he came from a family of world-class soccer players for many generations. Sahinkaya’s family enrolled him at the esteemed Juventus Football Club where Turan Sahinkaya blossomed as a speedy and […]

Kurt V Beasley | Arbitration Is Viable Option | Kurt V Beasley

Kurt V. Beasley on Arbitration: When Speed, Flexibility and Goodwill are Important – By Kurt V Beasley

Largely due to all the activity within the current court structure and the high profile lawsuits splashed across the news everyday, a lesser known option is often overlooked. “Arbitration remains a very viable option for most conflicts” says Kurt V. Beasley, a Brentwood Tennessee attorney. Arbitration is a private, informal process that allows the parties to a contract agree, in writing, to submit their disputes to one or more impartial persons who will adjudicate and resolve the controversy by rendering a final and binding award to the prevailing party. Arbitration has certain advantages over Court proceedings.

Kurt Beasley | Estate Planning 2 Minute Drill | Kurt Beasley

Kurt Beasley on Estate Planning; a two minute drill – By Kurt Beasley While volumes can be written about the needs of estate planning, sometimes it is easiest to have a short simple check list. To that end, here is a two minute check list that may help facilitate a more comprehensive discussion. Every estate […]