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Andre Moxie Names the Blackberry as Corporate America’s Favorite PDA

In today’s digital society, reports Andre Moxie, there are many incarnations of handy personal digital assistants, or PDAs. Andre Moxie notes that PDAs hold contacts, make phone calls, access email and even allow for real time chatting and messaging. All of the basic lines of communication that have been opened by the Internet, adds Andre Moxie, are embodied in the latest PDAs. These features are in addition to the standard address book, calendar and note taking functions.

Dr. Randall Alifano PhD Serves the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person

Dr. Randall Alifano PhD is a spiritual leader in his community. As a minister of the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP), Dr. Randall Alifano PhD has dedicated his life to helping guide individuals to the truth that resides within themselves. Dr. Randall Alifano PhD’s task as a minister is to listen attentively and help people create expressions of their own wisdom.

Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz Discusses the Sport of Rock Climbing

Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz is a long-time fan of many outdoor recreational activities. One activity in particular that Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz enjoys is rock climbing. Berkowitz acknowledges that many people think that rock climbing is an exclusive or extreme sport. However, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz points out that there is, in fact, a great deal of scalability in rock climbing difficulty levels.

Chef Ben Vaughn Steps Up the Art of Southern Comfort Cuisine

The mark of an artist like Chef Ben Vaughn is that he constantly strives toward new creations. This is clear in Chef Ben Vaughn’s latest addition to Memphis restaurant culture, Au Fond Farmtable. Based on the philosophy of artful nutritious food from local producers at cafe prices, Chef Ben Vaughn has launched another eatery that […]

Neil G. Pansey – Why Neil G. Pansey Enjoys Calling Florida Home

Florida is a great state to live in, believes Neil G. Pansey. It’s sunny, comfortable, and the people are interesting. There’s a lot to do, says Neil G. Pansey. Most importantly, Neil G. Pansey asserts that Florida is never boring. The weather is perfect, says Neil G. Pansey. The summers are filled with warm nights […]

Stephen Pitz Speaks to the Importance of the Fine Arts in Education

As an aspiring author and poet, Stephen Pitz believes that fine arts play a critical role in successful education. Recently choosing to end his teaching career in order to have more time to devote to his writing, Stephen Pitz asserts that a key part of the learning experience for students is an opportunity to use […]

James Smith Travel Tips | More on Maui

In previous travel writings, James Smith has discussed the beauty and wonder of the Hawaiian Islands. Maui, in particular holds a special place in James Smith’s adventurous heart. But outdoor adventure and historic culture, insists James Smith, are not the only things Maui has to offer, not by a long shot. James Smith continues his […]

Paul G. Hauf Helps Business Owners Achieve Their Dreams

Paul G. Hauf has learned that traditional bank lending channels block out a large population of potential borrowers. Paul G. Hauf, a small business broker with 30 years experiences, works on behalf of these borrowers. Many people who dream of owning their own business, says Paul G. Hauf, are unable to purchase one simply because […]

Exploring Martial arts Workouts With James Smith

James Smith, businessman and social activist, understands the lifelong value of physical fitness training. A commitment to physical fitness provides a wellspring of energy, clarity, and well-being. Many admirers ask James Smith for fitness tips and techniques. He tells them what he tells everyone else. Fitness answers are simple – a good diet and regular […]

Robert Martyna Discusses Venture Capital for Business Startups

Robert Martyna, CEO of Tradavo, gives a frank assessment of the fund raising process for entrepreneurs in the never-ending search for venture capitalist firms. Entrepreneurs have to spend quality time choosing firms and partners who might be receptive to a pitch for investment, begins Robert Martyna. Once a list of firms is compiled, the hopeful […]