Direct Media Power Complaints about Traditional Advertising Agencies Resolved by Unique Benefits


The team at Direct Media Power is always ready to help business both large and small invest their budgeted advertising dollars in a non-wasteful platform that guarantees a ROI unmatched by other marketing firms of its kind.
This pay-per-call radio direct response media advertisement is a no-risk investment because clients only pay for the media airtime actually used. Direct Media Power works with all major networks and over 2,000 local radio network stations. This guarantees a Direct Media Power client an exposure to leads that is unmatched over other media companies’ offers.
Direct Media Power provides advertising for car and insurance companies, attorneys who specialize in taxes, bankruptcy and foreclosures and most other forms of business who benefit from lead based sales.
For more information about how to obtain hard result based advertising program that is guaranteed to boost sales, visit Direct Media Power online at

Direct Media Power (DMP), a radio-only advertising firm located in Wood Dale, Illinois, says that traditional media providers typically only offer the services that benefit them the most. According to Direct Media Power complaints about ad agencies and brokerage firms cite high costs and even higher pressure sales tactics. With their offering of free services, DMP sets a new standard.

Direct Media Power doesn’t turn a profit unless a client’s ads create a response. Because of this, Direct Media Power complaints are a rare occasion. In the event of one or more Direct Media Power complaints, the group is swift to respond and provides a money back guarantee. But with over three million calls connected in the last five years, Direct Media Power clients have nothing to complain about!


At Direct Media Power complaints have helped mold a new kind of media provider. DMP offers free creative and production for clients in virtually any industry. As well, Direct Media Power promotes clients on thousands of radio networks across the nation, including small local stations to ensure the right demographic, every time. Direct Media Power also listens to their customers and helps determine the best market and format available for their products and/or services. All of this while maintaining professional and personal boundaries so often overlooked by sales reps.

Direct Media Power responds to complaints online. According to Direct Media Power, complaints reported on certain consumer websites offer little in the way of real information about the company. In fact, the one major issue circulating the Internet is a complete fabrication and was posted by one who wants to regain his or her initial investment, despite DMP providing a very profitable campaign. Readers should disregard these and contact DMP directly for more information.


So, what makes Direct Media Power different? It’s simple – the staff of willing and able reps who have an extra ace in their hand, so to speak. Direct Media Power operates on a pay-per-call lead generation payment plan. This sets them apart since their clients are guaranteed to only pay for the connected calls they receive as a direct result of their aired programming. Direct Media Power complaints only come when long time media buyers ask why DMP didn’t think of this sooner.

According to Direct Media Power complaints recorded online originate from one angry customer who is trying to take advantage of Direct Media Power’s money back guarantee. The former customer made statements that contradict the recorded facts. Client stated that they were not connected adequate calls. But Direct Media Power complaints from this individual are unsubstantiated and they have posted evidence online in rebuttal that clearly illustrate the agreed upon calls were transferred and answered.


According to Direct Media Power complaints regarding old-fashioned firms often cite a lack of experience from their sales reps. Direct Media Power proudly reports that they have generated over 3,000,000 leads in the last five years. That’s right, over half a million leads per year. That translates into major sales. And, unlike brokers, DMP doesn’t make a commission unless the client is successful – making for a highly motivated staff who know the industry and understand how to get results.

The Direct Media Power Complaints Department says they are slower than ever. According to Direct Media Power complaints are so few and far between that the department is being utilized for other business related purposes, like answering telephones and filing. The good news is that with so few complaints and so many new clients, the company may expand in the future.


In addition to high costs and inexperience, Direct Media Power says complaints about measurability have also helped them establish a system of call tracking that proves their creative marketing works. Direct Media Power provides a 1-800 number specific to each commercial with computerized tracking via a dedicated call center. And, since they only filter calls during client requested hours, there is never a chance of missing a qualified lead.

Direct Media Power on Complaints about radio stations: Like all forms of entertainment, radio isn’t always a perfect platform for everything. In fact, some things are plainly prohibited by law. According to Direct Media Power complaints regarding explicit and/or lewd commentary by on-air personalities may be reported to the offending radio station or to the Federal Communications Commission at


Visit Direct Media Power online at to see a complete list of benefits DMP clients receive.

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