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The M&A Market Is Changing, Says Nashville Broker

Beacon Exit Advisors
Major changes are on the horizon in the M&A market. If you are an owner wanting to sell your business or a Nashville buyer looking to get started in Music City, read on. Beacon Exit Advisors joins us for today’s Q&A on how to sell, how to buy a business, and the things you should know before you do either.

Q: Thank you all for taking the time out to sit with us today. We understand that Nashville is a great place to buy a business and there are many income-producing opportunities available.

Beacon Exit: It is not only a great place to call home, but an excellent place to lay down your professional roots.

Q: How strong is the mergers and acquisitions market in the small and midsize business arena?

Beacon Exit: Right now, things are moving quickly. Although many analysts believe a slowdown is on the horizon for 2020. We like to tell people that now is the time to sell your business because, despite Nashville growing every day, things will eventually level out.

Q: How long does it take to sell your business in Nashville?

Beacon Exit: Like selling a house, that depends on many different factors. Realistically, it can take six months or more. That being said, many businesses sell much faster, while others linger a bit longer.

Q: Why is that?

Beacon Exit: Buyers are extremely diligent and want to ensure they are walking into a cash flow situation. Music City commands a premium. If you want to sell your business, buyers looking in the Nashville area likely will not rush to closing. They will review paperwork, visit your location, and ask many questions before even making an offer.

Q: What advice would you give to a potential seller?

Beacon Exit: The first thing is to make sure your financial paperwork is in order. No matter how cool or interesting your business is, buyers want to see numbers. Next, it is prudent to have an exit strategy already in place or at least started. Collect records of all major events in the business’s history, including equipment purchases.

Q: How do you know how much you should pay if you plan to buy a business in Nashville?

Beacon Exit: Work with a broker. They can help you crunch the numbers so that you have a better idea of what you can expect to pay. On the flip side of this, if you want to sell your business, a broker can help you come to a fair and equitable starting price that a buyer will actually pay. Many businesses sit on the market without selling because they are not priced correctly.

Q: When should a seller contact a broker?

Beacon Exit: It is almost always best to reach out to someone before you decide to sell your business. Our Nashville experts can help you formulate a strategy to get the most out of your investment. Most of the time there are things you need to work on in your business before it is ready to sell, and an experienced Exit Advisor can help you identify those areas.

Q: Are negotiations over once a letter of intent is signed?

Beacon Exit: Absolutely not. Keep in mind, however, regardless of which side of the transaction you are on, that the letter of intent is really just a starting point. When you go to sell your business, your buyer may discover issues during the due diligence process. This can change the purchase price or cancel the deal entirely if you are unwilling to make concessions.

Q: Should a buyer assume the business’s debt as part of the deal?

Beacon Exit: Some buyers do. However, an experienced broker will most likely recommend against it. Most transactions are structured as asset purchases, so the seller keeps their own liabilities and the buyer starts with their own clean history.

Q: Once an offer is made and the letter of intent signed, are there issues that could stop the sale?

Beacon Exit: Unfortunately, yes. Not all buyers are considered qualified buyers. Even if someone offers a fair price, there may be issues with financing. For example, the buyer may assume their credit is good enough for a loan, but they failed to take into account debt, such as their house payment, or their credit is not as good as they think. This makes it harder to sell your business. Nashville buyers move on quickly, and the time you waste with an unqualified buyer might have you missing out on someone who is ready, willing, and able.

Q: One final question: Is it possible to sell your business without giving up your ownership rights entirely?

Beacon Exit: Absolutely. Many buyers prefer sole ownership. But there are those who would be willing to allow a seller to keep a minority stake; this might even be preferable for some buyers who need longer-term guidance or if the business is attached to a name and is well known in the community.

Beacon Exit Advisors is Nashville’s leading full-service brokerage. For more information or for a confidential consultation, call 615.570.7087 or email

Hargrove Sealcoating: What is Asphalt Patching?

Hargrove SealcoatingIf you’ve driven down a Nashville interstate lately, anywhere from Franklin to Murfreesboro, you’ve probably seen – and felt – a pothole. Potholes are an unpleasant after-effect of freezing or rainy weather, but they can be repaired. Here, Hargrove Sealcoating offers information on how potholes form and different asphalt patching methods.

Q: How are potholes formed?

Hargrove Sealcoating: Potholes are the result of a weak spot in the road. They usually form after a hard freeze, and especially in areas where salt is used on the roadway. As precipitation touches the ground, it melts and seeps into tiny cracks and fissures in the asphalt. Once this freezes, it expands, which destabilizes the integrity of the road or driveway’s surface. These weak spots are continually exposed to thousands of pounds of pressure with each passing vehicle. They eventually turn into potholes. When salt is introduced to the road, water freezes and thaws more rapidly, which allows for more damage.

Q: What is asphalt patching?

Hargrove Sealcoating: Asphalt patching refers to the process of repairing damaged roadways, commercial parking lots, or residential driveways. There are a few commonly-used asphalt patching techniques. On Nashville roads, a spray injection might be used, especially when repairs are urgent and weather conditions are unfavorable. This is done by a professional and requires specialized equipment. A semi-permanent patch requires a more hands-on approach, and surface preparation is required. During this process, loose gravel, broken asphalt, and other debris are blown from the damaged area. The perimeter of the pothole is extended slightly before a hot or cold asphalt patching mix is poured and compressed.

Q: What is the difference between hot and cold asphalt patching?

Hargrove Sealcoating: Cold patching is a great solution for small potholes or minor cracks. You don’t have to wait for a long stretch of sunny days to use this method. One of the benefits of cold patching is that it can be used immediately, and might help prevent further damage. Hot, or infrared, asphalt patching is commonly used in Nashville, Franklin, and Murfreesboro as it is ideally suited for large areas.

Q: Can a homeowner fix their own driveway?

Hargrove Sealcoating: For small imperfections, yes. In fact, you can get a bucket of cold patch material at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot. Unfortunately, for damage larger than just a few inches in circumference, these DIY repairs may not be as long-lasting as a homeowner would like. Further, if the driveway has multiple areas or requires foundation restoration, simply adding an asphalt emulsion won’t get the job done. Professional asphalt patching is the best solution for a driveway with multiple potholes, cracks, or vegetation growth.

Q: How can sealcoating extend the life of my driveway?

Hargrove Sealcoating: Once your asphalt patching repair is complete, your driveway should be properly sealcoated to help protect the surface from the elements. Sealcoating requires temperatures of at least 50° and dry weather, but it is a crucial step in the process that can extend the life of your driveway. Most asphalt surfaces should be sealcoated once every few years or when it begins to fade and show signs of wear.

For more information about asphalt repairs and service in Franklin, Nashville, or Murfreesboro, call Hargrove Sealcoating at (931) 619-6718.

ImageQuest Explains The Many Layers of Cybersecurity

When it is time to protect your business, it is dangerous to have too little security. This is especially true as it relates to your and your customers’ sensitive data. A single breach of your systems can result in significant financial losses, reputation damage, even business bankruptcy or closure. But there are ways to avoid this situation. Keep reading as ImageQuest offers information on how a layered cybersecurity service plan can stop intruders on the path to your data.

Q: What does it mean to have layered cybersecurity defense?

ImageQuest: This simply means to have multiple levels of protection in place. A well-implemented cybersecurity service plan for a Nashville business will focus on three areas: prevention, detection, and response. Each of these aspects of your business’s digital security works on a different level to give your business comprehensive coverage.

Q: Can you explain how to prevent online security threats?

ImageQuest: Specific to businesses, the first step is to ensure that your employees are trained in ways to both spot and avoid cyber attacks. As part of our cybersecurity service, we offer Nashville businesses Security Awareness training. This covers a broad spectrum of policies and practices that put your employees in a better position to keep your company safe.

Another important facet of prevention is ensuring that your systems remain up-to-date. A consistent patching strategy can help fill gaps where hackers might see an easy opening. There have been many incidents over the last decade of major attacks happening because businesses failed to apply the most recent security updates to their operating systems. The 2017 “WannaCry” ransomware attack is a good example that affected FedEx and other large corporations.

Q: What is the next step?

ImageQuest: Beyond prevention, there is detection. Detecting a cybersecurity threat is in itself a layered strategy. It includes things like IP access restrictions, multiple log-in attempt block out, and multi-factor authentication. ImageQuest’s Nashville-based cybersecurity service experts can use these tools to identify areas of your business’s strategy that needs to be upgraded or changed to meet current needs. Cyber threat detection is one of the best ways to alert individual employees as well as your IT department to potentially malicious access attempts.

Taking your detection strategy even further, ImageQuest’s managed detection and response program utilizes the latest advances in artificial intelligence coupled with the knowledge of expert security engineers to monitor for threats around the clock. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) in Nashville specializes in proactive cybersecurity service methods to stop attacks before they happen.

Q: How can I mitigate damage in case of a breach?

ImageQuest: How you respond to a security incident is essential to your business. The final piece of the cybersecurity puzzle is to implement procedures that allow for a swift response. Keep in mind that the sooner you take action, the less likely your business will be adversely affected.

ImageQuest can help you implement incident documentation procedures that allows you to track exactly what happened that left your business vulnerable in the first place. This is important because it gives you an opportunity to access real-world data that can lead to significant improvements in your security operations. Having a consistent incident documentation procedure is looked upon favorably by regulators.

No matter how many security measures you have in place, your company should routinely practice how an incident will be handled. ImageQuest’s experts can walk you through your entire cybersecurity infrastructure and help you better understand how your organization’s actions might affect your stakeholders in the event of a security incident. By testing your processes now, your systems and employees will be better able to respond quickly and efficiently under the duress of a cybersecurity emergency.

Tennessee Attorney Brian T. Boyd Answers Questions About Legal Myths

Boyd Law
Anyone who spends any amount of time online knows that there’s an unfortunate amount of misinformation floating around about everything from vaccines and autism to essential oils. So why is it, then, that business owners often take to Google or, worse, Facebook or Quora, when they need information best provided by a business lawyer? Brentwood-based attorney Brian T. Boyd says this is a huge mistake and one that could cost a business owner his reputation and livelihood.

Boyd recently sat down with us to help clear the air and below offers no-nonsense answers to questions all business owners should ask their attorney instead of their online acquaintances. Consulting with your lawyer can help you avoid business litigation which, in Brentwood, can be expensive, time-consuming, and reputation-ruining.

Q: Is it really necessary to have all of my contracts in writing?

Brian T. Boyd: If you want to avoid legal action and business litigation, yes. Brentwood business owners can protect themselves by ensuring that agreements between their company and clients are detailed in writing and signed by both parties. However, it is important to understand that oral contracts are often enforceable as are terms discussed via email or text messaging. To avoid any misunderstandings, your legal agreements should include wording stating that acceptance of the contract supersedes any previous communication.

Q: Contracts are really only necessary between me and my clients, right?

Brian T. Boyd: That’s a dangerous thought and one that could easily result in a dissolved partnership. When you are starting a business with friends or family, it’s easy to believe that your word is all that’s necessary. While this might be true when discussing what to bring for Thanksgiving dinner, you should always have a contract in place between yourself and any partners. Remember, money has a way of turning relationships from great to gone quickly, and, without legal protection, you could find yourself in the midst of business litigation, and a Brentwood judge will typically rule in favor of common practices instead of disputed verbal agreements.

Q: Can I use pictures or images that I find online in my marketing materials?

Brian T. Boyd: Breaking copyright laws or infringing upon someone else’s trademark can fast-track you straight to court, and if the history of business litigation in Brentwood is any indication, you won’t get off without a fine. Pictures, images, and even content posted to the web are not free for the taking. Before you go copying and pasting, do yourself and your company a favor and check the website for terms and conditions. Better yet, contact the image or content author and ask for permission to use their intellectual property.

Q: Will a nondisclosure agreement help keep my business information safe?

Brian T. Boyd: Unfortunately, this is not always the case. I have been a business lawyer in Brentwood for many years and have seen NDAs broken on numerous occasions. However, when you partner with the right people and have these agreements in place, it does significantly reduce the likelihood that the tricks of your trade will make their way to your competitors.

Q: I don’t really need a legal business structure, but I want to protect my assets. Should I set my business up as an LLC anyway?

Brian T. Boyd: There are pros and cons to creating a formal legal entity for your business. Forming an LLC or corporation does offer you some security against monetary losses if your company is not successful. However, if you don’t upkeep the requirements of maintaining the structure, such as creating clearly-defined operating procedures or making notes at shareholder meetings, then your personal assets can still be targeted. This is called piercing the corporate veil.

If you are facing business litigation in Brentwood or the surrounding areas, contact Brian T. Boyd at the Law Office of Brian T. Boyd — 615.861.1936.

Everest Gymnastics Speaks To Us About Getting Better In the Gym

Everest Gymnastics
Everest Gymnastics recently allowed their coaches and staff to chat with us about safety in the gym. Here, we will share some of this insight, which also covers ways to improve on the road toward success in gymnastics.

Q: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. With the Olympics just about a year away, gymnastics has become a hot topic.

Everest Gymnastics: Absolutely! Though it seems there is plenty of time between now and then, the Olympics are on the forefront of our and our athlete’s minds every day.

Q: There is no doubt about that. We have asked to talk to you today so that we can share your expertise with our parents who have children interested in gymnastics. Specifically, we like to talk about safety and ways to improve form and skill.

Everest Gymnastics: Safety is absolutely and without question the number one priority of any gymnastics coach. We applaud you for wanting to put that information out to your readers.

Q: With that in mind, what are a few things you recommend to help keep young athletes safe?

Everest Gymnastics: First, we would suggest talking to their pediatrician. While gymnastics is certainly a sport available to all, it never hurts to discuss a child’s physical abilities and body composition before jumping, bending, and twisting.

Q: Absolutely, and we agree completely. Once a student does begin, what are some things they can do to condition themselves for action?

Everest Gymnastics: Exercise! Gymnastics is a very physically demanding sport, and improving your body, including your respiratory system, muscles, and joints, will make things that much safer, especially for young students or those who have never been particularly active.

Q: What about stretching? When you watch the Olympics on TV, you see athletes stretching quite a bit of on the sidelines. Is that something you recommend?

Everest Gymnastics: Without a doubt, yes. Students are encouraged to stretch before each class, and they can help keep their bodies in great shape if they stretch at home, especially after a warm shower.

Q: Looking at the pictures of Everest Gymnastics, we see you have quite a bit of equipment for student use. Do you have any recommendations on equipment for use at home?

Everest Gymnastics: We try to encourage our students to practice only when they are with an instructor. However, there are many pieces of fitness equipment that can come in handy since we do want our athletes to exercise and stretch on their “off” days. Your child’s pediatrician or coaches may be able to help you determine what pieces are best for age-appropriate physical conditioning.

Q: Let’s talk about injuries. Even with safety precautions, getting hurt is a possibility. How do you recommend that students get back into gymnastics after being out because of an injury?

Everest Gymnastics: Slow and steady. The body has a remarkable way of healing itself, but it needs time to do that. After a break, strain, or sprain, it is best to ease back into a routine. We would never encourage even an advanced athlete to begin full training on their first day back in the gym.

Q: Is it safe to learn gymnastics by watching YouTube videos?

Everest Gymnastics: That is sort of a double-sided question. On one hand, watching videos of other athletes can help students see how forms look when they are put together in a choreographed routine. On the other hand, the best way to learn gymnastics is to enroll in a class. This will allow your child the benefit of hands-on instruction and the chance to learn proper techniques.

Q: We appreciate you taking the time out to speak with us today, and you have given us a lot to think about. Thank you again.

Everest Gymnastics: Any time, and we only hope that any of the advice we have offered will benefit someone and help to encourage a lifetime love of gymnastics.

Life in God’s Kingdom

United Faith Church
Q&A Interview on the Kingdom of God with United Faith Church in Barnegat NJ – United Faith Church is led by Pastors Jerry and Janeth Santiago.

1. What is the Kingdom of God?

The Kingdom of God is the greatest, most powerful entity that ever was, is, and will be. The Bible refers to God’s Kingdom as the “Kingdom of Heaven,” the “Kingdom of Christ,” and the “Kingdom of God,” and they are all one and the same, describing an eternal, spiritual Kingdom that rules over all other kingdoms, powers, and governments- past, present, and future. We know from scripture that God the Father gave all authority over the heavens and earth into the hands of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ (Matthew 11:27, John 3:35). The Kingdom of God operates according to God’s ways, God’s timing, and God’s promises. It is unseen, yet governs over all that is visible, and those who find it truly find the “pearl of great worth” (Matthew 13:46).

2. Where is the Kingdom of God?

Is God’s Kingdom in Heaven? Is it here on earth? Can it be found in the hearts of men? Yes, yes, and yes. The Son, Jesus Christ, is seated at the right hand of the Father in Heaven, and the Holy Spirit has been sent to the earth to dwell in the hearts of men. The Bible states that Heaven is God’s throne and the earth is His footstool (Isaiah 66:1). EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE belongs to God and is subject to Him. Therefore, God’s Kingdom can be experienced right here on earth, right now. This is why we pray, Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven (Matthew 6:10). When Jesus was asked when the Kingdom would come, he responded, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:20-21).

3. Why does Jesus use parables to describe the Kingdom?

It is difficult for our finite minds to grasp God. Jesus often used parables to help people envision just how immense, how powerful, and how miraculous the Kingdom of God truly is. The parables give clues into the characteristics, rules, promises, and eternal blessings of this supernatural Kingdom. For example, He speaks of it being a “hidden treasure,” that a man would seek out, spend everything he had to attain, and then boast about it to everyone he knows. Other parables speak of the righteous being separated from the evil in the end times, indicating that the Kingdom of God ultimately has the final say.

4. Who lives in the Kingdom of God?

The Kingdom of God is for those to whom God reveals it. Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” God is Spirit- His Kingdom is a spiritual Kingdom. Jesus states that to be born again is to be birthed by the Holy Spirit. As the chapter continues, John states that whoever lives by the truth comes into the light of God. Jesus is the Truth, He is the Light, and He is the Way to the Father. Those who have been born again by the Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ, enter into the light, which is the presence of God. They trust and obey God because they can see His light, and it transforms them daily into His image. They see what the world can’t. They see God’s triumphant Kingdom.

5. How is the Kingdom of God different from the world?

The Kingdom of God is strikingly opposite of how the world works in the most incredible ways. When men tried to put the world’s rules and regulations on Jesus, he confounded them with God’s ways every time. When the Pharisees asked, “Doesn’t your teacher pay temple tax?” Jesus first pointed out the injustice of their ways, then demonstrated the Kingdom’s power over not only all the money in the world, but over nature itself when he sent a disciple to catch a fish and pull a coin from its mouth in order to pay the tax. On the verge of execution, when Pontius Pilate thought he had the power to decide Jesus’ fate, Jesus corrected him stating, “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above.” And of course we know the rest of the story… not even death, hell, or the grave could keep Jesus from rising victoriously. Those in God’s kingdom know that He is in charge of their lives no matter what trouble is happening in the world… that everything they have belongs to God… that their very lives are for Him, to serve Him and do His works. Pastors Jerry and Janeth Santiago have witnessed the power of the Kingdom of God through many miracles in the lives of their family and many others in United Faith Church.

6. What does it mean to be Kingdom-minded?

To be Kingdom-minded is to walk in the light in the midst of a dark world. To be in the light means to always be aware of God’s presence, seeing what He’s doing, hearing what He’s saying, seeking Him, following His leading, and forever worshiping and thanking Him for His goodness in everything. The Kingdom-minded view trouble in their lives as an opportunity for God to stretch them and grow them to be more like Jesus. They have the mind of Christ- always moving and growing from glory to glory, in obedience to God, the Father. United Faith Church has seen through Pastors Jerry and Janeth Santiago’s lives the great value in setting their minds on things above (Colossians 2:3). When our minds are set on God, the supernatural is possible; no matter what the situation or circumstance may be… God is faithful.

7. How do I know I’m living in God’s Kingdom?

A simple test can indicate very quickly if we are living in God’s Kingdom, and it is found in Matthew 6:33: “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” For all who are living for the Kingdom of God, this is their vision for life and can be seen in everything they do. Their hearts race, their minds contemplate, and their bodies move swiftly for all things God! No longer are they preoccupied with the worries, cares, and attractions of this life on earth because those living for the Kingdom know that this world is not their home and will pass away. They are working to influence this world through the transforming power of God as they live to store up eternal treasures in Heaven, where their lives actually begin as they are united with their Father and with one another.

8. What are the benefits of living in the Kingdom of God?

Everyone wants to be around a winner. Those who live in the Kingdom rest assured that God’s Team is the winning team. This is what Paul meant when he said in Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” In the Kingdom of God, God is king and he reigns in truth, justice, and mercy. Those who live in his kingdom reap the endless benefits of coming to know the Creator of the Universe. They do not need to worry about what they will eat, drink, or wear because God is the provider of everything they might need (Matthew 6). The ultimate benefit of living in the Kingdom of God is the great reward of being connected to Jesus. In God’s Kingdom there is light to see clearly the path to knowing Him and any traps or stumbling blocks that try to get in the way. The King is on their side and nothing is more powerful. They run to Him in danger, and He fights their battles and wins! Those in God’s Kingdom know His goodness, faithfulness, and power over all things. Their Daddy is ALWAYS bigger.

In God’s Kingdom, there is endless provision, blessings, favor, healing, restoration, power, love, and joy. United Faith Church has learned from Pastor Janeth Santiago and her family that the Kingdom of God is steadfast and sure, and when everything in the world fades away, God’s Kingdom will remain. The Kingdom of God endures forever and, therefore, the benefits are endless for those who trust and obey their God, who is King over all.

United Faith Church is led by Pastors Jerry and Janeth Santiago. For more info and articles, please visit

GPO Tuning: Volkswagen Repair in Nashville Starts With Maintenance

GPO Tuning GPO Tuning is Nashville’s leading import service shop and specializes in performance tuning and general repairs on Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mini and Porsche, and other high-performance vehicles. Here, the experts from this Music City garage open up about ways to maintain a Volkswagen, and when it’s best to seek an expert.

Q: What is the first sign that something is wrong with my vehicle?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: That really depends on the problem. If your tires are out of balance, for example, your vehicle may feel shaky when you drive down the highway. However, for many problems, a check engine light is the first sign that you need Volkswagen repair. In Nashville, that means paying us a visit to have your vehicle evaluated by a professional.

Q: A check engine light always indicates a serious issue, right?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: Fortunately, no. While a check engine light does require expertise, and often specialized equipment, to track down the root cause, sometimes it is something as simple as a loose fuel cap.

Q: How can I tell if my brakes need attention?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: Squealing or a grating noise or vibration when braking is a good indication that your Volkswagens braking system needs repair. Something else to look for is fluid under the vehicle where you park. If you see any liquid other than regular condensation, call your mechanic.

Q: Is there a way to avoid costly repairs?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: There are many things you can do to reduce the chances of needing Volkswagen repair. In Nashville, this starts with changing the oil regularly. This is usually done in increments of 5,000 miles as our humid heat during the summer necessitates frequent oil changes. Your Volkswagen technician might also suggest changing the spark plugs and filters.

GPO Tuning
Q: Where is the best place to park my Volkswagen?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: A garage or covered carport is best to avoid storm and sun damage. Something else to consider is whether or not you park on a steep hill, which will make it necessary to engage the parking brake. This can add extra wear and tear to your braking system so make sure to ask your mechanic to check your brake pads at each visit.

Q: How can I talk to my mechanic about needed repairs?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: Do not be afraid to ask them point blank what, exactly, is wrong with your vehicle. At GPO Tuning, our mechanics are certified and trained to work on your Volkswagen. They have the expertise and knowledge to diagnose problems, and won’t give you the runaround or leave you with a vague answer.

Q: Will they be able to tell me how long my repairs will take?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: You will not always get an exact time. Minor repairs and maintenance may take a single day while more involved projects can take a week or more. Your mechanic can help you pinpoint the appropriate time to bring your vehicle and will let you know immediately if anything comes up that might delay its return.

Q: Other than repairs, what services are available at GPO Tuning?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: We offer performance tuning that can take your vehicle to the next level. From performance tuning software, air intake systems to lightened flywheels and larger turbochargers, our performance tuning services can help you upgrade your Volkswagen a little or a lot, it all depends on what you want to get out of your vehicle and your budget.

Call German Performance Options (GPO Tuning) for answers to all your questions about VW Repair or visit 615-392-5498

Rytech Nashville: Can You Predict Water Damage?

Rytech Nashville Water damage restoration experts from Rytech Nashville have seen it all. From busted pipes to widespread flooding, the company’s technicians assert that it is not always possible to know when water damage will happen. But there are indications that you are sitting on a trickling time bomb.

Here are a few things to pay attention to:

Plumbing leaks. Obviously, a busted pipe is a good reason to call a plumber. Unfortunately, many homeowners choose to ignore what they consider minor issues such as “weeping” pipes or an upstairs toilet flange that drips water into the garage. These issues shouldn’t be overlooked as they could signal a rupture in the near future. This will require potentially extensive water damage restoration services.

Outdated appliances. There are many appliances in your home that use water every day. These include the hot water heater, washing machine, and dishwasher. Even if they appear to be functioning properly, there could be a lot going on inside of them that could cause them to fail and leave your home flooded. The hot water heater, for example, is at significant risk of internal corrosion at less than 10 years of age, according to the water damage restoration professionals at Rytech Nashville. Your washer and dishwasher may also corrode from the inside out, especially if you live in an area with hard water.

Ruptured hoses. It is not just the appliances you must keep an eye on, but also the water supply lines in and out of them. If these lines are more than three years old, they may rupture with no warning.
Missing shingles. One of the leading reasons people call for water damage restoration in Nashville is because of roof leaks. Often, this is after a thunderstorm or tornado but leaks do not have to happen all at once to cause damage. According to the water damage restoration experts at Rytech Nashville, a few missing shingles or damaged flashing on the roof could cause prolonged water seepage, which can leak into the walls and completely saturate the insulation in your attic.

Excessive humidity. Your home’s HVAC unit is designed to remove excess moisture from the air inside of your home. But sometimes, these units fail and can result in extensive moisture buildup within its internal components, which then blows through the ductwork. Further, a blocked drain line can result in a flooded drain pan, which can then spill water. This is not always a significant cause for concern on a concrete garage floor, especially if caught early, but when your unit is inside of your attic crawl space, the flooring underneath may soak up moisture and eventually rot, leaving you with not only a busted HVAC, but also damage to your home’s structure. If you need water damage restoration, you may be required to temporarily leave your home if it is deemed unsafe or if mold removal is necessary.

Clogged drains. Clogged drains are annoying, but they are usually an easy fix. However, if your plumber is just as familiar with your bathroom as you are, it is time to discuss ways to fix chronic clogs. If you notice that your bathtub or shower tends to back up when you flush the toilet, you may have significant damage to your main or secondary sewer line. This may be caused by an excess of materials stuck in the pipe, the line could be ruptured by overgrown roots, or the pipes could be corroded. In addition to water damage restoration services, you may also need to replace your main sewer line. This is an expensive process and will require that part of your yard be excavated.

Water damage restoration is not a DIY job. If you experience flooding or other water damage, contact Rytech Nashville 24/7 at 800-865-8787.

Morgan Exteriors Is Tampa’s Premier Replacement Window Installer

Morgan Exteriors

Morgan Exteriors is a leading Tampa Bay contractor and one of the area’s most trusted replacement window installers. Read on for more information about ENERGY STAR-rated replacement windows available at Morgan Exteriors.

Windows are one of the most important features of a home, according to the experts at Morgan Exteriors. Not only do they let us see the world outside, they allow natural light to brighten our spirits and warm our hearts and homes. Windows have an important job to do, especially in coastal areas where wind, rain, and hail can be most fierce. However, given time, even the most dependable windows will give in to the elements.

Fortunately, when that happens, there is Morgan Exteriors. As expert window installers, the professionals at Morgan Exteriors can replace cracked frames, shattered panes, or dated wooden windows.

Windows by Morgan Exteriors are more energy efficient than ever before. Replacement windows can improve a home’s appearance, drastically decrease energy consumption, and keep intruders at bay. A full line of ENERGY STAR windows are available.


The ENERGY STAR rating system was developed by the EPA in conjunction with building and efficiency experts across the country. Morgan Exteriors explains that ENERGY STAR-certified windows work day and night to save homeowners 12% or more in utility costs. And, lowering energy consumption shrinks a home’s carbon footprint and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, note the experts at Morgan Exteriors. Homeowners can rest assure that when they see the ENERGY STAR sticker on their replacement windows, they are getting a high quality product that’s not only good for the budget, but good for the environment, as well.

Exclusive values

Every window installed by Morgan Exteriors is backed by a lifetime warranty on labor and material. Additionally, Morgan Exteriors provides at no extra cost gas insulated glass, UV protection, premium extruded vinyl, fusion welded and insulated frames and sashes, Denny clip pivots, triple glazed glass, and streamlined airlocks. These bundled values mean homeowners need not worry about their investment, it’s protected. Customer service agents are always available at Morgan Exteriors and are fully authorized to handle any homeowner concerns.

Big jobs, unusual windows no match for Morgan Exteriors

Throughout the last five generations, the expert craftsman at Morgan Exteriors have seen it all. Whether it’s triple or double hung windows, picture windows or custom basement windows, Morgan Exteriors has the right window for every home. Virtually unlimited color and style combinations ensure Morgan Exteriors has the perfect window for each project, big or small.

Clean and safe guarantee

As a family-owned company, Morgan Exteriors has built its reputation on safety, quality, and respect. Each window installation crew is carefully trained to maintain a safe and clean workspace, guaranteed.

Morgan Exteriors pledges to provide homeowners with clear, concise, and straightforward answers to all of their home remodeling needs. From windows to exterior house painting to bathroom makeovers, Morgan Exteriors can’t be beat. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, visit or call the Tampa office at 813.931.4663