Dr. Eric Siani DMD Has Advice for Patients Who are Afraid of Dentists

Fear of dentists is a big concern for all dental professionals, including Dr. Eric Siani DMD of Palmdale, California. Many people are so afraid that they will put off dental check-ups entirely, says Dr. Eric Siani DMD, until such time painful and serious infections or injury force them to make an emergency visit. Unfortunately, continues […]

Fantich Media Group Analyzes Radio Advertising for Small Business

Fantich Media Group specializes in helping small companies make the most of their marketing campaigns. According to Fantich Media Group, radio advertising is a cost effective and far reaching way to access potential clients. Radio advertising, adds Fantich Media Group, is more vibrant than print advertising and less expensive than television advertising. Traditional print media […]

Marc Fantich Answers the Question | Does Billboard Advertising Really Work?

It has often been said that the two most important words on a billboard are “EXIT NOW,” says Marc Fantich. This saying serves to remind small and large businesses alike that advertising close to the company location is a good idea. Marc Fantich has been in advertising and media long enough to know that companies […]

Chef Ben Vaughn Steps Up the Art of Southern Comfort Cuisine

The mark of an artist like Chef Ben Vaughn is that he constantly strives toward new creations. This is clear in Chef Ben Vaughn’s latest addition to Memphis restaurant culture, Au Fond Farmtable. Based on the philosophy of artful nutritious food from local producers at cafe prices, Chef Ben Vaughn has launched another eatery that […]

Neil G. Pansey – Why Neil G. Pansey Enjoys Calling Florida Home

Florida is a great state to live in, believes Neil G. Pansey. It’s sunny, comfortable, and the people are interesting. There’s a lot to do, says Neil G. Pansey. Most importantly, Neil G. Pansey asserts that Florida is never boring. The weather is perfect, says Neil G. Pansey. The summers are filled with warm nights […]

On Off Digital World Compares the Apple iPad to Net books

The team at On Off Digital World is often asked, how does one choose between a net book and an iPad? To help kick off the shopping process, On Off Digital world compares some of the significant features of these next generation computers. Most net books have a 10.1-inch backlit LED screen, notes On Off […]

Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers | Ethical and Healthful Breeding

Marian Harding of Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers believes that reputable breeders are the best source for healthy dogs. In that spirit, Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers presents the following summation of ethical breeding practices and how Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers applies them to produce puppies of the highest well being. Hardinhaus Miniature Schnauzers breeds with the intent of improving […]

Marian Harding Discusses the History of Miniature Schnauzers

According to Marian Harding, miniature schnauzers are a smart, loving and energetic breed that dates back to 16th century Germany and Bavaria. Schnauzers have a host of good traits, adds Marian Harding, making them very trainable, affectionate and obedient. Marian Harding reports that miniature schnauzers were supposedly developed from dogs that resembled Poodles and Wire-haired […]

Bikes Direct Offers Affordable Quality Bikes — Online

The first of its kind, Bikes Direct was started by a Texas businessman, David Sander, who built the Cycle Spectrum bicycle store chain. Although the Internet bike retail site, Bikes Direct, is an entirely separate concern, it does have one massive advantage that no other Internet bike sales outlet can claim: the enormous Cycle Spectrum […]

Carnegie Digital Computers | Consumer Tips for Buying Electronics

With so many products on the electronics market today, it’s easy for buyers to feel overwhelmed. Carnegie Digital Computers details some key things shoppers should look for when buying technology today. First, Carnegie Digital Computers stresses that buyers should not be afraid to ask questions. If the electronics store does not have informed and knowledgeable […]