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Zrylw Offers Fitness Tips for the New Year

Losing weight is a resolution that millions of Americans make every year. The question is, how to keep motivated long enough for the endorphins of exercise to really become a habit? Zrylw has some ideas to help you meet your fitness goals for 2013.

One of the best ways to start losing weight is to limit alcohol and desserts to twice-a-week in January. Even the most conscientious people tend to overindulge in December, so it’s a good idea to cut back on the decadence during the beginning of the year. Eating “clean” will make a person feel good, which will make reaching fitness goals more doable.

Adding intervals to different workouts is a great tip for enhancing exercise benefits. Many studies have shown that pushing through the comfort zone of working out can elevate a person’s metabolism for up to a day and a half after exercise. That extra boost can help people avoid gaining weight even after December indulgence.

Taking a yoga or pilates class can help people to reduce stress levels. Research has shown that stress-related hormones can put weight on the waistline, so learning how to control stress can be a benefit, both mentally and physically.

Drink more water than you think you need because people often mistake being hungry for being dehydrated. And studies have shown that by the time a person realizes that they’re actually thirsty, they’re dehydrated. Regular water is great, but coconut water is good too because it gives the skin a lovely glow.

Even if a person can’t get to the gym, doing anything is better than doing nothing. Take the stairs two at a time and work the glutes. Or take turns standing on one leg and then the other. Balancing for even just 4 minutes a day can help people fight off injuries in the future. When people get older their natural sense of balance diminishes, which can lead to slips or falls. So, its never too early to work on balance for health protection. Plus, it’s a little silly looking – which can make a person laugh at themselves – and laughing burns calories too.

Dr. James D. Sterling Supports Fathers of Chapin School Students

Dr. James D. Sterling spends much of his week serving the New York City community with a private practice in psychology, as well as clinical education work at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center. In addition to these important endeavors, Dr. James D. Sterling recently endowed a program that benefited the fathers of students at the Chapin School for Girls. Below, Dr. James D. Sterling answers a few key questions about this important program.

Q: What is the Chapin School for Girls?

Dr. James D. Sterling: The Chapin School is a noted educational institution in Manhattan for girls in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Q: It has a few notable alumni, correct?

Dr. James D. Sterling: Yes. Among others, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Jane Wyatt, and Sigourney Weaver attended the Chapin School.

Q: The program you endowed was targeted toward the fathers of Chapin School students. Why fathers?

Dr. James D. Sterling: The father-daughter relationship has been largely neglected in the literature about parenting until very recently is a vital one and the Chapin School realizes it.

Q: What was the program?

Dr. James D. Sterling: The program involved inviting notable experts in the field of child and adolescent psychology and psychotherapy to speak to the fathers of the girls and to answer questions from the fathers at the conclusion of their talks regarding with issues between fathers and daughters at the Chapin School.

Q: Can you explain more about your connection to the program?

Dr. James D. Sterling: I’m a family and couples therapist, so a lecture series dedicated to a parent-child relationship is along the lines of what I work with every day.

Q: You’ve done extensive work with couples and families. What do you feel is the most important part of the father-daughter relationship?

Dr. James D. Sterling: The most important aspect onthe father-daughter relationship s the daughter feels that her father not only loves her very much but also enjoys spending time with her. Open communication is always encouraged at the New York Center for Psychotherapy.

Q: And there’s a New York connection with the Chapin School, as well?

Dr. James D. Sterling: The New York Center for Psychotherapy makes an attempt to be a part of the New York community and support it any way we can.

Q: Does the New York Center for Psychotherapy work with the entire family or family members separately in counseling?

Dr. James D. Sterling: It depends on the situation. Often we meet with the parents and they try to resolve conflicts to open the channels of communication at home.

Q:  And if that isn’t effective, then what?

Dr. James D. Sterling: We will then attempt to meet with the family either separately or as one unit, depending on the situation and the parents’ personal preference.

Dr. James D. Sterling heads the New York Center for Psychotherapy, which specializes in family and couples therapy. To make an appointment with Dr. James D. Sterling, call (212) 348-3925.

Phil Melugin Invites Hunters at Pheasant Run Ranch

Phil Melugin opened Pheasant Run Ranch to provide hunters a safe place to enjoy the sport of hunting. There, Phil Melugin also strives to provide a welcoming habitat for the deer, quail, turkey, and other wildlife that reside on the property. This results in a peaceful, pleasant hunting environment for those who visit.

As any hunter knows, hunting seasons vary depending on the type of prey. Phil Melugin explains that in the winter, Pheasant Run Ranch is busy with deer and turkey hunters. During this season, demand for spaces can run high, so Phil Melugin stresses the importance of reserving a spot early.

Pheasant Run Ranch offers hunting of birds, turkeys, and trophy whitetail deer hunting. Phil Melugin reports that the ranch offers hunting dogs to assist in leading hunters to game on the property. Hunting guides can also assist hunters with valuable hunting and safety tips, Phil Melugin explains.

For those who are interested, Pheasant Run Ranch also provides overnight accommodations. Phil Melugin says that the lodge has been updated with satellite TV and all the amenities. For the convenience of hunters, Phil Melugin offers hunting packages applicable to various seasons that include lodging, a hunting guide, or hunting dogs. The pheasant, bobwhite, and quail hunting packages that include all of these amenities are only $375, Phil Melugin explains, and in the springtime, turkey-hunting packages are $250 per day, including both a guide and lodging.

For whitetail deer hunters, Pheasant Run Ranch offers hunts for $500 per day per person. According to Phil Melugin, all hunts offer access to the beautiful grounds, which includes row crops, native grassland, and food plots. The grounds are regularly watered to provide lush, green scenery and a fruitful hunting experience, Phil Melugin describes.

Pheasant Run Ranch is located in Esbon, which is in north central Kansas. Phil Melugin advises those interested in making reservations to contact manager Bill Harris at 785-476-5736 or fill out the form on the ranch’s website, Simply fill out the form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible, explains Phil Melugin.

For hunters looking for a peaceful, safe environment that provides great hunting opportunities, Phil Melugin says that Pheasant Run Ranch is a great choice. With the latest amenities to make your hunt as pleasurable as possible, Phil Melugin has seen Pheasant Run Ranch bring hunters back season after season and referring friends, as well.

Embrace Spices for Health and Weight Loss

Spices are a great way to transform and flavor a dish without adding sodium or other processed ingredients. And because many contain capsaicin they can have a termogenic effect – which means that they can boost a person’s metabolism and help them lose weight.

One of the first spices that may surprise you is cinnamon. It’s not only good for sweet desserts and drinks – it’s also a hidden key ingredient in some Middle Eastern dishes as well as many curries. It has come to light that cinnamon has a beneficial effect on blood sugar, which can boost weight loss. Also, recent studies have found that cinnamon can help reduce high cholesterol. Cinnamon can also be found in Chinese 5-Spice powder and Jamaican jerk rubs, which makes it a delectable addition to many meals.

Black pepper is a spice that helps boost metabolism by 8 percent because of the piperine found in the pepper. Black pepper can also aid digestion, which makes it a valuable tool for weight loss and health. For best results, freshly grind the pepper as opposed to buying it pre-ground.

Cayenne is loaded with capsaicin, which helps to burn fat. It also helps with weight loss and nutrition because it has termogenic properties that help to burn calories. And its spiciness makes food with cayenne more difficult to eat quickly. This helps people realize when they’re actually full so they tend to eat less.

Another great spice is ginger. Its unique flavor makes everything around it shine and it also helps to settle an upset stomach. But, it also has another great benefit, which is burning calories. People can burn up to 43 extra calories after eating if they drink a cup of ginger tea.

So, remember to look to the spice drawer for overall good health and fat burning properties.

Regeneration Found at Brenda Lee Reed’s Genesis Healing Center

Brenda-Lee-Reed-on-porch Brenda Lee Reed says that a successful experience at Genesis Healing Center is all about an open mind. Here, she shares some of the remarkable success stories from past guests at Genesis.


Brenda Lee Reed says that Gene is an individual that she has known personally for many years. He is fit, eats well, and takes care of his body. But when Gene turned 58, something went wrong; so wrong that he found himself in the hospital hooked up to machines while on a business trip after having what he later found out was a transient stroke, says Brenda Lee Reed.

He left the hospital no worse for the wear but he still felt “off.” Not long after, he had another episode and discussed it with his friend, Brenda Lee Reed, of Genesis Healing Center. Brenda suggested that

Gene check in to Genesis Healing Center for a cleansing. Gene was skeptical at first but after 7 days of following the Center’s regime, he felt 18 again. His issues, which have not returned as of 7 years later, were the result of an impacted colon and the toxins that built up inside of him. Brenda Lee Reed credits his stay at Genesis as what cleared the almost petrified waste from his insides and he left 12 pounds lighter.

Today, Brenda Lee Reed is proud to report that he is still feeling fabulous.  Gene, at the age of 67, goes mountain climbing and works out three times a week. He visits his friend Brenda Lee Reed at Genesis once a year for what he calls his “tune up.”


Erica was a busy woman feeling run down, says Brenda Lee Reed. With no time for herself, Erica needed a bit of quiet time. She checked in to Genesis Healing Center for a quick recharge and for an education on preparing nourishing foods, to combat the fatigue of everyday life. According to Brenda Lee Reed, as a result of her stay at Genesis, Erica has learned how to fuel her body and no longer feels three steps behind everyone else.


Brenda Lee Reed says that Veronica needed more than just a practical experience; Veronica needed to find a spot to fully understand how God wanted her body to work; how He created it to function, and what He intended to be put into it. Veronica’s stay at Genesis Healing Center provided this to her and has allowed her to learn more about how food affects every part of her. Brenda Lee Reed remains in touch with Veronica and reports that she continues to feed her mind, body, and soul with God’s love and healthy foods.

Brenda Lee Reed founded Genesis Healing Center in honor of her father, who she lost early to cancer. She believes that feeding the body food that it can use is the best way to regain stamina, energy, and even physical appearance. Through Genesis Healing Center, Brenda Lee Reed helps dozens of people each year cleanse, detox, and relax. For more information about Brenda Lee Reed and Genesis Healing Center, visit

DR Marketing Group on Lifetime with Cyberweb Solutions

The following segment aired on DR Marketing’s Incredible Discoveries. Joining DR Marketing Group was Cyberweb Solutions to discuss online auctioning.


DR Marketing Group: Take control of your financial destiny today. You can turn your auction hobby into an auction business with the Auction Genius Bootstrap CD. This simple, easy to follow business solution will improve your on-line auction business by giving you structured step-by-step lessons that will increase your revenue and put you on the road to financial freedom.

Cyberweb: E-Bay is the most popular auction website in America and the Auction Genius Bootstrap system teaches you how to make E-Bay and other auction websites work for you.

DR Marketing Group: We are going to take an inside look on how to build an auction business rather than an auction hobby with the Auction Genius Bootstrap system.

Cyberweb: Did you know that about half of one percent of seller’s on E-Bay actually succeed and the rest fail? Many people are looking for a how-to-get-rich-quick scheme and try their luck on E-Bay and other auction websites.

DR Marketing Group: But you don’t have to gamble on this hobby; you can turn it into an actual business and be successful!

Cyberweb: You may already know, bootstrapping is a business term that means to start a business with little or no capital, and that is exactly what the Auction Genius Bootstrap system shows you how to do.

DR Marketing Group: You don’t have to have a lot of money to be successful at on-line auction trading sites like E-Bay. Most on-line auctions are free to join, and like with any business, you just need a plan. The Auction Genius Bootstrap system gives you a step-by-step plan and more.

Cyberweb: The Auction Genius Bootstrap CD is a four step system for creating an E-Bay business instead of an E-Bay hobby.

DR Marketing Group: How does your system work?

Cyberweb: This complete training CD gives you simple step-by-step repeatable tools that allow you to use the same steps ever time you want to action a different product. With its easy to use format, you can stop and start the lessons on your own schedule.

DR Marketing Group: The Auction Genius Bootstrap system is a completely unique way of doing business. With the very structured lesson plan, you’ll know exactly what to do each step of the way.

Cyberweb: You’ll learn how to choose products for your profitable auction business, how to know in advance if your merchandize will sell, how to list your products, and how to eliminate mistakes, plus so much more.

DR Marketing Group: Cyberweb Solutions, the makers of the Auction Genius training collection, has been involved and established with the internet business for decades. Sydney Johnston, the founder of this incredible training tool, is going to tell us more about it. What can you tell us about your system?

Cyberweb: The best thing that I can tell you is that if you follow the four steps, you will always know exactly what to do.

DR Marketing Group: What if something goes wrong?

Cyberweb: If you occasionally find something that doesn’t work well, you know that you’ve messed up on one of the four steps. So you just need to go back and check where you went wrong.

DR Marketing Group: Why do a lot of people not succeed in online auctioning?

Cyberweb: A lot of people don’t succeed because they just get out there and don’t know what they’re doing. Some just won’t be bothered to educate themselves.

DR Marketing Group: If only they took the time to learn your four steps.

Cyberweb: Many will just go to E-Bay, which is the worst place to learn because they have their own agenda. Their agenda is to get you to spend as much money as you can, and second is to be totally dependent on E-Bay.

DR Marketing Group: I understand that agenda, naturally. But it’s not the same as yours or mine. It is great how you can make money by listing products.

Cyberweb: It’s not in our best interest to just follow the E-Bay line, because you’ll end up having a job with E-Bay. You will be an E-Bay employee. By not doing that is where your money is going to be made.

DR Marketing Group is an industry leader in direct response television production, focusing on branded entertainment. As a full-service turnkey marketing agency, DR Marketing Group has a diverse range of capabilities that allow the company to proactively respond to the ever-changing demands of a competitive global marketplace. DR Marketing Group is a subsidiary of O2 Media, Inc.


Philip Melugin Says Pheasant Run Ranch is the Place to Unwind

Philip Melugin spends most of his time managing Phoenix Home Care, the business he founded in 2011. With five offices in Missouri and one in Kansas, the business keeps Philip Melugin fully occupied throughout the week.

But when Philip Melugin wants to unwind, it’s his love for horses that pulls him away from the city. It’s a love he shares with his daughter, a high school junior who enjoys horseback riding alongside him. To fulfill this passion for nature, Philip Melugin built Pheasant Run Ranch, a 5,000-acre hunting and farming area in north central, Kansas. The ranch is set up as a comfortable habitat for wild creatures, specializing in wild upland bird, turkey, and whitetail deer. Hunters come from all around to participate in Pheasant Run Ranch’s guided hunts and lounge at the ranch’s primary lodge, which dates back to 1892.

Pheasant Run Ranch also offers overnight accommodates, according to Philip Melugin, with hunters feeling at home in the cozy cabin-like rooms. Pheasant Run Ranch even provides hunting dogs—English Setters who have been trained to help on hunts involving Kansas’s wild birds.

Philip Melugin strives to make Pheasant Run Ranch’s guests feel at home while they’re visiting. Whether staying overnight or hunting for the day, visitors can relax in the ranch’s newly renovated lodge, which provides internet, satellite television, and laundry service. A complete kitchen is also available at the lodge, for those who want to bring lunch along for their day on the ranch.

The land at Pheasant Run Ranch is carefully maintained year-round, Philip Melugin explains, with farming and supplemental watering systems keeping crops and the land well tended. Pheasant Run Ranch combines row crops, native grassland, and food plots, Philip Melugin says.

According to Philip Melugin, hunts start at $250 per day per person, with prices varying according to type of bird being hunted. Pheasant and bobwhite quail hunts are $375 a day per person, but those rates include lodging, a hunting guide, and dogs to assist on the hunt. Spring turkey rates are $250 a day and include lodging and a guide, while whitetail deer hunts are $500 a day per person, with lodging and guide not included.

Business is booming at Pheasant Run Ranch, says Philip Melugin, giving him and his fellow hunting enthusiasts a place and opportunity to do what they love. By providing a safe, uncrowded place for hunters to indulge their love of the great outdoors, Pheasant Run Ranch is a long-awaited Kansas treasure.

Dr. William Knudson Answers Your Questions about High Heels

In conversations with patients, Dr. Knudson says that most women are aware high heels are not the best for foot health. Many continue to wear these shoes anyway, however, due to the perceived fashionable nature of them. And while he acknowledges that sometimes a woman may have no choice to wear heels, whether for a special event or as a requirement for a job, Dr. William Knudson still wants to remind his patients about the long-term damage sustained by wearing high-heeled shoes for excessive lengths of time.

Q: Why are heels so bad?

Dr. William Knudson: The foot has a natural shape that is distorted by the shape of a heel. Over time, this can lead to a change in the shape of the foot that causes pain even when the wearer is in flats or barefoot.

Q: Many pairs of high-heeled shoes have cramped toes. Is this bad, too?

Dr. William Knudson: Yes, absolutely. The shoe should mimic the shape of a person’s foot. Cramped toes can lead to foot problems including neuromas.

Q: What other foot problems can be caused by wearing high heels?

Dr. William Knudson: For one, bone spurs can occur as a result of wearing heels for extended periods of time. Hammertoe can also happen over time as well.

Q: Hammertoe is where the toes become permanently deformed, right?

Dr. William Knudson: With hammertoe, a person’s toe becomes bent in a particular direction but it’s not always permanent. In some cases switching to proper footwear can resolve the problem.

Q: I’ve noticed that calluses can also build up over time. Why is that?

Dr. William Knudson: Calluses and corns can form as a result of wearing heels. This can be caused by wearing improper-fitting shoes of any type, though.

Q: Heels aren’t the only cause of foot pain, right?

Dr. William Knudson: Correct. Supportive footwear in general is essential to long-term foot health. One survey found that women had a far higher instance of foot pain as they got older than men, due to wearing shoes like sandals, flip flops, and heels.

Q: Feet aren’t the only things that suffer from heels, though.

Dr. William Knudson: I see patients who also have back problems, leg problems, and ankle problems from wearing shoes with inadequate support. That doesn’t even take into account the number of injuries that occur each year as a result of someone falling in high heels.

Q: What about women who want to be stylish while still keeping their feet safe?

Dr. William Knudson: Plenty of shoes are available with proper support. The key is to research online before heading out to the store. Good quality, name brand shoes will often be of much higher quality than bargain basement discount shoes. Look for highly reviewed shoes on clearance for the best value.


Zrylw Discusses the Health Benefits of Lentils

During the hot summer months, when people are looking for a new side dish other than the usual potato or pasta salad, they might want to consider a salad of lentils and vegetables. Cooking lentils is as simple as making rice, but the health benefits are astounding.

Lentils are some of the most nutritious and economical foods around. They are grown like peas, but they come in pink, green, orange and brown. They are extremely popular in Eastern Europe, India and some places in Asia. But the color of lentils doesn’t matter, because they all share the same nutritional benefits which include being low in fat and low in calories. They are cholesterol free as well.

Another benefit of lentils is that they have a very high concentration of antioxidants. Lentils are also excellent sources of protein, folic acid, fiber and amino acids, as well as containing vitamins C and B.  They contain very little fat and are extremely high in fiber. Because of that, lentils can help to rid the body of cholesterol. A happy byproduct of that is a lower chance of heart disease, high blood pressure or stroke. Also, lentils can be proactive by slowing down the liver’s manufacture of cholesterol.

Another useful reason to eat lentils is because they help the body to get rid of toxins. And that, combined with their high fiber, may help those who are trying to lose or maintain weight. The reason for that is simple – high fiber foods make people feel full which in turn keeps them from overeating. And even if a person does over eat, lentils have so few calories that there’s no need to feel guilty.

So, when considering what to make for a side dish this summer, that staff at Zrylw suggests a cold lentil salad with a simple vinaigrette and plenty of fresh vegetables. Not only will it be a new dish on the table, the health benefits will help you maintain your energy for more summer fun.

Unhealthy Foods That May Shock You

Everyone knows that red meat should be eaten in moderation and that too many carbohydrates can add inches to your waistline. But what are some other foods that should be avoided? Here are a few foods you may not normally think of as being potentially unhealthy, according to the staff of Zrylw.

Maraschino cherries top the list of foods that might surprise you. While they are often associated with children’s drinks, their ingredients read like a warning label of things that parents try to avoid feeding to their kids – and high fructose corn syrup is one of the more benign items in the list. With Red #40 (made from petroleum) and sulfur dioxide, which can trigger an asthma attack, maraschino cherries aren’t anyone’s idea of health food.

Light microwave popcorn might seem like a low-fat snack food option, but in reality it’s loaded with sodium – and there is still the concern of diacetyl. Most major brands have taken this dangerous chemical out of their ingredients, but to be safe read the label closely. To err on the side of caution (and deliciousness) consider the non-prepackaged option – pour a quarter of a cup of popcorn into a brown lunch bag and microwave normally. Then add butter and seasonings to stay in control of salt and fat content.

Sugary drinks other than soda can be filled with as much – if not more – sugar than their counterparts. Bottled lemonade, and many teas (including green tea) can contain up to fifteen teaspoons of sugar.  Consumers should read the label carefully when purchasing these beverages.

Fruit smoothies are another beverage with hidden high sugar content. Although they contain fruit, it’s usually in the form of fruit juice, which has all of the calories without the fiber of the real thing. A standard fruit smoothie has the caloric content of a meal, but without the fiber it won’t fill a person up. Which means that a person is likely to eat a meal – on top of just drinking up to six hundred calories.

Rounding out the Zrylw list of surprising foods is bran muffins. Even though they do contain fiber, they have a lot of fat and calories. Because the base of every muffin is essentially cake, bran muffins have an undeserved reputation as health food. In fact, the average bran muffin has just under the amount of calories found in a sausage and cheese breakfast sandwich.