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Zrylw Offers Fitness Tips for the New Year

Losing weight is a resolution that millions of Americans make every year. The question is, how to keep motivated long enough for the endorphins of exercise to really become a habit? Zrylw has some ideas to help you meet your fitness goals for 2013. One of the best ways to start losing weight is to […]

Dr. James D. Sterling Supports Fathers of Chapin School Students

Dr. James D. Sterling spends much of his week serving the New York City community with a private practice in psychology, as well as clinical education work at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center. In addition to these important endeavors, Dr. James D. Sterling recently endowed a program that benefited the fathers of students at the […]

Phil Melugin Invites Hunters at Pheasant Run Ranch

Phil Melugin opened Pheasant Run Ranch to provide hunters a safe place to enjoy the sport of hunting. There, Phil Melugin also strives to provide a welcoming habitat for the deer, quail, turkey, and other wildlife that reside on the property. This results in a peaceful, pleasant hunting environment for those who visit. As any […]

Embrace Spices for Health and Weight Loss

Spices are a great way to transform and flavor a dish without adding sodium or other processed ingredients. And because many contain capsaicin they can have a termogenic effect – which means that they can boost a person’s metabolism and help them lose weight. One of the first spices that may surprise you is cinnamon. […]

Regeneration Found at Brenda Lee Reed’s Genesis Healing Center

Brenda Lee Reed says that a successful experience at Genesis Healing Center is all about an open mind. Here, she shares some of the remarkable success stories from past guests at Genesis. Gene Brenda Lee Reed says that Gene is an individual that she has known personally for many years. He is fit, eats well, […]

DR Marketing Group on Lifetime with Cyberweb Solutions

The following segment aired on DR Marketing’s Incredible Discoveries. Joining DR Marketing Group was Cyberweb Solutions to discuss online auctioning.   DR Marketing Group: Take control of your financial destiny today. You can turn your auction hobby into an auction business with the Auction Genius Bootstrap CD. This simple, easy to follow business solution will […]

Philip Melugin Says Pheasant Run Ranch is the Place to Unwind

Philip Melugin spends most of his time managing Phoenix Home Care, the business he founded in 2011. With five offices in Missouri and one in Kansas, the business keeps Philip Melugin fully occupied throughout the week. But when Philip Melugin wants to unwind, it’s his love for horses that pulls him away from the city. […]

Dr. William Knudson Answers Your Questions about High Heels

In conversations with patients, Dr. Knudson says that most women are aware high heels are not the best for foot health. Many continue to wear these shoes anyway, however, due to the perceived fashionable nature of them. And while he acknowledges that sometimes a woman may have no choice to wear heels, whether for a […]

Zrylw Discusses the Health Benefits of Lentils

During the hot summer months, when people are looking for a new side dish other than the usual potato or pasta salad, they might want to consider a salad of lentils and vegetables. Cooking lentils is as simple as making rice, but the health benefits are astounding.

Unhealthy Foods That May Shock You

Everyone knows that red meat should be eaten in moderation and that too many carbohydrates can add inches to your waistline. But what are some other foods that should be avoided? Here are a few foods you may not normally think of as being potentially unhealthy, according to the staff of Zrylw.