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Garrett Hoelscher Speaks about CrossFit’s Many Benefits

Zrywl recently caught up with Garrett Hoelscher, an exercise enthusiast and follower of the CrossFit method of strength training, to get the inside scoop on this relatively new fitness program.

Zrywl: Thank you for joining us today. We’ve been wondering what all the talk was about. CrossFit is everywhere here lately.

Garrett Hoelscher: That’s because it is so effective; it’s a program that you can follow every day, never get bored, and wake up each morning ready to find out the WOD.

Zrywl: WOD?

Garrett Hoelscher: Workout of the Day. It’s basically a series of motions the gym plans. Followers actually post their times, weights, and reps online to see who is the fittest that day.

Zrywl: Oh, so a little friendly competition?

Garrett Hoelscher: You bet. That is one of the coolest aspects of the workout. You get to compare yourself to others and see where you rank each day.

Zrywl: Very interesting. How did CrossFit come about?

Garrett Hoelscher: Back in 1995 a man names Greg Glassman opened up a little gym in Santa Cruz. Today, there are over 3,500 CrossFit certified training facilities across the nation.

Zrywl: That’s a very fast rate of growth.

Garrett Hoelscher: The gym also advocates a Paleolithic diet.

Zrywl: Can you explain that? It sounds like something from the caveman era…

Garrett Hoelscher: Well, you’re actually right about that. Most people are surprised to find out that today’s current diets are terrible for our human anatomy. We eat way too much processed food and our bodies are fighting back with reactions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Zrywl: Really? What kinds of foods are consistent with the CrossFit ideology?

Garrett Hoelscher: You’ve been to a grocery store – you know the outside isles are the perishable products and the inside isles are boxes and bags. Avoid those inside isles and focus on the perimeter and you’ll basically have the foundation for a Paleo diet. Lots of greens, lean meats, and low glycemic carbs are a pretty good start.

Zrywl: How hard is this diet and exercise program to follow?

Garrett Hoelscher: Not as hard as you’d think once you get your mind geared toward a new way of thinking. They say that after 21 days something becomes a habit – I think three weeks of forcing something is nothing compared to a lifelong opportunity to benefit health-wise. Not to mention, for those with children, teaching future generations how the body should look and feel.

Zrywl: This is all completely fascinating.

Garrett Hoelscher: There is a great deal of scientific research to back up both the diet and workout regime. Of course, nothing is without it critics and I’d suggest each individual consult their family doctor before making any drastic changes over night.

Zrywl: It looks like we are out of time for the day. Thank you, Garrett. This has been a conversation that we are sure our readers can ponder for quite some time.

Garrett Hoelscher: My pleasure.

The Balancing Act on Lifetime with Jamie Lee Curtis

The following segment aired on “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Jamie Lee Curtis to discuss Activia Yogurt.

The Balancing Act: Well, I have to tell you, I love our next guest for a lot of reasons.  She is an international film star with countless hit movies under her belt and the daughter of legendary Hollywood actors, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis.  But millions of people like me are just so inspired by popular Hollywood icon, Jamie Lee Curtis, because she has continued to evolve.  Jamie Lee Curtis joins us this morning to talk healthy tips for busy moms on the go.  Good morning, so good to see you again, Jamie Lee.

Curtis: I love your show, what you offer me and all the people that I know, all the women I know who need it, the tipping scale of our lives and you’re kind of keeping us going.  I love you guys.

The Balancing Act: Well, I have to tell you, we love you right back, my dear. Like I said, it really is true for a number of reasons, Jamie Lee, because you know, you’re very busy in Hollywood, you’ve written nine children’s books, which my kids love, by the way, you’re a mom of two yourself, you’re a spokesperson, how do you balance it all?

Curtis: Well, you’ve said key words. You said the word “evolve” and to me life is nothing but evolution, I mean literally evolution and in our own human lives, our own time, evolving as women, spiritually, emotionally, creatively and physically, and with your physical evolution, is learning about our bodies, diet, exercise.  Obviously all women are trying to figure out that balance, of how much exercise, how much food, how do I balance my diet?  And the new thing that people talk about with me obviously, because I’m here on behalf of Activia, is digestive health.  And, you know, this is not something I ever thought I’d talk about in my life, when I was first talked to by Activia to be their spokesperson, to talk about digestive health and the benefits of probiotics.  I never expected what the response has been, and the response has been thank you.  I am stopped all over the world by people who say thank you for a product that helps them, and that’s as simple as it is.  Activia offers you something and they now have Greek yogurt and French yogurt and a parfait crunch, because I’m a granola, I like the crunch.

The Balancing Act: Me too, I love it.

Curtis: Right, so but they now have three different styles.  They have the kind of creamy French one, they have the more—you know everybody loves Greek yogurt now—so there’s a Greek yogurt style Activia, all with the same benefits and ultimately, I think the combination of a good spiritual health, good mental health, creative health, physical health, digestive health, is the balancing act of our lives and I’m just happy to represent something that actually encourages one aspect to keep you in balance.

The Balancing Act: Well, I have to tell you, you’re one of those people that I know for me and I’m sure millions of people out there feel the very same way, because the thing is, when I see you on TV, I’m like, I want to be her friend, I like her, she’s the real deal.  Why do you think people feel that connection with you?

Curtis: Well, I hope it’s because I tell the truth and that I’m not interested in the subterfuge and the smoke and mirrors of life.  More magazine where I took off my clothes and said, “look, this is what I look like” was my way of saying I’m just like you, I want to relate to you, I want to hear about parenting tips because I’ve got tantruming children, I’ve had children in my face screaming at me, I’ve had marital conflict,  I’ve had parental conflict, I’m human, and I think that digestive health is human and there’s something about the fact that I’m not afraid to talk about it and the fact that I’ve talked about it publicly.  People genuinely want to share their story with me, and think that’s, you know, we just want to relate to each other ultimately.  At the end of the day I think I’ve been able to do that to a degree because I’ve tried to tell the truth.

The Balancing Act: You know what and I think that’s why people believe you when you talk about the topic of digestive health, because it’s something that you’ve become quite well known for and a bit of an expert on.  What do you recommend to others when it comes to their diets?

Curtis: Well, I’m not an expert. I would say look in the mirror, I would say remember that your children are watching every move you make, every bite you put in your mouth—your children are watching you.  We are all trying to balance, obviously, the motto could be eat less, move more—that’s my self-help book I’ll never have to write, that’s the title of it, eat less, move more.  And in the eating less, make sure that you include some sort of probiotic, a lot of water, you know, fruits and vegetables, etc, etc, and avoid white starchy, sugary foods and exercise and keep good mental health, good spiritual health and, what would we call it, the partying health.  Be very mindful about your partying health because it has huge effect on your life.

The Balancing Act: It absolutely does, you’re absolutely right on that one.

Curtis: Go on.

The Balancing Act: No, we appreciate you, you go on.

Curtis: No, you’re going to send me away?

The Balancing Act: No, no, no, they told me seven minutes.  I’m just trying to stick to my timeline but I really could talk to you all morning long.

Curtis: Oh, I like “The Balancing Act,” it’s all I do all day.

The Balancing Act: Well, I have to tell you, we love you, too.  Thank you so much and where can we go for more information on digestive health?

Curtis: Obviously, for digestive health,, they have all the information, has book information and, you know, I’m sure will offer you.  I don’t even think there is a site, wouldn’t be great.

The Balancing Act: I think you better grab that url, my dear.

Curtis: Something tells somebody already did.  Anyway, you guys do a great job, people love you, keep doing your good work.

The Balancing Act: Well, thank you so much and you too.  I can’t wait to talk to you again.

Curtis: I’m sure will and then maybe next year and the next book.

The Balancing Act: Well, sounds good, thank you again so much.

Curtis: Peace and love.

The Balancing Act: Cannot wait to see you again, bye, bye.

The Balancing Act is the only morning show in America produced by women specifically for women. Every morning, The Balancing Act on Lifetime hosts Danielle Knox and Kristy Villa tackle the issues that face today’s woman. Popular show segments include live weather updates with Mark Mancuso, surprise celebrity visitors, and news about the latest trends affecting your life, home, career and family. The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television airs daily on Lifetime at 7 a.m. ET/PT. For more information, visit The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television’s website at

Theodore Stroukoff Explains what Aspiring Figure Skaters Should Know

Theodore Stroukoff saw many starry-eyed young figure skaters while working as a skating coach for twenty-seven years. While Theodore Stroukoff says many of those skaters simply enjoyed learning to gracefully glide across the ice, others had aspirations of becoming the next Michelle Kwan. But Theodore Stroukoff cautions parents that the road to Olympic gold is a long, bumpy one.

It’s a road that usually begins at a young age, Theodore Stroukoff states. If someone is sixteen or seventeen when he or she begins learning to figure skate, the chances are slim that that child will ever see the Olympics. While competing in national and international competitions is certainly not the only reason to pursue figure skating lessons, Theodore Stroukoff acknowledges that this usually justifies the large expense that goes into lessons.

The U.S. Figure Skating Association estimates that the average annual expense for figure skating is $9,000-$10,000 for children learning the sport. This is primarily due to the cost of private lessons, Theodore Stroukoff explains, which require the parent to pay for ice time and the coach’s time. By the time a child is competing at the novice level, the annual expense is estimated to be closer to $35,000 to $40,000 a year, according to Theodore Stroukoff.

Theodore Stroukoff also notes that the payoff isn’t greater than the payout. Even among champions, pay is lower than other sports, Theodore Stroukoff states. The prize for a singles skater in the 2011 World Championships was only $45,000. Olympic medalists can earn money through endorsements and shows, Theodore Stroukoff reports, but many figure skaters do it for love of the sport, not money.

Part of the cost for figure skating includes costumes and custom-fitted ice skates, which must be regularly replaced for avid skaters. But the true expense is in time and sweat, Theodore Stroukoff emphasizes. A dedicated figure skater books ice time daily, often getting up early in the morning to practice. Theodore Stroukoff saw many students who weren’t quite able to commit to that level of dedication long-term.

There are many other opportunities for figure skaters, Theodore Stroukoff describes, including local and regional competitions that have no age limit. Theodore Stroukoff has seen adults in their twenties, thirties, and beyond take up figure skating for the first time and compete locally as a hobby. Not only is figure skating great exercise, Theodore Stroukoff points out, it also gives the skater a sense of personal achievement to conquer such a challenging sport.

Naperville Dentists at Dr. Gibson and Associates Help Patients Battle Bad Breath

Halitosis can be a recurring problem for some patients of the Naperville dentists at Dr. Gibson and Associates, with the resulting bad breath causing others to mistakenly believe they consistently forget to brush. But the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson explain that halitosis, a condition that affects more than 90 million people, is easily treatable.

The Naperville dentists explain that halitosis is caused by bacteria that builds up in the mouth. Many incidents of halitosis, according to the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson, originate from the tongue. For this reason, the Naperville dentists recommend patients pay special attention to the tongue when brushing their teeth. According to a study published in 2008, doctors have isolated halitosis to an organism called solobacterium moorei, which can sometimes be helped by using a tongue scraper while brushing.

Some toothbrushes now have tongue scrapers built in, the Naperville dentists note. But if a tongue scraper cannot be accessed, simply brushing your tongue can help eliminate some of the underlying causes of bad breath, according to the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson.

According to the Naperville dentists, many patients try to cure halitosis with gum and mouthwash, but that won’t sufficiently kill the bacteria. At Smiles by Dr. Gibson, most patients with solobacterium moorei unknowingly have gum disease, a condition the Naperville dentists help diagnose and treat. By treating the root cause of halitosis, Dr. Gibson explains, the Naperville dentists can help patients overcome it.

A few signs of gum disease, according to the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson, are red, swollen gums, frequent bleeding while flossing or brushing, and loose or separating teeth. Having cleanings by a professional twice per year can help prevent gum disease, the Naperville dentists point out, as well as following the professional recommendations to brush at least twice daily and floss at least once per day.

For chronic halitosis, the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson can recommend a professional breath kit that will help correct the issue. The kit contains toothpaste made specifically for reversing bad breath, a chlorine rinse, and a tongue scraper, the Naperville dentists explain.

Chronic bad breath can make a person self-conscious, consequently jeopardizing personal relationships. And that’s assuming the sufferer knows of his or her bad breath. By having the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson diagnose and resolve your chronic bad breath, you can once again feel confident to speak to others around you. Additionally, the Naperville dentists can help you learn proper hygiene that will contribute to good overall oral health.

The Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson are dedicated to improving your smile. Whether it’s through cosmetic dentistry that gives you straight, pearly white teeth or through reducing bacteria and cleaning plaque, Dr. Chiann Gibson can improve your smile today. For more information on how you can have a Hollywood smile, visit

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Keenfit

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Sheri Simson of Keenfit to discuss Keenfit Walking Poles

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television Guest: Sheri Simson

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television: Forget having to pay to use an expensive stuffy gym. Forget the hard-to-use exercise equipment. Forget trying to work your schedule around workout times that don’t work for you. Forget having to “sweat like a pig, pant like a dog and hurt somewhere” in order to get fit. Instead, Incredible Discoveries shows you how to turn a simple walk around the block into an efficient, effective, total-body workout, with less effort and more benefits than regular walking.

Incredible Discoveries viewers can turn their body into a calorie burning incinerator with Keenfit walking poles. You’ll ramp up the benefits of your daily walk by raising the experience to a total-body workout that engages over 90 percent of your body’s major muscles. And you’ll boost your ability to burn calories by up to 48%. Incredible Discoveries will show you how Keenfit walking poles can strengthen your arms, legs, back, and your entire core, while strengthening and improving your posture. And you’ll do all of this with less effort than regular walking.

Exercise has numerous health and well-being benefits that help in preventing, and sometimes, even cure many health challenges. With walking being one of the easiest forms of exercise that you can do, there’s no reason not to add Keenfit walking poles today, so you can make it even easier – easier on you and a lot more beneficial. Pole walking is a rhythmically, energizing form of walking that includes a specially designed pair of walking poles that engage the use of your entire body rather than just your lower half.

Forget the old “no pain – no gain” mentality.  Incredible Discoveries knows you can get fit, with Keenfit. Start today – take the Keenfit challenge and get your Keenfit walking poles and make your walk more beneficial.

“I started using my pole walking sticks about 3 and a half months ago.  I lost 40 pounds in 3 and a half months.  It is just amazing, I step on the scale and I can’t believe it,” says one Keenfit walking pole user.

As seen on Incredible Discoveries, your Keenfit walking poles come with cork-rubber-mix handles that absorb moisture for a safer, more comfortable grip and ergonomically designed palm straps that eliminate hand cramping. These light-weight poles are made of aluminum-alloy and are completely adjustable for different heights. Whether you’re a casual average walker or a serious athletic walker, anyone can pole walk. Incredible Discoveries wants you to take the Keenfit walking pole challenge, get your Keenfit walking system today and walk your path to a healthier and happier life.

Incredible Discoveries: I’m Brian Fasulo here, with my very buff and enthusiastic co-host, Sheri Simson. Now Sheri, you couldn’t tell by looking at you now, but before you became well-known as “The pole lady”, you were actually struggling with your weight and exercise. Please tell us how you came to find out about pole walking.

Simson:  I truly know what it’s like to be frustrated while trying to get fit. I know what it’s like to be over-weight. I was a crazy, busy building contractor and the mother of 3, when my mother-in-law from Denmark gave me a pair of walking poles. First of all, just so you know, I’m one of those women that put on 50 pounds with each pregnancy, and I tend to keep at least 10 pounds each time.

When I first started walking with poles, I didn’t have a clue on how to use them. I didn’t even know how they worked.  But before I knew it, I couldn’t get over what started happening to me, I started feeling muscles I hadn’t even felt before – in my shoulders, arms, core, and in my back.  It was so great.  But the thing that I love the most was the added energy I had.  Before, when I used to walk, I used to watch my clock and go “OK, that’s enough, I’m done now”.  But now with the poles, instead I go “Do you think I can go another block? Do you think I could go for 10 more minutes? Oh that block went fast, I’ll go another.”  I just had so much energy, I felt like the energizer bunny.

Six months later, I lost 30 pounds, and I was so fascinated by what had happened to me, and so excited about what this European fitness secret could do for others. After training and studying, I founded Keenfit and developed the Keenfit walking system.  North America has a crazy lifestyle and our health system is in pretty rough shape; not to mention we are in epidemic proportions with cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and obesity. They are at an all-time high.  Interestingly enough, exercise is at the top of the list to help prevent and even help cure many of these health challenges, with walking being one of the easiest forms of exercise that we can pretty much all do.

Incredible Discoveries: Now, I know Incredible Discoveries viewers are sitting at home right now that can totally relate to your incredible story.

Simson: Well, that’s why I so appreciate being on Incredible Discoveries to be able to share it with people, because I know what it’s like to be overweight and out of shape. But, I tell you, when I found poles, it changed my life forever.  But what I really want to let Incredible Discoveries viewers know is how easy and fun it is to do.

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Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Iampur

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television. Joining Incredible Discoveries was Phil Hudson of lampur to discuss Iampur Relief

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television Guest: Phil Hudson

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television: You know what it feels like…the stiffness, the swelling, the dull achiness. It’s back pain and arthritis; and no matter what you do, you can’t cure it – it’s always there! You’ve tried everything: aspirin, ibuprofen, prescription drugs that can have harmful side effects, those sticky wraps that are next to impossible to apply, and nothing works.  There’s got to be a better solution.

Incredible Discoveries shows you how you can be pain free in 3 minutes, guaranteed. One out of every three adults has arthritis or joint pain and it can ruin your daily life. Now, there is a smart, natural solution to deal with this on-going pain problem – Iampur-relief.

Iampu-relief was professionally formulated to provide fast-acting and long-lasting pain relief, so you can start to live again. If you’re one of the over 65 million Americans that suffer from arthritis, back pain or joint pain, if pain has robbed you of your independence and denied you from doing the things that you truly love to do, or even kept you awake at night, now, you can finally free yourself from the limitations of aches and pains. Iampur-relief reduces swelling and pain with a miraculous, natural topical cream unlike anything you have ever tried before.

Through this exclusive TV only offer seen on Incredible Discoveries, you can be pain free in three minutes, guaranteed. We’re going to introduce to you an extraordinary, natural product, designed by the team of a pharmacist and a medical doctor. As seen on Incredible Discoveries, Iampur is a company that is dedicated to making products that work, guaranteed. The product we’re going to introduce to you does just that, it works. Iampur-relief is a revolutionary, natural topical product made to relieve pain in joints and muscles for people with arthritis, osteo or rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, joint pain, muscle soreness, back pain, carpal tunnel, and sports injuries. Virtually anyone that is suffering from pain can benefit from Iampur-relief, guaranteed. Incredible Discoveries proudly introduces Phil Hudson, an award winning, compounding pharmacist and product co-creator from the company, Iampur.

Incredible Discoveries: Phil, thanks for being here and bringing along this wonderful product; it’s fabulous.

Hudson: Thank you so much for having me. At Iampur, we’re very excited about the invention of “Iampur-relief”.  The beauty of Iampur-relief is that you can use it externally anywhere that you have pain. Now, that might be only your hands or your wrists after a game of golf.  It could be your back, neck, legs, anywhere that you feel external pain or soreness. You can use Iampur-relief with the exception, of course, on your eyes or your mouth.

Incredible Discoveries:  The coverage is incredible, you don’t need a lot; just a little dab will do you.

Hudson: That’s right; it’s very concentrated. And what you’re going to notice right away is that it is a cream, it’s not a gel or an ointment. We’ve combined the cosmetic feel of a cream with the therapy of a pain rub.  And that means this isn’t going to stain your clothes or anything that you touch.

Incredible Discoveries: I know there are some ointments that get very greasy and messy, but this is soft and smooth; and I’ll tell you something, it smells pretty good.

Hudson: Yes, absolutely.  Iampur-Relief, being based on natural ingredients – contains menthol, camphor and wintergreen. They’re not only pain blockers, but they’re also aromatherapy. These ingredients are rapidly absorbed into the skin and act as a local block to help relieve the pain in the muscle or the joint. We’ve also added in a blend of omega oils, rich in essential
fatty-acids.  These oils actually decrease inflammation and also act as food for the skin.

Incredible Discoveries: Food for the skin – I like the way that sounds.

Hudson: That’s right! Also we have MSM, glucosamine and sea buckthorn extract.  These, all together, relieve joint swelling and pain through a natural, anti-inflammatory reaction.

Incredible Discoveries: So, the bottom line is that all of these ingredients assist each other in helping to do the same thing; that’s to relieve joint pain and swelling, and make you feel better.

Hudson: Exactly! And that is encompassed in the all-in-one, and I mean one, revolutionary formulation.

Incredible Discoveries: So, you’ve taken all of the best ingredients to relieve joint pain, swelling, achiness, and put it in this one cream, so no other products are needed.

Hudson: That’s right. Our main goal is to eliminate or reduce oral medications, because sometimes they can have very harmful side effects.

Incredible Discoveries: Iampur-Relief gets directly to the source of the problem. And I know there are people sitting at home saying: “I’ve tried aspirin, and ibuprofen, and everything my doctor prescribes, but nothing cures my pain.”  Well, this is it; this is the product right here.

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Eloi Kummetz Supports Work with Orphans and the Disabled

With focused initiatives in many areas in Brazil, Eloi Kummetz has established his interest in helping those in need. Through his company Kummetz Corporation, Eloi Kummetz is now developing programs to help orphans and the disabled in the country.

Most of Eloi Kummetz’s projects in the South American country revolve around improving economic development and helping citizens who need it. Eloi Kummetz has found ways to use the country’s resources to bring revenue in, which is a benefit to everyone who lives there. But there are still segments of Brazil that are in need of assistance and Eloi Kummetz is dedicated to helping those citizens.

Through a special fund organized by Kummetz Foundation, Eloi Kummetz is hoping to have the financing to improve education in Brazil. Eloi Kummetz firmly believes by bolstering schools and providing experienced instructors to help Brazilian youth learn, Kummetz Corporation can help create a foundation that will help Brazil’s economy for many decades to come.

Eloi Kummetz’s recent efforts have revolved around two particular groups in Brazil: orphans and disabled citizens. Unfortunately, a large number of orphans are living on the streets in Brazil, Eloi Kummetz explains, leaving the financial investor desperate to help somehow. By providing scholarships to these orphans as well as disabled citizens, Eloi Kummetz hopes to be able to not only help give families hope, but to also ensure a brighter future for the country as a whole.

Scholarships will also be developed for the development of housing to help alleviate the strain on families going through economic troubles, including the disabled. These scholarships will also go to fund counseling services orphans and the disabled need, including the assistance of counselors and corrections of behavioral disorders, Eloi Kummetz explains.

According to Eloi Kummetz, Kummetz Corporation is also working with Brazilian companies and the government to build schools and other educational facilities to help improve education in the country. Eloi Kummetz is also trying to strengthen housing in Brazil, which will help alleviate some of the housing deficiencies some of the residents face.

In everything Kummetz Corporation does, the company tries to uphold Eloi Kummetz’s commitment to protecting the environment. Kummetz Corporation, Eloi Kummetz explains, uses quality materials and accelerated timeframes to create inexpensive, environmentally-friendly buildings across the globe.

An Interview With Alan Shortall

According to Alan Shortall, CEO of Unilife, one of the fastest growing sectors of the $200 billion pharmaceutical market is lyophilized drugs and vaccines that require reconstitution at the point of delivery. The supply of therapies in a lyophilized, or dry drug powder form, says Alan Shortall, is common where the molecule is either not suitable for liquid stable form or the pharmaceutical company is seeking to fast-track time to market.

With macromolecule biologics comprising an increasingly large part of the development pipelines of pharmaceutical companies, one in every three novel drugs approved by the FDA since 2008 has been launched in a lyophilized form, reports Alan Shortall.

In this interview, Alan Shortall, Unilife’s CEO, discusses some of the unmet needs and potential solutions for this fast-growing market for drug reconstitution.


Question: Welcome, Alan Shortall. Would you please explain how lyophilized drugs are typically delivered into the market?

Alan Shortall: “Traditional methods for drug reconstitution are extremely time intensive, making them largely unsuitable for use by patients. You need several pieces of equipment including a vial for the lyophilized drug, a vial for the diluent, two needles and a syringe. It can require ten distinct steps just to reconstitute the drug, let alone its delivery to the patient.

Question: Does this explain the growing popularity of dual chamber prefilled syringes?

Alan Shortall: “Dual chamber prefilled syringes represent a far more convenient delivery system for lyophilized drugs and vaccines. In one chamber, you have the lyophilized drug. And in another chamber is the diluent. But there are still problems with conventional dual chamber technologies”.

Question: Alan Shortall, can you describe some of these unmet market needs?

Alan Shortall: A dual chamber prefilled syringe should ideally be as simple as two key steps…Reconstitute the drug, and inject the dose. But conventional dual chamber prefilled syringes can involve multiple steps that make them non-intuitive for use by either trained clinicians or patients. Another problem is that conventional dual chamber prefilled technologies requiring vents that can….

Finally, there is no dual chamber prefilled syringe with integrated safety features.

Question: How are Alan Shortall and the Unilife team looking to make a difference?

Alan Shortall: “We are very much driven to address unmet market needs. You see an increasing number of biotech molecules that are not liquid stable. We have developed a unique technology platform of drug reconstitution delivery systems that can address the needs of pharmaceutical customers, healthcare workers and their patients. We are now bringing these technologies to market in conjunction with interested pharmaceutical partners.”

Question: What are the key points of differentiation between Unilife’s technology and the status quo for dual chamber prefilled syringes?

Alan Shortall: The EZMix is the only prefilled syringe that combines efficient drug reconstitution with integrated safety features. It features two drug chambers in a single delivery system that is easy for either healthcare workers or patients to use. It can store either liquid-liquid or liquid-powder combinations. There are really only two key steps of use…reconstitution and injection. And at the completion of the full dose, a retraction mechanism is automatically activated that allows the operator to control the speed at which the needle is withdrawn directly from the body into the barrel where it’s locked in place. So EZMix is a drug reconstitution system, a primary drug container, a safety device and a needle containment system all rolled into one.

Question: What stage of development is the EZMix?

Alan Shortall: We have developed the EZMix in direct response to the unmet needs of some of the pharmaceutical companies we regularly collaborate with. And since we announced the initial development of the EZMix in 2011, we’ve been flooded with additional pharmaceutical companies seeking further information. As with all of our products, the device can also be customized to address any specific requirements the customer may have.

Question: What types of drugs do you see being administered by EZMix?

Alan Shortall: The EZMix offers a revolutionary solution to the reconstitution and injection of a wide variety of lyophilized drugs and vaccines. The devices can be supplied either with a staked (fixed) needle for subcutaneous injections, or with interchangeable needles of up to 1.5 inches in length. The current technology can accommodate up to 1mL of diluent volume.  With so many emerging therapies being developed that can be enabled or enhanced by delivery in the EZMix, we see a very big future for this technology.

Alan Shortall can be contacted at or


Although Unilife recently moved their offices to the United States from Australia, the firm is still publicly traded in its country of origin. Unilife may be found on both the NASDAQ as well as the Australian Stock exchange. Founder and CEO of Unilife Alan Shortall says that the transition from Australia to the United States happened between 2008 and 2010; the firm has offices in both countries.

Unilife Australia Street Address
Suite 3, Level 11, 1 Chifley Square,
Sydney 2000 NSW Australia

Unilife Australia Postal Address
GPO Box 3400
Sydney 2001 NSW Australia

Tel: +612 8346 6500
Fax: +612 8346 6511


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Urologist Paul Perito MD Notes Men with Normal Prostate Gland Can Develop Acute Prostatitis

Flulike symptoms in men may signal prostatitis, cautions Paul Perito MD.

According to Paul Perito MD, acute prostatitis, simply stated, is inflammation of the prostate gland. Acute prostatitis is characterized by the sudden onset of one or more symptoms, says Dr. Perito. Prostatitis generally presents after bacteria travels up the urethra, either by sexual contact or as a result of otherwise benign germs that live in the body. Of the men develop prostatitis, Paul Perito MD points out that the majority of them have a normal prostate. Since the gland gets larger with age, older men are more susceptible to acute prostatitis. Prostatitis and prostate cancer are not linked, says Paul Perito MD.

Symptoms of prostatitis are similar to a urinary tract infection with a few major differences.  Paul Perito MD says that while both UTIs and acute prostatitis may cause cloudy urine, fever, a burning sensation when urinating, or difficulty passing urine, prostatitis may also present flulike symptoms (which include fatigue, weakness, and muscle aches) and pain in or surrounding the scrotum or rectum.

According to Paul Perito MD, if acute prostatitis is suspected, a rectal exam will be performed by gently sliding a gloved finger into the rectum. This allows the physician to determine whether or not the prostate is swollen. Paul Perito MD says that, during the exam, is not uncommon to have pain or experience an urgent need to urinate, as slight pressure will be put on the gland. Additional examinations may also be performed to determine if other organs, like the kidneys, are affected, says Paul Perito MD. He also notes that a urine specimen will be collected to test for white blood cells and or bacteria. Blood tests can check kidney function, as well as blood cell count, points out Paul Perito MD. If a urinary obstruction is suspected, a CT scan or an ultrasound may be ordered.

Antibiotics are the preferred treatment method for acute prostatitis, says Paul Perito MD. The antibiotics are given either intravenously or in a pill form, which must be taken for several weeks. Paul Perito MD explains that a hospital stay may be required if IV antibiotics or catheterization is needed. Catching the infection early will increase the likelihood that it will respond expediently to treatment. Paul Perito MD points out that as a rule prostatitis is not a preventable condition but safe sex will ensure that bacterium is not introduced by an outside party.

Acute prostatitis responds well to treatment though irritation while urinating may persist for a short while. Paul Perito MD says that although the course of antibiotics is longer than for other infections, their completion is a vital to ensure a full recovery.


Urological surgeon Paul Perito MD has devoted his entire professional career to treating men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. He is the founder and namesake of Miami’s Perito Urology, where he conceived and initiated the world’s first minimally invasive approach to penile implantation. Paul Perito MD has performed over 3000 of these procedures on men across the globe that enjoy a shorter recovery time and less scarring than traditional implantation methods. Since 1995, Paul Perito MD and Perito Urology have become synonymous with effective erectile dysfunction treatment and world-class service unparalleled anywhere in the nation. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland Medical School as well as a frequent contributor to text published by medical journals nationwide.

The information contained in this article is provided by Paul Perito MD for educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition.

Important Information from Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD: Does Size Matter?

Throughout history, penis size has been the subject of many jokes, including the catchy phrase, “Does size matter?” According to Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD, penile enhancement procedures have been performed since the 1971, with varying results. There are risks and benefits to the procedure, Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD says, but for many patients, the psychological benefits outweigh the risks.

“Normal” penis size is subjective, but Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD has seen patients struggling with concerns about having either insufficient length or girth. Whether these patients’ concerns are unfounded or not, Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD points out that the American Urological Association does not sanction procedures to lengthen penile size or expand penile girth. Because no studies have yet been able to prove the safety of these procedures, they are currently labeled ‘experimental,’ and patients should proceed with caution, Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD warns.

Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD points to a variety of factors that can affect penis size. Genetics play a large part in the formation of a man’s penis, Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD says. A condition called congenital micropenis can result in a member that is approximately 2 inches when erect but otherwise normally shaped. Radiation treatment for certain cancers can shorten penis size, Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD says, and treatment for Peyronie’s Disease can also cause a slight shortening.

Studies have also shown a connection between impotence and penis length, according to Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD. When patients are rendered impotent, as seen in radical prostatectomy, they can lose between .5 and 5 cm’s every 14 months in penile size. Studies have surmised that a loss of elasticity and infrequent stretching of the tissues that cover the erectile bodies as possible causes, Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD states.

What is a “normal” penis size? Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD often hears that question and points to a study in the Journal of Urology found that the average penis length was 5.1-5.9 inches with a diameter of 1.54 inches and circumference of 4.85 inches when fully erect. Over the years, penis size has become associated with masculinity, with some men feeling they are somehow inadequate if they don’t measure up to today’s definition of adequate penis size.

Penis lengthening surgery is often seen by the patient as the only alternative for men concerned about length and girth. But according to Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD, this surgery has associated numerous risks, one of which is actual shortening of the penis after surgery. This is thought to be caused by the penis attaching to the pubic bone and surgeons often minimize this risk by placing fat between the pubic bone and affected ligaments to prevent this.

Loss of sensation is another risk of penile lengthening procedures, according to Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD. The penis could also take on a downward angle due to insufficient support. Scarring is a risk, as well.

For men concerned about penis size, penile lengthening or girth enhancement may be a possible route of treatment. However, Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD warns patients of the risks and strongly encourages patients to research as thoroughly as possible before undergoing this procedure.

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The information contained in this article is provided by Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD for educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition.